Challenge and Application Scheme of Intelligent Parking Charge Management in Parking Lot

1 Analysis of parking management status

At present, there are three major problems in roadside parking management: difficult parking, arbitrary parking and arbitrary charging.

Parking difficulty: due to the rapid development of China's economy and the acceleration of urbanization, high-end consumer goods such as cars began to enter thousands of households, which led to increasingly serious problems such as urban traffic congestion, parking difficulties, illegal parking and parking disputes, which posed a challenge to the road carrying capacity and the allocation of parking resources.

Random parking: this random occupation of public resources not only affects the life of residents, but also affects the cleanliness and beauty of the city. Some of these vehicles are parked on the sidewalk and some on the main traffic roads, which not only affects people's normal passage, but also easily causes traffic congestion and accidents.

Arbitrary charging: almost every driver has encountered the phenomenon of arbitrary charging and unlicensed charging. Toll collectors intercept vehicles on the main road for charging, resulting in traffic congestion. The charging prices in various places are different and the standards are chaotic. The toll collectors do not issue invoices to the car owners and privately take the collected expenses as their own, resulting in the loss of parking expenses and the high management cost of the management department.

For urban managers, it is necessary to control all parking resources in the city, monitor and manage the use of all parking facilities, make reasonable and full use of parking resources, solve the contradiction between insufficient parking resources and vehicles, improve the utilization rate of parking facilities and reduce the financial burden.

Parking management operators: reduce management costs and labor expenses; Improve the working efficiency of workers and reduce the number of toll collectors; Avoid parking fees being withheld by toll collectors; Avoid operating difficulties caused by the loss of toll collectors;

For parking management operators, they need to reduce the cost of parking management, reduce the appropriate personnel cost and achieve the maximum economic benefits. Conduct real-time supervision and management of toll collectors to avoid withholding parking fees or charging without billing.

For the majority of car owners, they hope to make fair use of parking facilities and resources, be able to park and pick up the car quickly, and the managers will provide high-quality parking service and humanized management without charging parking fees indiscriminately.

For the majority of residents, the effective management of parking can effectively solve the phenomenon of road occupation and bring convenience and safety to residents' travel.

Throughout the developed countries in the world, they all use advanced scientific means and intelligent equipment to improve work efficiency. In terms of practicability, reliability, maintainability and humanization of use, the following aspects can be used to solve the problems of parking management:

1) When parking, the toll administrator enters the vehicle number plate information through kemasi handheld terminal cp810, takes vehicle photos, prints and issues parking notice to the driver; When picking up the car, the charge management personnel print and issue a charge notice to the driver. The charge amount is automatically calculated by the handheld terminal according to the principle of "sub region, sub period and step timing". The collected parking and charging information is transmitted to the management center in real time through wireless 3G network.

2) Charge reconciliation is carried out through the computer system. The daily charge of the toll collector shall be consistent with the parking number and parking time of the day, and the charge amount management mechanism shall be strengthened.

3) The application, approval, suspension and cancellation of road occupied parking lot shall be managed by computer process.

4) Query the control information of parked vehicles, and support the automatic alarm of stolen and robbed vehicles, accident escape vehicles, scrapped vehicles, untested vehicles and vehicles involved, so as to facilitate the road police to control and deal with vehicles.

5) Analyze the data of vehicle parking in the city's road occupied parking lot, support the establishment of road parking layer on the electronic map, and provide urban static traffic management information for the intelligent traffic command system.

6) With the payment functions of citizen card, bus card and financial IC card, it provides convenient payment methods for drivers.

Challenge and Application Scheme of Intelligent Parking Charge Management in Parking Lot 1

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