License plate recognition company

2021-02-02 18:47:39

license plate recognition company

Shenzhen TGW Technology Co., Ltd is the leading license plate recognition company for vehicle intelligent parking system and license plate recognition system


  Every company will have different departments. Generally, a self-operated company has a promotion department, and this department will have its own operating team. The main responsibility of this promotion department is to promote your company's various products, attract consumers or companies that have the opportunity to cooperate, and assist the business department to achieve a single business. Therefore, for start-ups, this promotion department is more important. The company that has just started is in the absence of various resources without reputation, customers, and channels, so promotion becomes even more important. What does an experienced company operations team do?


Then I will give an example, such as Foshan license plate recognition company, their operation team mainly has three major strategies.


license plate recognition company operating strategy 1: network promotion

        People with experience know that the Internet is the easiest place to publicize in society at the same time. At the same time, this is also the place where the competition is the most fierce. Each search platform is a must for all manufacturers. The network platform is particularly important, as long as it takes the first place, it can "dominate the world." Therefore, a newly opened license plate recognition company must have a place on the network platform.


license plate recognition company operating strategy 2: Online activities for offline registration

        It can be said that it is available to people from all over the world on the online platform. For Foshan license plate recognition company, the most unfortunate thing is not that the user wants to buy but cannot complete the transaction because of various geographical reasons; Users, but customers do not know that there is a local license plate recognition company and go online to buy other license plate recognition company products, which is the most pity for a company. Therefore, the experienced operation team often organizes some small activities for online registration and offline participation to let local residents know the “existence” of the company and reduce the loss of orders.


license plate recognition company operating strategy 3: coordinate and handle the relationship between old users

        Most of the performance of many companies is contributed to by old customers. Someone once investigated a company's performance report for one month and found that more than 70% of the performance was contributed by old customers and only 20% to 30% of new customers. This survey The report made major companies think deeply, so experienced operating teams will handle the relationship with old customers.

The above are the three major strategies of the Foshan license plate recognition company operation team. I hope it will help some companies that are just starting out.


 How many college students come out for internships or work every year? There should be millions of them! There are as many junior and senior year internships as there are freshmen entering each year. These are balanced. But in today's society, how can it accommodate so many people for internship work, even if it can accommodate so many college students, will they be proud and accept all kinds of hard and unpleasant jobs? This is simply impossible for them. College students can try to start their own businesses and run a license plate recognition company.




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Shenzhen Tiger Wong Technology Co., Ltd is the leading access control solution provider for vehicle intelligent parking system, license plate recognition system, pedestrian access control turnstile, face recognition terminals and LPR parking solutions.
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