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Parking has always been one of the hotspots of people's livelihood. At present, the time of the annual national two sessions is coming. Representatives of provinces and cities are actively giving suggestions. Today, we have collected some representatives' suggestions to see what they have said. You are also welcome to leave messages and comments! Member of Shanghai Municipal Committee of the Chinese people's Political Consultative Conference and member of Xuhui District Committee of the Chinese people's Political Consultative Conference: Wang Chun 1. Change time for space.

Two Sessions and Parking: Proposal of Local Two Sessions, Parking on Behalf of Members - Tigerwong T 1

The elderly live more in the old community, and most of the activities of the elderly and children are in the daytime. At this time, the community can carry out time-sharing management of public space, provide leisure space for the elderly during the day and become parking space at night. 2. Use three-dimensional greening. The old community can consider overall planning for greening, such as planting trees around the parking spaces and covering green plants on the three-dimensional parking spaces, so as to ensure the greening coverage and increase the number of parking spaces at the same time. 3. Set sponge parking space. The so-called sponge parking space is used to release vehicles during the day and absorb vehicles at night. Wang Chun suggested that the existing residential parking spaces and green parking spaces on both sides of the road should be changed into permeable parking spaces.

This can not only further dilute the parking space, but also have the function of green sponge facilities, which is more convenient for residents to park under heavy rain and other weather conditions. 4. The roads around the old community can be properly developed, the surrounding roads with low road traffic pressure can be used, and temporary parking spaces can be added in an appropriate period of time. (surging News) CPPCC member of Henan Province: Jiang Shiqing's private parking lot is an effective way to solve the parking problem, which is worthy of recognition. However, private parking lots should be managed by relevant local government departments and operated legally. He suggested that relevant departments should introduce corresponding policies according to the needs of citizens and make the charging standards of parking lots open and transparent. The charging standard of private parking lot shall be completely consistent with that of public parking lot, and the price shall not be increased at will. Moreover, the parking fee shall be charged after the completion of the parking service, and shall not be charged before parking. (Dongfang Jinbao) member of Henan CPPCC: Zhang Guoxiao suggested that parking fees should highlight the value orientation of energy conservation and emission reduction and alleviating traffic pressure, and advocate different parking fees for one person driving and multiple people driving.

The fees for two people on the car should be halved and one third for three people on the car. In this way, it can not only respond to the call of green travel, but also greatly alleviate the traffic pressure. (Oriental today news) member of Hainan CPPCC: Chen run 1. Make full use of existing parking spaces, improve use efficiency and share parking spaces. Through the implementation of staggered peak parking, the parking lot of the unit shall be opened at night or on weekends and holidays. After the employees of the unit get off work, the cars of nearby residents can be parked for compensation and leave before going to work. On the shared parking platform, the community or unit can rent the parking space, and the owner can rent it.

The property makes the parking space information public, creating three benefits and three win opportunities for the owner, the owner and the property. 2. It can improve the utilization rate of road parking. Around the school, you can set a limited time parking according to the school and school hours, and you can stop for 10 minutes for free. Drive away from the area immediately after picking up and seeing off the children. For the compilation of night time limited parking regulations, the roads in class I areas are generally around street shops and hospitals, and the parking spaces are tight. Parking fees can be collected on time to assist in adjusting the parking time; Class II areas are generally set around the community roads, with free parking for a limited time throughout the day; Class III areas are generally urban roads.

Two Sessions and Parking: Proposal of Local Two Sessions, Parking on Behalf of Members - Tigerwong T 2

