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The intelligent camera of the past end parking lot system holographic senses the traffic information and provides the end-to-end coordination capability of the whole traffic process. The data is transmitted to the data Lake through the wide network. Finally, the processed and analyzed data are provided to each application system to realize business collaboration. Services: provide practical services and convenience services based on specific traffic scenarios. Huawei's traffic agent consists of four parts: holographic perception, wide network, a sea of clouds and deep application. 1 holographic perception: Based on the intelligent camera with the strongest computing power, it senses the full amount of traffic data and adaptively adjusts various traffic scenes and road condition information.

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Huawei's artificial intelligence technology assists the camera to achieve a higher level of "human and vehicle road" recognition. Accurately perceive traffic data. The detailed features such as license plate photographed by the camera may be very vague. For example, there is a common pain point in the scene of traffic parking lot system: vehicles moving at high speed, rain and fog weather, low illumination, strong light environment and so on. Unable to meet traffic control requirements. The imaging parameters are automatically adjusted according to different scenes.

Huawei intelligent camera uses AI technology to automatically detect all kinds of bad traffic scenes. Ensure that clear imaging effects can be formed, so as to solve these traffic pain points at one stroke and effectively improve law enforcement capacity. This new model opens up a broad application space for traffic scenes in the era of "intelligent machine". Li Guotao further introduced the characteristics of Huawei's smart camera "on-demand loading algorithm and cloud upgrade algorithm". Another pain point in the transportation field is that weak wires of intersection equipment such as transmission signal lights and guidance screens are easy to be damaged. At the same time, once damaged, roads need to be broken and excavated, and the approval process is very long (3 6 months) Now Huawei has provided an intersection scheme to transmit information through a power line and realize power supply and signal transmission through one wire. Real time access to video, 2-wide network: self built traffic transmission network.

The cost is reduced by 40%. More and more videos and pictures are returned in real time through bayonets, electric police and video monitoring. With the rapid growth of the number of motor vehicles and drivers, the number of video cameras among detachment, brigade and squadron is increasing Frequency calls are becoming more and more frequent. Moreover, the pixels of the camera are getting higher and higher, and the amount of data returned is getting larger and larger. The conservative approach is mainly to rent the bandwidth of operators. For these video call links, the cost is more expensive.

Moreover, for the traffic police, the leased network is a black box, the quality is uncontrollable, and the expansion time is long. Huawei's optical transmission network can save 4% in the first year of construction With 0% cost and the same bandwidth, one optical fiber can transmit more than 1 million video streams from ultra clear cameras, which can well meet the needs of traffic video retrieval and query in the whole city. Realize a strong center and 3 a sea of clouds: Octopus " Intelligent architecture. The data of sensitive edge and integrated data Lake transportation has also expanded from single dimension to multi dimension. The cloud construction mode has become a consensus in the field of traffic management.

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From information island to multi-source integration, an increasingly large data system has been formed. What kind of architecture should such a huge data be supported? There is a cerebellum on each tentacle, which was pioneered by Huawei "Octopus" Distributed intelligent architecture: octopus has a brain. The brain and cerebellum can fight independently or cooperatively. In the cloud architecture, the central node is the brain. As the intelligent center of the whole network, it handles complex, multi-dimensional and multi domain services in the traffic management system; the edge node is like the cerebellum to realize the fast closed-loop scenario of most traffic services.

It realizes the traffic industry Unified management, maintenance and use of services, which is a cloud sea architecture with strong center and sensitive edge, and realizes "resources, data, algorithms and tasks" 4. Collaboration to effectively improve the policing efficiency of traffic police. Let a hundred flowers bloom. 4. Deep applications: open sharing. Huawei provides fertile black land. Huawei has established in-depth cooperative relations with many partners in the transportation field. Partners carry out business innovation. In this process, Huawei's platform provides basic business framework and data models, and partners are based on these data models To develop traffic business, both parties work together to create a vibrant ecosystem, provide rich scenario solutions for traffic police, and assist traffic police to establish a more efficient modern parking lot system policing mechanism.

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