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For a long time, there have been three major problems in the construction of smart city, namely "data sharing", "big data decision-making" and "urban brain". Information construction? Yxshi smart city construction has long been plagued by three major problems, namely "data sharing", "big data decision-making" and "urban brain". However, the three major problems do not come from poor implementation, but the project undertaker has promised the impossible goal. As the project delivery period approaches, the three major problems are getting farther and farther away from being solved. Data sharing is the most qualified problem. The root of this problem is the boundlessness of data sharing. Whether to share data or not is a matter of negotiation between the supplier and the demander. Promoting comprehensive data sharing by administrative means violates the economic law, and there is no boundary to what extent government data sharing can be completed.

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The "superstition" of data sharing began in the early information age and the era of lack of computer data. Data sharing has become the slogan to promote database application. In the Internet era, the convenience of data explosion and online search has greatly devalued data, and the difficulty of data sharing has been greatly alleviated by Google, Baidu, wechat, Facebook and other companies. In the tide of global government data opening, it is of little significance to continue to establish an internal government data sharing system. In addition, to promote data sharing within the government, it is often impossible to distinguish between two different modes of government use of data, namely, decision-making use of data and operation use of data, but the benefits and costs of these two uses are very different.

Among them, government decision-making uses data only to obtain information from data, but there are many channels for decision-makers to obtain information. The government internal data sharing system is only one of the channels, and decision-making does not depend on it; The government operation and use data is the government's business to social public services, which is essentially the data processing of government business data. This kind of business is standardized and process oriented, and the government data used is irreplaceable. At the same time, if cross departmental data cooperation is required, there are not many departments and data items involved, it can be solved by establishing a special system for data integration between relevant departments. It should be noted that neither of the two modes of government data use depends on the establishment of a comprehensive data sharing system within the government.

Relevant government departments are actively promoting government data integration. The main effect of data integration is reflected in the improvement of the efficiency of government public services. For example, "one window and one network" and "run once at most" are the improvement of government grass-roots public services. The public's sense of access has been greatly improved. The fundamental reason is that the public service business is deterministic and can be accurately replaced by information technology, which can give full play to the advantages of information technology.

Government data integration is not helpful to government decision-making, because decision-making is mainly completed by the human brain. Data mining can only help staff reorganize data to find information. Computers have no information concept, let alone decision-making ability. The government has too many channels to obtain information, which is easy to drown the data integration and sharing system in many information channels, Therefore, it is wise to position data integration to improve government operations rather than decision-making. Trouble of big data center in order to catch up with the trend of big data, many places have hurriedly established big data bureaus to manage all government data.

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Firstly, experts imagine that big data can effectively promote the scientization of government decision-making, but it is disappointing that the successful cases of big data application are currently concentrated in the micro field, especially artificial intelligence and machine learning; The cases that are helpful to the government's macro decision-making are rare. Because the huge amount of data does not mean comprehensive information, sometimes just the opposite. Secondly, some big data centers want to use the big data sharing platform to drive the big data effect, but enterprises are unwilling to provide raw data because of the problems of information security and privacy protection. In addition, due to the high cost of big data processing, it is also very difficult for enterprises to use big data. The probability of encountering appropriate data is too low, and the operation of big data sharing platform is difficult to be sustainable.

Finally, the trouble of big data center also comes from blindly following big data applications, confusing the concepts of big data and conventional data. This is a small data business, which insisted on labeling big data, and confused itself. In fact, the application of big data is ahead of most cities. At present, the best way is to put down big data, start from the actual situation of the region, and manage conventional data based on demand. Where does the urban brain go? The important problem of the urban brain is sustainable survival, which is an economic problem.It should not only contribute, but also cost less. The source of information technology benefits is software reuse. Software is the formalization of human transaction wisdom. Its development cost is very high, but the reuse cost is very low. Multiple reuse can recover the cost and create benefits.The suitable work of urban brain is not to solve problems, but to undertake routine work of the government. These routine work have a high repetition rate, so it is easy to recover costs. Urban brain undertaking routine tasks can save valuable time for people to do more creative work. It can be predicted that for quite a long time, the decision-making ability of the urban brain is difficult to compare with that of the human brain. It is a reasonable choice to let it play a role in its own advantageous fields.

As for the urban brain designer's proposal that "as long as the data are complete, the urban brain can predict all events and solve all problems", it seems that once the urban brain performs poorly, it can blame the lack of data, which is unreasonable. In an uncertain world, it is impossible to have complete data. The data needed for decision-making is always insufficient. Government decisions are completed when there is insufficient information. Data collection is just an extravagant hope.

The speed of problem generation will be faster than that of sensor network establishment, and the demand for new business by data collection will always lag behind. The urban brain needs data, but as the complexity of the problem increases, the cost of data collection will increase infinitely, so that it exceeds the value of solving the problem; At the same time, the urban brain does not have enough professionals to meet the new needs of continuous innovation. Therefore, the only way to solve the problem of urban brain is to delimit a clear boundary for the function of urban brain, do more repetitive and routine work, and make its function match the human and financial resources of the city. An appropriate boundary can not only play the role of urban brain, but also prevent waste. In addition to delimiting the boundary, the gene of deterministic technology determines the advantages and disadvantages of urban brain.

Developing strengths and avoiding weaknesses is the principle that urban brain business should abide by. Urban brain should not make great achievements, so it is necessary to clarify what can be done in project construction. It is a great credit to do a number of routine businesses stably, Don't expect to be a wise man who can solve complex problems instead of people. Urban brain should be willing to do the "coolie" to undertake standardized business, so that people can save time and energy to do things that urban brain can't do. Positioning the urban brain low and doing what you can can can avoid many troubles later.

In the construction of smart city, there is no intelligent system, only intelligent system. A steady stream of intelligent systems appear. Specific problems are overcome by intelligent innovation, and the emerging prosperity is smart city. The most important thing for the success of a smart city is that each goal has a clear boundary, and success can only be achieved if there are restrictions.

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