Discover the latest advancements in parking management and how access control systems are transforming the industry. Learn about the benefits and see how Shenzhen TigerWong Technology Co.,Ltd is leading the way with cutting-edge solutions.
2024 05 06
Discover the revolutionary technology behind LPR parking systems and how it's changing the game for parking efficiency. Say goodbye to long lines and hello to a seamless parking experience with Shenzhen TigerWong Technology Co.,Ltd.
2024 04 30
Find the ultimate handbook on efficient LPR parking solutions provided by Shenzhen TigerWong Technology Co.,Ltd. Our comprehensive guide offers insights into cutting-edge technology and explores cost-saving strategies so that buyers can make informed decisions. Trust us to cater to all your LPR parking needs!
2024 04 24
An Invitation to Global Customers to attend Intersec - The World's Leading Trade Fair For Security, Safety And Fire Protection.
2024 01 15
About TGW parking fee system how to achieve unattended, reduce the cost of employment, and improve vehicle speed, so that owners have a better parking experience.
2023 05 08
We will introduce you the essential differences between swing turnstile and high speed gate in terms of movement.
2023 04 11
TGW's new product - Handheld Terminal, A low energy and light weight parking system payment method .It makes parking and payment simple from now on.
2022 09 28
The following is a new project case of our scenic ticketing system and pedestrian turnstile.
2022 08 10
Through this news we will introduce you what is TGW hardware license plate recognition parking system, the features, advantages, specifications and applications of TGW hardware license plate recognition parking software. TGW hardware license plate recognition car parking software is the best LPR parking system,you deserve.
2022 07 19
How does TigerWong Parking Guidance System make the parking lot more intelligent, modern and technological, and why more and more drivers feel the advantages of the intelligent parking guidance system.
2022 06 15
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Shenzhen Tiger Wong Technology Co., Ltd is the leading access control solution provider for vehicle intelligent parking system, license plate recognition system, pedestrian access control turnstile, face recognition terminals and LPR parking solutions.
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