Pedestrian Passage

Pedestrian passage gate is a kind of access control system, widely used in all kinds of public places personnel safety management. Pedestrians pass through the access control system by using  IC/IDcard, fingerprint recognition, face recognition and scanning QR code and other ways . Solve security problems by keeping unsafe factors out. There are many kinds of pedestrian passage gate: such as tripod turnstile gate, swing turnstile gate, sliding turnstile gate, high speed gate, flap turnstile gate, full height turnstile, etc., according to different characteristics, suitable for different occasions. TGW Technology is an excellent enterprise of security solutions in China, with more than 10 years of experience in access control system and a strong research and development team.Can be customized according to customer needs, such as APP control, external display and other functions.

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Shenzhen Tiger Wong Technology Co., Ltd is the leading access control solution provider for vehicle intelligent parking system, license plate recognition system, pedestrian access control turnstile, face recognition terminals and LPR parking solutions.
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