Does the Parking Lot License Plate Recognition System also Have an Algorithm? Its Practical Applicat

In recent years, the continuous growth of private car ownership has also driven the vigorous development of the parking lot industry. As the core technology of intelligent parking lot, license plate recognition is the measurement basis of the whole parking lot system. It changes with each passing day and innovates rapidly, and its algorithm will change accordingly to better adapt to various environments and emergencies, The parking lot system of license plate recognition management has spread to all fields of our life. More advanced recognition technology will bring more convenience to people. The license plate recognition system can open the gate and release the vehicle by capturing the license plate number of entering and leaving the site.

Does the Parking Lot License Plate Recognition System also Have an Algorithm? Its Practical Applicat 1

We know that the license plate number is the only identification information of the vehicle. Through the license plate number, we can know the information of the vehicle. At the same time, the license plate recognition system can not only recognize the license plate number information of the vehicle, It can also capture the vehicle model and body of the vehicle, which effectively ensures the parking safety of the owner. At the same time, for the parking lot, the parking information of the owner's vehicle can be queried through the capture records in and out of the parking lot, so as to avoid false reporting of lost vehicle information. For multiple environments, the biggest difference is that the imaging effect of license plate recognition becomes worse due to the change of natural light, and the influencing factors of imaging effect are different in different scenes.

The license plate recognition system algorithm of tigerwong parking lot will also be different: 1. The weather has low visibility in rainy and foggy weather, The quality of the obtained license plate image will degrade seriously, so the license plate recognition system must realize the image restoration function, that is, the image restoration algorithm is used to reproduce the scene of the degraded image in rainy and foggy days. 2. The brightness at night is not strong and the light is not scattered. At night, under the action of headlights, the image of license plate may become black and white. To solve this problem, the intelligent fill light technology of algorithm control fill light is usually used. At the same time, double width dynamics is adopted to enable its license plate recognition camera to capture more bright and dark details in the same picture, Closer to what human eyes see. 3. For forward and backward light, the exposure parameters of the camera can be adjusted through intelligent light control technologies such as local exposure and strong light suppression, so as to achieve excellent automatic imaging control. 4. The traffic directions are different. For the large angle formed by vehicle operation, the treatment effect of license plate recognition system of individual manufacturers is not ideal. This problem is particularly obvious in parking lots with turns and wide entrances and exits.

Of course, the radian of large angle can be reduced by controlling the height and angle of license plate recognition camera, However, it can not completely solve this problem. Tigerwong parking lot license plate recognition system can effectively solve this problem. As a branch application field of machine vision, license plate recognition involves a series of processes such as image acquisition, image preprocessing, license plate location, character segmentation and character recognition result output. The key technology lies in license plate location, character segmentation and character recognition. The recognition algorithm scans the gray image after image preprocessing, determines the target area containing license plate segments on the gray image, and gives the starting line coordinates and height of license plate information area.

Then, through the character segmentation of the recognized character area, the single character is matched with the standard character form in the character database template, so as to judge the specific content of the license plate characters. Compared with general high-speed toll stations and checkpoints, the parking lot environment has no unified design standard, so the design of each parking lot will be different, such as whether it is on the ramp, recognition distance, angle difference, whether there is a safety island, etc. tigerwong license plate recognition system has made corresponding solutions for this, and different algorithms for different links, It greatly improves the recognition rate and applicability of license plate recognition in multi environment and multi angle. Tigerwong parking equipment supplier has focused on parking equipment for many years! If you have any questions about the parking system, welcome to consult and communicate.

Does the Parking Lot License Plate Recognition System also Have an Algorithm? Its Practical Applicat 2

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