Intelligent license plate recognition device assists in managing the huge traffic flow

2021-02-02 18:47:35

by:Shenzhen TGW Technology Co.,Ltd

Nowadays, with the improvement of people ’s quality of life, many people begin to enjoy life. Every holiday area is crowded with people. People usually choose to travel by car or group tours, but in the crowded scenic area, people who come by car It is not easy to find a parking place. To solve the problems of parking in the scenic area and queuing of vehicles, most parking lots in the scenic area have introduced a license plate recognition system to solve the problem of parking in the scenic area.


The new method of vehicle identity authentication


The intelligent license plate recognition management system relies on the license plate recognition technology to accurately recognize the license plate information of vehicles entering and exiting the scenic area parking lot. It can record the time of vehicle entry and exit and automatically charge. Users pay a mobile payment.


The license plate recognition system can not only increase the speed of vehicle recognition, but also improve the efficiency of parking payment, and help to relieve the pressure of parking lots during holidays. This system can ensure the unimpeded import and export even when there is a large traffic volume, effectively solve the problem of reducing the vehicle queues, and self-driving travelers can travel with confidence.


Realize unmanned management of scenic parking lot


With the advent of the era of intelligent identification, intelligent identification technology will gradually replace manual identification. From military to civilian, and from enterprises to individuals, the coverage of intelligent identification systems will become larger and larger.


In response to the congestion of parking lot entrances and exits, an intelligent license plate recognition system will help the construction of "unmanned parking lots" in the scenic spot, replacing traditional manual identification and payment, and greatly liberating manpower and material resources of the parking lot and speeding up work efficiency.

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