The number of parking is adjusted by charging during the day and free at night; Vehicles can only be parked at the time marked in the parking space. (nanhai.com) member of Guangzhou Municipal Committee of the Chinese people's Political Consultative Conference: Liu Gensheng 1. According to the requirements of the regulations of Guangzhou on parking lots issued for more than 20 years, accelerate the formulation of the special plan for independent construction of underground public parking lots and incorporate it into the urban renewal plan. Explore the PPP mode, package several underground parking lot projects, and state-owned enterprises will bear the financing cost of land price, social capital will bear the construction cost and be responsible for operation. It is agreed that all the income in the first 10 years after completion will be attributed to social investors and divided according to the investment proportion. Referring to the BOT investment mode of expressway, the government packages multiple parking lots and hands them over to the social capital for full investment, grants the operation right for a certain period of time, and all the income during the operation period belongs to the investor, which will be handed over to the urban government when it expires. 2. Encourage the use of sinking shaft underground intelligent parking technology with high mechanization, short construction period, environment-friendly and mature technology, especially small plots, to promote the development of parking industrialization and the application of new technologies in Guangzhou. (Nanfang Metropolis Daily) member of the CPPCC Anhui Provincial Committee: Chu Jieyin 1. Anhui should formulate the provincial unified construction specifications of three-dimensional parking lots, clarify the acceptance standards of three-dimensional parking lots, and further improve the parking convenience of three-dimensional parking lots in combination with modern intelligent technology. 2. Upgrade the old three-dimensional parking lot in the city. If the completed construction project fails to build a three-dimensional parking lot according to the specified standards, supervise and urge to make up the parking space by means of expansion or nearby supplementary construction.

Upgrade the old three-dimensional parking lot in the city to make the use of three-dimensional garage more convenient. 3. Anhui Province must consider the convenient parking of three-dimensional parking lot in the long run when approving the new plan. Scientifically plan the construction of three-dimensional parking lot and strengthen supervision, incorporate the construction of three-dimensional parking lot into the overall urban construction plan and the planning of new residential areas and public places, specially prepare the construction plan of three-dimensional parking lot, and incorporate the land for three-dimensional parking lot into the supply plan of state-owned construction land. 4. After the construction of three-dimensional parking lot and the development of public transport to a certain scale, the original parking spaces of main roads can be gradually cancelled to achieve the goal of guiding vehicles into the warehouse and returning the road to the people, so as to gradually restore the driving and pedestrian functions of the road and alleviate the problem of urban traffic congestion. (Xin'an Evening News) deputy to Dezhou Municipal People's Congress: Tian Ruchuan should vigorously promote and develop the construction of urban three-dimensional parking lot. Through the introduction of corresponding policies, the government, enterprises and individuals should work together to solve the parking problem. It is suggested to organize relevant departments to check the urban residential areas, hospitals, schools, organs and institutions, bus stations, etc., and put forward specific construction plans for those with strong public response, prominent parking contradictions and recent transformation conditions, especially in combination with the transformation and upgrading of old communities being implemented by the central government. Increase government investment to ensure that the construction and management of three-dimensional parking lots in urban areas are effectively promoted.

On the one hand, for the construction of three-dimensional parking lots in schools, hospitals and other public service institutions, it is recommended that the government give special funds. On the other hand, increase support and guide social capital investment in the construction of three-dimensional parking lots. Considering that the return cycle of building three-dimensional parking lot is long and the enthusiasm of social investment may not be high, it is suggested that the municipal government formulate specific incentive policies, give investment subsidies, reduce fees and other concessions, increase support for the construction of three-dimensional parking lot and attract social capital to invest in construction. (Qilu Evening News) member of Hengyang CPPCC: he Xiaoping 1. I hope the government will speed up the construction of public parking lots. Encourage all urban governments to use the existing construction land and idle land to build temporary parking lots, and accelerate the construction progress of parking lots under construction. Clarify the management ownership of public parking spaces.

The operation and management rights of public parking spaces and public parking lots in urban areas shall be assigned to the municipal urban construction investment, which shall be uniformly managed by the municipal urban construction investment. On the one hand, it can revitalize state-owned assets and support urban construction investment to become bigger and stronger; On the other hand, it is convenient for centralized management and improves economic and social benefits. 2. It is suggested to implement the charging management of public parking spaces. In terms of the setting of parking space charging price, the government pricing shall be implemented in accordance with the principles of people-oriented, reasonable layout, price regulation and traffic dredging. Through price leverage, improve the turnover rate of public parking lots, especially public parking spaces on both sides of the road, and prevent a few people from monopolizing parking spaces for a long time. Speed up the intelligent management of parking lot.

In order to maximize local convenience for citizens and make effective and rational use of public resources, the corresponding municipal intelligent parking management app information system is developed in combination with the bright project being vigorously promoted in the city and the current widely used electronic payment system. App information system shall be matched with the relevant information systems of traffic police and other departments, and connected to the parking lot management information system under the jurisdiction, release the spare berth information through big data analysis, provide scientific parking guidance services, and balance the utilization and turnover rate of the parking lot. (China Hengyang News Network).

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