Urban Parking Guidance System Is the First Step Towards a Smart City. Parking and Driving Will No Lo

With the sustained development of China's economy, the process of urbanization is accelerating, and a large number of people are constantly transferring to cities. At the same time, with the adjustment of industrial structure and the rapid development of automobile industry, more and more cars enter ordinary people's families. The urban population will continue to increase. At the same time, economic activities are becoming more and more frequent, commercial activities will be more active, and the number and frequency of vehicles will increase greatly, which will bring heavy pressure on the traffic in central cities. The difficulty of driving and parking has increasingly become the bottleneck restricting the economic development of large and medium-sized cities in China.

Urban Parking Guidance System Is the First Step Towards a Smart City. Parking and Driving Will No Lo 1

Building new parking lots and transportation facilities can partially solve the problem, but the cost is high and the construction cycle is long, which is also restricted by many factors of land use and urban planning. The urban parking guidance system makes full use of modern science and technology, reasonably arranges parking, improves the utilization rate of parking facilities, promotes the balanced utilization of parking facilities, reduces roadside parking, greatly alleviates urban traffic congestion, reduces road occupation, significantly improves the utilization rate of original parking facilities, and achieves good social and economic benefits. I. what is urban parking guidance system? The system includes parking intelligent guidance system of large parking lot and urban parking guidance system. It is a system that takes multi-level information release as the carrier to provide real-time information such as the location, number of cars, empty and full status of parking lot (garage) and guide drivers to park. It plays an important role in adjusting the uneven distribution of parking demand in time and space, improving the utilization rate of parking facilities, reducing the road traffic caused by looking for parking lots, reducing the waiting time for parking, improving the efficiency of the whole transportation system, improving the operating conditions of parking lots and increasing the economic vitality of commercial areas.

II. What is the working principle of urban parking guidance system? First, collect the real-time data of each parking lot, and then transmit the real-time data of each parking lot to the urban public parking lot information center through the information transmission system. After being processed by the urban public parking lot information center, it is finally released to the guidance information release sign of the urban main road through the information transmission system, Provide real-time parking basis for drivers. Information release is a system in which the parking space guides the primary screen, secondary screen and tertiary screen to obtain empty parking space information from the cloud platform and display the empty parking space information of a parking lot. The display content of the display screen is operated and controlled by the cloud platform. III. The function of the urban parking guidance system is that the vehicle detection equipment installed in the parking lot can detect the traffic flow in and out of the parking lot in real time, transmit the parking space information to the information processing center (many to one) in real time through the wireless communication system (GPRS), and run the data processing and information management system in the information processing center, Analyze and process the parking status information of each parking lot delivered through the wireless communication system, and send it to each outdoor LED parking guidance information release screen (one to many) distributed in the central urban area through the wireless communication system (GPRS), so that each owner driving in the area can timely understand the parking space information of surrounding parking lots through the LED parking guidance information release screen, It is convenient for them to find a suitable parking space in time.

At the same time, the system administrator can also release some traffic information or advertising information to each parking lot and LED information display screen in real time through the information processing center. IV. data transmission the basic task of data transmission is to ensure the smooth flow from the information collection system to the information processing system and then to the information release system. Its common forms include wired network, GPRS, WiFi, optical fiber and so on. The data of each parking lot is collected by the parking lot data acquisition equipment and released to the municipal public information networking platform, and the control center obtains the parking information data of the parking lot from the networking platform. V. the parking guidance information of the information release system finally needs to display the parking space information of the parking lot through the terminal LED display screen.

These information are transmitted by the management information center to the GPRS wireless transmission terminal configured for LED display screen through GPRS network to complete the communication function. A display device set near the entrance of the parking lot (garage) to publish the name, actual parking space status and other specified information of a single parking lot (garage). Receive all kinds of information sent by the management control center through GPRS and send it to the guidance screen in time. The LED display screen can also display the main road control information, real-time road conditions, weather forecast, temperature and other information to remind drivers to avoid crowded sections. Vi. management control center management control center is an entity that summarizes and processes the collection and release of parking lot (garage) data. It includes several functions such as data acquisition, data processing and information release.

Urban Parking Guidance System Is the First Step Towards a Smart City. Parking and Driving Will No Lo 2

The data is collected through the communication module to automatically collect parking data (such as current parking space information, parking statistics, etc.) and road traffic data. The collected parking information is processed, counted and analyzed, and new technologies are introduced into the urban parking guidance system to realize the hierarchical management of graphical traffic data through the data editing and query of streets, parking lots and other geographic information through electronic maps. The collected vacancy information of each parking lot is timely transmitted to the guidance screens everywhere, which brings great convenience to citizens' parking. At the same time, some road condition information and announcements can be released in time. Visually monitor the use of parking spaces in the city, apply the urban electronic map to the management of parking lots and parking spaces, design the electronic description and dynamic information release system of urban traffic, and integrate the traffic network and parking space distribution network.

Uniformly monitor the dynamic information of parking lot and parking space. The urban parking guidance system can reduce the number of cars walking in the urban area, greatly alleviate the traffic pressure in the urban area, so as to reach the destination more quickly, and make full use of all parking lots in the urban area. In the future, we should do a good job in intellectualization and unattended, and promote the intelligent parking management system through the benefit sharing mechanism, Realize the development of smart city. Tiger Wong parking management system has a professional technical team! If you have any questions about parking lot system, etc., welcome to consult and exchange.

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