Let's Talk About the Development of Automatic Parking Technology

Many novice friends lament that it would be nice if the car had automatic parking function. In fact, this function really has, that is, the automatic parking function. What is its principle? Let's talk about the function that old drivers are beginning to like from the development of automatic parking technology. Follow Xiao Xing to learn about it.

1 What is automatic parking

For many novice drivers, side parking is a painful experience. Especially in the crowded parking space in the city center, pouring cars into narrow parking spaces has become a necessary skill. In many cases, it takes a lot of trouble to park the car. Automatic park assist provides a solution. Just gently start the button, sit down and relax, and you can automatically complete parking. With the development of technology and the improvement of automation, this function is further loved by the old drivers. After all, it can reduce the repetitive work of daily commute parking.

2 Composition and application example of automatic parking system

Looking back on history, automatic parking originated from the introduction of automatic parking assistance in the Volkswagen concept car in 1992. Many of my friends' Volkswagen brand cars have a button with the letter P and steering wheel graphics on the central control panel. This button is the Auto Park Assist activation button. So how does auto park assist work? Let's take a look.

The activation condition of automatic park assist is to keep a distance of 0.5m to 1.5m from the parking space and drive parallel through the side parking space at a speed of less than 30km / h. When the corresponding sensor detects a parking space that can be parked automatically, it will give a prompt. At this time, the function can be activated by pressing the previously mentioned Automatic Parking Aid button.

automatic parking aid control method

Take Volkswagen's automatic parking aid function as an example. Its control method is to keep the vehicle stationary and activate the function. The driver shifts into reverse or forward gear according to the prompt and controls the speed with accelerator or brake, while the vehicle will automatically control the steering according to the parking position. This is actually a parking process with the cooperation of people and vehicles. The driver controls the speed and the car controls the direction. This process depends on the space of the parking space. It may be put into position at one time or it may need to switch between reversing and advancing several times. But at least it saves the repeated turning direction and turning back and forth in reversing. These tired and sweaty operations in the past can be completed by the car automatically.

park assist sensors and controls

Correspondingly, let's take a look at the sensors and controllers behind automatic park assist. Its core sensors are four high-precision ultrasonic distance sensors equipped on the front and rear bumpers and one long-distance ultrasonic distance sensor on both sides of the front of the body. Other sensors include wheel speed sensor, ambient temperature sensor, turn signal switch, Auto Park Assist button and towbar sensor. The automatic parking control unit detects the position and size of the side parking space through the sensor, judges whether it can be successfully seated and plans the route. Furthermore, in the process of automatic parking assistance, the steering and braking systems ABS and ESP are controlled by the electric power steering system EPS, and the buzzer is used to warn the surrounding pedestrians and vehicles.

composition of Automatic Parking Aid System

The parking process of automatic park assist with the right parallel parking space can be divided into five steps.

1. Back up straight to the turning point

2. Turn right to adjust the rear pointing

3. Back up and let the rear of the car enter the parking space

4. Turn left to let the front enter the parking space

5. Back up and reverse

Do you feel a little like the formula taught by the master? When the rear of the vehicle reaches a certain position in front of the vehicle, the vehicle turns back to the dead direction when the front of the vehicle reaches a certain position in front of the vehicle. Just don't remember these formulas anymore. The automatic parking control unit is like saving all the accurate intuition of the old driver into the on-board computer, and leaving the turning time to the vehicle itself.

working steps of Automatic Parking Aid

Automatic parking technology is the most needed function under China's national conditions. Many novice drivers finally don't have to be afraid to reverse, and old drivers can also save worry and effort. In the future, with the popularization of intelligent visual processing and high-precision indoor inertial navigation positioning, the highly autonomous automatic parking function will be applied to Xiaopeng, Weima, Weilai, Tesla and other models. When multiple empty parking spaces are available, click the parking space to be parked or the common parking space remembered on the screen, and the vehicle can automatically Park in the whole process. Even people can get off completely. After the vehicle is parked, they will automatically notify the mobile phone or call the vehicle from the parking space to the boarding point through the mobile phone. Taking Xiaopeng automobile as an example, the average time of automatic parking is reduced to 30 seconds, and the user experience can be continuously evolved through OTA air upgrade. Thus, the overall proportion of daily average automatic parking in reverse warehousing increases rapidly.

Xiaopeng automatic parking function (moving picture)

L3 automatic driving system and highly autonomous autonomous parking fusion

Xiaopeng P7 adopts a new generation of NVIDIA Xavier artificial intelligence supercomputing SOC chip. It has a more powerful eight core arm64 processing core and 512 core Volta GPU, and can reach the level of functional safety asil-d (the highest level) required for vehicle safety. The power consumption performance ratio is optimized, which is born for automatic driving. Highly autonomous autonomous parking is a core function of the automatic driving system.

Xavier artificial intelligence supercomputing SOC chip

A friend tested the highly autonomous automatic parking function carried by Xiaopeng P7. It really achieved the goal of pressing one button and leaving the rest to the car. All steering, speed control, reverse and forward switching are performed by the highly autonomous automatic parking system control. Compared with the automatic parking aid mentioned earlier, the degree of automation has been greatly improved, and the reversing time is closer to the level of skilled drivers. Make it a close and practical function for daily use.

To sum up, today we introduce the principle and application examples of automatic parking. The development trend of the integration of the future automatic driving system and the highly autonomous autonomous parking function is also introduced. I hope it will be helpful for you to understand the car selection. I also hope that the automatic parking function will help you relieve your parking troubles and make it easier to use the car.

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Let's Talk About the Development of Automatic Parking Technology 1

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