Is There Any Difference Between Parking Space Guidance System Based on Ultrasonic Parking Space Guid

How much do car owners who go in and out of the parking lot know about the parking space guidance system? Parking space guidance system is an indication system that can guide vehicles to enter the destination parking space smoothly. Generally, it refers to the intelligent parking guidance system that guides the vehicle to park in the empty parking space in the parking lot. The detector automatically detects the parking space, then transmits the information, displays the empty parking space information through the display screen, and the driver realizes easy parking through this information. At present, the scale of parking lot is basically composed of three parts: vehicle detection, parking information release and parking information processing. Many systems only achieve vehicle detection and information release.

Is There Any Difference Between Parking Space Guidance System Based on Ultrasonic Parking Space Guid 1

In fact, they have not really realized parking space guidance and guidance. There are mainly two kinds of parking space guidance systems in line with the mainstream of the market: one is the parking space guidance system based on ultrasonic technology, and the other is the parking space guidance system based on video technology. Ultrasonic parking space guidance system ultrasonic parking space guidance system is suitable for parking lots with large traffic flow and tight parking spaces. It can help car owners understand the information of vacant parking spaces in the parking lot in real time and quickly, so as to park quickly and efficiently. The system mostly adopts a three-tier pyramid structure, with the server at the top and the vehicle detector (ultrasonic probe) at the bottom corresponding to the parking space on each occasion.

The whole topology mostly uses Fieldbus for data interaction, and the real-time performance is not high. Ultrasonic technology should be used in the detection of parking space, that is, the change of ultrasonic frequency after shielding is detected by vehicle detector to detect whether there is a vehicle on the parking space. The vehicle detector automatically selects the received ultrasonic frequency, and the filter circuit will filter and amplify the waveform for the first time. Then, the first processed signal is amplified, filtered and ad converted. The single chip microcomputer receives the processed signal, makes a judgment of whether there is a car or not, and then outputs the result to the upper level of the system.

There are many factors affecting ultrasound, and the most common one in the system is misjudgment. The output result of the vehicle detector is processed by its upper level hardware and then flows to the server to publish the remaining parking space information to the designated media to realize the vehicle guidance function. To realize the reverse search function, it is necessary to install a locator in each parking lot area to obtain the vehicle information in a certain area. The reverse search result will be generated when the second vehicle information is obtained on the configured equipment, so as to realize the accurate reverse search of vehicles in a certain area. At present, the development technology of ultrasonic parking space guidance system has been mature and stable.

The characteristics of low installation and commissioning requirements, low cost and offline operation are deeply loved by consumers. Now it is widely used in commercial complexes, office buildings, airports and other occasions. Its only disadvantage is that it is sensitive to interference and misjudgment. Video parking space guidance system video parking space guidance system is suitable for large commercial squares and airports with large traffic flow and relatively chaotic management, but the customer experience requirements are relatively high. During reverse search, it can realize the specific brand car accurate to the parking space and a license plate number, effectively realize the point-to-point reverse search function, and have a good experience.

Is There Any Difference Between Parking Space Guidance System Based on Ultrasonic Parking Space Guid 2

Generally, the video parking guidance system is based on TCP / IP mesh architecture, with high real-time performance, and is suitable for large commercial squares with relative confusion. The core carrier of video parking space guidance is the camera, which is a recognition algorithm based on license plate recognition technology. Very simply, the image information is captured by the recognition camera installed in front of the parking space, and then the license plate recognition algorithm determines whether the vehicle is present or not, so as to directly give the empty parking space information. The general system can also be divided into back-end recognition and front-end recognition. The back-end recognition is that the recognition camera is only responsible for video acquisition, which is transmitted to the specific equipment system for recognition, and the results of vehicle presence and absence are output; Front end recognition means that the recognition algorithm is integrated with the camera, and the recognition camera directly outputs the result of whether there is a car or not.

At present, the video parking space guidance applied in many parking lots is the front-end recognition mode. With the development of technology, the hardware of recognition camera is not what it used to be. The higher the definition of the video, the more effective information it contains. At first, the camera can only give the license plate number of the ordinary license plate. Now it can not only recognize the ordinary license plate information, but also output the military vehicle license plate information and more information features such as body color and vehicle type.

Although video parking guidance has been mature and applied to parking lots, it also has its insurmountable shortcomings. For example, the recognition rate will decline due to the influence of factors such as light, stain, occlusion and image angle. The installation and commissioning of video parking space guidance system requires high requirements and high cost, but it reduces the difficulty of finding parking spaces due to lack of parking information, improves the road passing rate, reduces vehicle exhaust emission and noise, improves the utilization rate of parking lot, and completely changes the previous chaotic situation of parking charge management. Therefore, it is widely used in large high-end commercial squares. For more exciting industry news and parking plans, please call or follow tigerwong's official website.

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