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Away from congestion, license plate recognition technology allows you to enjoy intelligent transportation; With the improvement of people's living standards, the number of private cars has increased year by year. By the end of 2017, the number of motor vehicles in China had reached 310 million. The traffic pressure is becoming more and more severe. Intelligent traffic management has become the general direction of traffic development. The vigorous development of license plate recognition system can be said to be the "strongest weapon" to solve the problem of congestion and realize intelligent transportation.The high-speed charging non-stop camera accurately identifies the license plate. The traditional high-speed charging system requires a specially assigned person to sit at the high-speed charging port, one pole and one car. Sometimes the change is required for cash payment, which is time-consuming and laborious. During holidays, there is a long queue at the toll gate. Good holiday time is wasted on the highway.

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At this stage, with the in-depth development of intelligent transportation, you can quickly pass through the high-speed toll gate without waiting and parking. When the vehicle enters the toll gate, the HD camera equipment in the lane will quickly capture the license plate information, upload it to the cloud, and release the vehicle after passing the cloud verification license; After entering the expressway network, the virtual identification can provide the vehicle driving path and provide the basis for the accurate calculation and splitting of expressway tolls; When leaving the toll station, the lane equipment will again obtain the license plate information and upload it to the cloud server. After verifying that the user is a legal user according to the uploaded data, it will command the lane gate to lift the pole and release, so that the vehicle can drive out of the toll station quickly. After confirming that the vehicle leaves the toll station, the cloud server calculates and splits the toll receivable according to the entrance, exit, driving path and other information of the vehicle, pays the toll through the third-party interface, and completes the self-service payment of the toll of the vehicle user. Vehicle users can complete a complete Expressway independent payment and rapid passage process through mobile phone viewing.

With the help of the Internet and license plate recognition system, you can enjoy smooth travel without parking and waiting on the highway or charging supervision by a commissioner. The parking lot does not need to swipe the card to solve the parking difficulty. At present, most parking lots mostly use the card swiping identification system, and the window needs to be rolled down to swipe the card in and out. In this process, the driver will certainly stop, which is very easy to cause congestion during peak hours. With the acceleration of China's urbanization process, in view of the pain points of the parking industry, the state has put forward the proposal of stepping up the construction of intelligent transportation, and domestic well-known parking lot manufacturers have also put forward various solutions conducive to parking lot management.

As an essential project, the license plate recognition system can quickly capture the license plate number through the high-definition camera, so that the entrance gate can be lifted automatically, and the system can input and store information at the same time. The difference between the vehicle entry time and the vehicle exit time is the vehicle entry and parking time. This time information will be directly transmitted to the management terminal, and then the paid fee will be directly displayed on the screen, accompanied by voice broadcast, so as to facilitate the owner to pay. Save card swiping parking time and effectively alleviate the pressure of parking lot during rush hour congestion. At the same time, the combination of vehicle identification system and Internet can enable owners to observe the number of vehicles parked in nearby parking lot on the way, reasonably plan parking routes and effectively solve the current situation of urban parking difficulties.

How is License Plate Recognition good? License plate recognition technology has been applied in the security industry for a long time, and the technology is relatively mature. The application of artificial intelligence improves the accuracy of license plate recognition. For the manufacturers of license plate recognition algorithm, how to extend the recognition range of target vehicles and achieve more accurate recognition is what the market needs. So how to choose a good license plate recognition system has become the primary task. So what are the technical standards to evaluate the quality of a license plate recognition system? The first is the recognition rate of the license plate recognition system.

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Whether a license plate recognition system is practical or not, the most important index is the recognition rate. The international transportation technology department has made a special discussion on the recognition rate index, which requires that the correct recognition rate of all signs is 85% 95% 24 hours a day. In order to test the recognition rate of a license plate recognition system, the system needs to be installed in a practical application environment, run for more than 24 hours all day, collect the license plates of at least 1000 vehicles passing in natural traffic flow for recognition, and store the license plate image and recognition results for retrieval and viewing. Then, we also need to get the actual passing vehicle image and the correct manual recognition results. Secondly, the recognition speed of license plate recognition system is also key.

The recognition speed determines whether a license plate recognition system can meet the requirements of real-time practical application. If a system with high recognition rate needs a few seconds or even minutes to recognize the results, the system will be of no practical significance because it can not meet the real-time requirements in practical applications. For example, in highway toll collection, one of the functions of license plate recognition application is to reduce traffic time, and speed is a powerful guarantee to reduce traffic time and avoid lane traffic jam in this kind of application. The recognition speed proposed by international transportation technology is less than 1 second, the faster the better. Finally, the background management of license plate recognition system.

The background management system of a license plate recognition system determines whether the license plate recognition system is easy to use. It must be clearly recognized that it is impossible for the recognition rate to reach 100%. The damage, blur and occlusion of the license plate and the weather may affect the license plate recognition. What needs to be done is to pre analyze the "problem license plate" as much as possible to achieve the license plate recognition accuracy as much as possible.

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