Intelligent Parking Lot Management System Has Broad Prospects and Its Construction Is also Very Impo

At present, China has become the world's largest automobile market, with an annual growth rate of 40%. There is no doubt that cars bring convenience to people's life, but the traffic jam in the rush hour is becoming more and more serious, and the queuing phenomenon when vehicles enter and leave the community and the parking lot of office buildings is common. A few years ago, China's parking lot intelligent management technology was still a blank, and there was no technical concept. Although it has developed a little better now, the prospect is still quite broad. In order to improve the embarrassment of today's difficult parking, many parking lot managers began to use the intelligent car parking management system represented by license plate recognition to replace the traditional card reading parking lot system, hoping to relieve the trouble of the above parking management. In this regard, many properties do not know what their construction procedures are.

Intelligent Parking Lot Management System Has Broad Prospects and Its Construction Is also Very Impo 1

Is it the same as the previous traditional parking lot construction? Let's take a look at the construction steps: first, the wiring technology requires that the parking lot license plate recognition system wiring should not only be safe and reliable, but also make the line layout reasonable, neat and firmly installed. Cables shall be installed horizontally or vertically in the building, and shall be protected with sleeves to ensure that the cables are fixed stably and aesthetically; 220V strong current and signal line shall be laid separately, and shall not be threaded in the same pipe, with a distance of more than 50cm; And all wiring must be sleeved, PVC pipe and galvanized pipe can be used to avoid the fault caused by mouse biting the line; If there is a breakpoint in the middle of the line, the breakpoint shall be welded with soldering iron and insulated; The cables must be marked during wiring to facilitate future installation, commissioning and maintenance. II. Location of road gates and license plate recognition system equipment 1. When determining the location of road gates, first ensure the width of the lane so that vehicles can enter and leave smoothly. The lane width is generally not less than 3m, and about 4.5m is the best. 2. The viewing angle range of the surveillance camera shall cover the position of the vehicle license plate, and the installation height is generally 0.5-1.5m. The best identification distance is 3 4m, and the size of the safety island is more than 5.5m. 3. For the underground parking lot, if there is a barrier on the gate, the folding bar gate shall be selected, and the height of the barrier - 1.2m is the position of the folding bar point. 4. The placement position of the gate and license plate recognition system equipment is directly related to the convenience of users. Once the position is determined and the pipeline is in place, changing the position will bring great trouble to the construction.

Therefore, for engineers who have not much engineering experience in this field, First install the gate and license plate recognition system equipment in place, then simulate the user, check whether the positioning is appropriate together with Party A's personnel, and finally lay the pipeline. III. determine the installation position of the automatic card reader. If it is a card reading parking lot and a parking lot with temporary vehicles, if the remote card reader is selected and the automatic card reader is selected, the automatic card reader is a single three-dimensional device, which is installed in front of the card reader and about 0.3m away from the card reader. If the common card reader is selected and the automatic card reader is selected, the automatic card reader and the card reader are installed in the same equipment, and this step does not need to be considered for on-site construction. IV. although the location of sentry box now advocates unattended parking lot, it has not been uniformly realized, and the sentry box in parking lot is still needed.

For the parking lot with temporary vehicles, the sentry box is generally placed at the exit to facilitate the charging. Since the control host and other equipment should be placed in the sentry box, and it is also the workplace of the personnel on duty, there are certain requirements for the area of the sentry hall, preferably not less than 4 square meters. V. location of the control host. The control host is the core control unit of the whole parking lot system. If there is a post hall near the entrance and exit of the parking lot, it shall be placed in the post hall; If there is no post hall, it shall be placed in the central control room.

However, the distance between the control host and the entrance and exit card reading equipment generally does not exceed 200m. Vi. pipeline laying pipeline laying is relatively simple. Before pipeline laying, clarify the signal attributes, signal flow and power supply of each equipment according to the parking lot system schematic diagram and pipeline diagram. The signal line and power line shall pass through the tube respectively. For the power line, the lines with different voltage levels and different current levels shall not pass through the same tube. VII. Embedding of ground induction coil.

Intelligent Parking Lot Management System Has Broad Prospects and Its Construction Is also Very Impo 2

The embedding of ground induction coil is carried out after the road surface of entrance and exit vehicles is paved or at the same time of paving the road surface. When the road surface is paved or the road surface is being paved, cut a coil placement slot on the lane near the installation position of entrance and exit machines and road gates (the coil is placed in the slot, and the slot width is 1.5cm). Pay attention to the size of ground induction coil. Wind the ground induction wire along the slot for 5-6 turns, introduce the two terminals of the coil into the chassis of the entrance and exit machine and the gate, and fill the slot with cement or asphalt. Nowadays, intelligent car parking management system equipment is widely used in various large or super large commercial toll parking lots in China , small and medium-sized commercial toll parking lots, community parking lots, etc. have corresponding applications, and different parking lots have different requirements for system software and hardware. As a modern parking lot vehicle automatic management equipment, intelligent car parking management system is one of the sub industries of the security industry, an important part of the field of security technology, and has a bright future Tigerwong parking equipment supplier has been dedicated to parking equipment for many years! If you have any parking system problems, welcome to consult and exchange.

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