Ticket Dispenser

The ticket parking system is a cost-effective solution with good stability and one-time use, widely used in parking lot management, such as some social public parking lots, large shopping malls, tourist attractions, etc.

The outer shell of Ticket dispenser is generally made of iron plate after being punched and folded and sprayed, and it is also made of stainless steel or other metals, plexiglass, glass fiber reinforced plastic, resin and other materials.

The entrance part is mainly composed of entrance ticket box (including LED display, card reader, printer, intercom), barrier gate, vehicle detector and coil.

The export part is mainly composed of an exit ticket box (including LED display, card reader, qr code reader, walkie-talkie), barrier gate, vehicle detector and coil.

The ticket dispenser is exquisite, shows individuality, has complete functions, is practical and convenient, the system is stable, and the maintenance is simple, which is the expectation of every property.

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