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We adopt a customized business model to meet customer expectations and needs.
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Company strength
Tiger Wong has become a well-known brand in the global market,ranking the first step to do the license plate number parking system in more than 120 countries and offer a full time team service in the parking management control.The founder of the company, Tiger, has been in the parking lot industry for 20 years, and can have a perfect solution for any special situation of the parking lot system, serving a large number of users.Countless programmers have experience in docking Android motherboard programs, proficient in the application of C++, Java, BS, VB., etc.
Production ability

There are over 2,000 square meters of self-owned office buildings and a production base covering more than 20,000 square meters.

Equipped with more than 200 professional marketing, R&D and production personnel.

Convenient transportation and well-equipped facilities

Team strength
We carry out innovative designs for new products from 0-1. The professional team provides one-stop services such as appearance design, design, software and hardware development, and highly integrates product creativity, material design, and market development to create hundreds of hot-selling products, driving the company's economic output value to tens of millions.
OEM Case
Qatar license plate recognition and barrier, telescopic door control system linkage use
In the initial negotiation stage of the project, the customer proposed that it was necessary to do the entrance and exit control of a 20-meter-wide gate, and since the project was a foreign base, it was necessary to work in conjunction with the telescopic door

According to the customer's requirements, we specially customize the anti-sneak fence gate, and the electric telescopic door, with the license plate recognition system, only allow the registered vehicle to read successfully, verify the identity, the fence gate and the lifting column will be automatically opened.

After the customer receives the goods, the business personnel and technicians cooperate with the customer through remote tools and telephones, and the customer communicates in detail to guide the installation location, wiring and software program debugging linkage of each component. The entire duration took 14 days and the project was tested by using it.

All the sample order could get a free design.

 Discount available for the sample order for demo test.

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Shenzhen Tiger Wong Technology Co., Ltd is the leading access control solution provider for vehicle intelligent parking system, license plate recognition system, pedestrian access control turnstile, face recognition terminals and LPR parking solutions.
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