Guides for Choosing ALPR Solution and LPR camera

2021-02-02 18:47:41

ALPR Solution and LPR camera 

Automated License Plate Recognition (ALPR) are becoming more recognized by end customers because people always want to be able to identify vehicles as they enter the area. Many solution providers are also aware of the potential of the market, and have provided corresponding license plate recognition schemes. As the schemes are flooded and uneven, this will be very confusing for users. Similarly, for many integrators, when installing and selecting a license plate recognition scheme, it is not easy to determine which is the best choice, and often it is not easy to provide the most suitable service for the,how to choose a better solution?

The first step is choosing the LPR camera that meets the criteria

lpr camera.png1.Matching the application scene to the LPR camera specifications .A key factor to consider in the ALPR system is the LPR camera specifications. For example, depending on the installation location, the camera will have different options. In places such as highways or high-density commercial complexes, ALPR cameras should be sophisticated enough to ensure high fidelity capture of images. Inevitably, this will increase costs, and customers should be aware of this. Since the focus, motion blur and lighting conditions will affect the camera's capture effect and reduce the accuracy of the system, when selecting a solution, it should be tested in one day or in various special environments to ensure the accuracy of the system.

2.Local processing or cloud processing?  it has been very intense recently, but at present, in the license plate recognition scheme, the local processing will provide better results. In many applications, license plate recognition is often integrated with mobile payment. Considering the real-time nature of the system, the local processing method will be better, because if it is on the cloud, it will not only increase the delay, but also raise concerns about the security of the network.

3.Adaptability In Western countries, new laws and regulations will affect the change of license plate style. If the license plate recognition solution can be modified or upgraded, it is most suitable. However, in some countries in Asia, the design of license plates is relatively lacking in standardization. Users in these countries should consider more flexible identification schemes when choosing solutions. Taken together, with the development of license plates and changes in policies, it is important to choose a system that is adaptable to development and that can be continuously upgraded over time.

Then, you need to know something about installing ALPR.Once you've chosen the best solution, you should review the best practices for their installation, from camera configuration to fine-tuning for the environment. 

1.Camera Setup--Most ALPR systems require fine-tuning of the lpr camera during day and night conditions. It is important that the integrator properly configure the camera settings to ensure that the vehicle or character is captured at any time of the day. In addition, the camera's position and height also play a vital role.

2.The supplemental infrastructure integrator should understand the amount of data flowing to the external server and guarantee the corresponding bandwidth support, a good local network connection will be necessary. If it is a low-cost solution, it is important to let the vehicle approach static in the area to get the best video image, such as installing a speed reducer on the road to decelerate the vehicle. If it is necessary for the tailing, the camera installation position should be carried out. Avoid occlusion.

3.Reading Delay--When using it in an authentication scheme, it is important to keep the read latency low. Proper adjustment of various camera and ALPR software parameters may help achieve this goal.

ALPR customers often make mistakes.  The most common mistakes in the field is LPR Camera specifications are not properly valued. For example, when the fine-tuned shutter speed is not matched to the speed of the vehicle, the visual effect may be unclear. Not getting the correct potential reading is also a problem. The quality of the ALPR solution, especially its level of accuracy, is critical. However, many customers often do not check these parameters and compare them with other parameters when choosing a solution.

You can find more information about ALPR in Wikipedia  click here>>

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