Card Parking System

The RFID card parking system uses IC induction cards as the credentials for vehicles entering and leaving the parking, one card for one vehicle, providing both hardware and management software, and realizing convenient and fast parking lot management.

The entrance part is mainly composed of entrance ticket box (including LED display, card reader, automatic card dispenser, walkie-talkie), barrier gate, vehicle detector and coil

The export part is mainly composed of the exit ticket box (including LED display, card reader, card swallowing machine, walkie-talkie), barrier gate, vehicle detector and coil

Parking cards can be issued in three types: monthly rental card, stored-value card, and temporary card according to different needs: the monthly rental card uses time as the limit; the stored-value card uses the balance as the limit; the temporary card is easy and convenient ; In addition, monthly rental cards and stored-value cards are prepaid, which makes the management of the parking lot simple and active.

The system supports different charging methods for three types of vehicles to meet the requirements of charging separately by vehicle type.

Automatic timing and billing by software, automatic recognition of stored-value cards and monthly cards, manual cash collection or self-service payment for temporary cards, fast and efficient service.

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