How license plate recognition system work

2021-02-02 18:47:40

license plate recognition system work follow

How  license plate recognition system work

As one of the important components in the intelligent transportation system, the automatic license plate recognition technology has been widely used in urban road monitoring, highway toll collection and monitoring, community and parking lot entrance and exit management, public security security card, etc. hot spot.

The license plate recognition system is equipped with digital camera equipment and computer information management system and other software and hardware platforms. Through the collection of vehicle images, advanced image processing is adopted. Pattern recognition and artificial intelligence technology find the position of the license plate in the image, extract all the character images that make up the license plate number, identify the characters, letters and numbers in the license plate, and finally give the real number of the license plate.

The license plate recognition is the process of sequentially realizing the license plate location, license plate character segmentation and license plate character recognition algorithm of the car image. The license plate location is to extract the license plate image from the image containing the car and the background, the input is the original car image, and the output is the license plate image.

The character segmentation of the license plate is to divide the characters from the license plate image by preprocessing, geometric correction, etc. of the license plate image, and divide it into individual characters. The input is the license plate image obtained after the license plate is positioned, and the output is preprocessed and geometric. A set of individual character images obtained after correction, and the dot matrix data of each character is obtained. Character recognition is to extract character feature data from a single character dot matrix data in turn, and give a recognition result.

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