Car Park System: a Review of Smart Parking System and Its

The tools, techniques and operating methods available are extensive and diverse, with service providers using technology platforms such as P & E, PARC and PUCRS systems. Learn more about the challenges and opportunities in our white paper Smart Parking.

Car Park System: a Review of Smart Parking System and Its 1

The demand for available parking spaces is dynamic and the value of the parking space changes with time. Therefore it is necessary to provide information to the driver and passengers in the car about the location and parking conditions, which can be provided in real time. An efficient, intelligent parking system benefits the driver by reducing the time it takes to find a parking space, optimising parking capacity utilisation and increasing revenue for the city's car park operators. The vehicle needs a decision system that enables the vehicle to find the optimum parking space in the shortest possible time.

In connection with automated valet parking innovations, there is the idea of using parking lifts for parking management. The proposed system will define the optimum parking space for vehicles travelling on the road network and to be used for parking. When this system is established, the function is to stack vehicles one after the other.

To ensure that more vehicles occupy exactly the same parking space, they are stacked in pairs or in threes. This system, which is already in the mainstream, works by using mechanical lifts to stack vehicles on the available clearance, allowing the use of space as is the case with conventional parking systems. This technology is characterized by the use of RSUs that monitor and manage the entire parking lot and enable communication between vehicles in the parking lot.

Micro I / O has developed an intelligent parking system showing in Figure 4, which is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The system is based on wireless magnetic sensors (shown in Figure 5), which are used in each parking lot on the ground for occupancy detection. It is compatible with several user platforms for management, driver guidance and available rooms and interoperable with several complementary systems such as LED panels, tags, displays, alarms, barriers, etc.

Car Park System: a Review of Smart Parking System and Its 2

They communicate with parking guidance information systems (PRIs) in real time to guide drivers to available parking spaces. For example, Parkeagle sensors are able to count vehicles in a large multi-storey car park to determine which parking spaces are available. In addition to IR technology, intelligent parking management systems (SPMs) are also dependent on Arduino parts and Android applications based on IoT.

With these innovations, it is possible to manage parking without causing congestion and reducing overall emissions. Taking into account the needs and desires of the metropolitan areas and their requirements we review articles published in this article from the last 5 years on intelligent parking systems complemented with sensors, embedded systems, context recognition functions and IoT that save time, fuel and energy while reducing the driver's stress and strain. Status of parked cars, field reports, databases and deployed wireless sensor networks and who uses them.

This database is accessed from the upper level of the management system to perform various management functions, such as the search for free parking spaces, automatic tolls, safety management and statistical reporting. Location and availability of parking spaces and destinations is provided to the driver via the current GPS-based vehicle navigation system, as in Pullola et al.

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