Common Problems

Database and software FAQ

System parameter setting

System parameter setting (operation and change both needs to click Confirm (Y))
Need to specify a local computer user
01. Need to specify a local computer user
02. Click OK,choose 
03. Click OK, this error will be solved
Database login method
Database login method (divided into Windows account login and username password login)
When the database is installed to this step, the default is to log in with the Windows account, but the login method of the license plate recognition system is the user name and password login, so in this step, in order to avoid the subsequent problems, it is recommended to select the hybrid mode as shown above, the software default database installation password is 123456
Repeat installation of database
The database is not installed for the first time on this computer
In this case, select Default instance according to the above figure, and then click next, it will show the database instance name conflicts, this need to manually name the database instance name, such as SQLSERVER, then when logging in to the database, the server name is the computer name \Database instance name (if it is the default, it is the computer name when logging in)
Installation path failed solution
Some files in the database installation must be installed on the system disk, so if the capacity of the system disk allows, do not change the installation path.

Database installation failed
Once the database installation failed, it may be because the database does not match correct Windows version. We can choose to uninstall the installed program and try to reinstall it with another version.

Step 1, open control panel, choose program and function

Step 2, find all the installed programs, if it’s sqlserver2008, you need to uninstall all the programs that contain the Microsoft SQL Server 2008, as shown in the picture. If it’s sqlserver2012, then uninstall all the programs that contain Microsoft SQL Server 2012, as shown in the picture.

Step 3, is to find the corresponding installation directory and delete the folder created automatically by sqlserver. The default installation location is C:\Program Files, delete the Microsoft SQL Server folder, and also delete the corresponding C:\Program Files (x86). Microsoft SQL Server folder, at this point, the database uninstallation is complete and can be reinstalled.

If you are still unable to install properly after reselecting the version, please connect directly to the software sales staff, there will be a dedicated after-sales staff to serve you.
Database installation failed
The database installation to this step and to finish, it needs to wait for the progress bar to run completely. It usually takes about 30 minutes (depending on the computer configuration and the database version)

Software installation to this step means the installation is completed, select close to close the database installer
Computer firewall is not closed
Solution: Close computer firewall, click the Re-run as above picture. Detect again and the warning will disappear
Database installation problem
Before database installation, you should first know what operating system of your computer. In general, it is recommended that win7 to install sqlserver2008, win10 to install sqlserver2012. The U disk includes two database files, but because of the system version, it may appear different situation. In case of failure to install, please follow the point seven of the database installation problem to operate.

Unzip the database, click setup.exe to install;

Before database installation, Microsoft.NETframework should be installed first. (Installation U disk comes with the device)
Database log in failed solution

Open the software installation directory (default D:\ParkWatch) and select ParkWatch.ini, open it with notepad, configure it per the database installation FAQ 7 

DatabaseServer=USER-20181229C (database server name) 

DatabaseName=ParkWatch (database name, default ParkWatch)

 DatabasePath=D:\ParkWatchTGW\data\(Database storage path) 

SQLUser=sa (User name) 

SQLPassword=123456 (log in password)

Object name invalid
Step1: Open the software installation directory and select System.ocx to open with notepad. Select all (Ctrl+A) to copy (Ctrl+C) 

Step 2: Open the database, create a new query, select the database, paste (Ctrl+V), execute 

Step 3: Open the software again, the problem is solved, select the system administrator, login password default 666666

Hardware FAQ
To make sure best recognition, please make sure camera side angle <30 degree and parallel with vehicle lane. The pixel is between 20-35 when the license plate is clear.
Please make sure that the device and the login computer are on the same LAN; there is no IP conflict between the other devices and the device, and the IP conflict will cause login failure. The method of judgment is as follows: first disconnect the device, then ping the device IP on the computer to ping the instructions. If ping works, then this LAN IP is already in use. Check and make sure that the network port indicator is on. If the indicator is off, the network is unreachable, causing the login to fail. In this case, check the network.
Solved by hardware reset. Operation method: Open the outer cover of the device, there is a round hole on the black cover. Through the round hole, use the tool to press the reset button on the circuit board. After the LED of the device flashes twice, release the button, and the device can be restored after restarting to the default IP, username and password.
It may be that the IP addresses of multiple devices in the same LAN are duplicated. This is caused by IP address conflicts. Therefore, when multiple devices are used at the same time, be sure to set the IP address of each machine correctly to ensure that there is no IP address conflict.
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What should I do if the device does not display properly?
The following conditions may occur: The device may not display properly: The device is not powered on properly; the network cable of the device is not connected properly, or the contact is poor; the IP address of the device and the IP address of the PC are not in an address segment; the device and the client The network between the two does not work.
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