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2021-02-02 18:47:41

Advantages of face recognition technology.

Face recognition is a kind of biometric recognition technology based on human facial feature information. Its with the uniqueness and good characteristics that are not easy to be copied provide the necessary premise for identification. The face recognition access control system is the combination of face recognition technology and access control system, Using face recognition as the key to access control  .It not only avoids the trouble of forgetting to bring the key or card, but also saves a lot of costs because the face recognition access control system does not need any medium to open the door, such as personnel change without replacing the door lock, key, IC card, etc., it only needs to register the face;   in the application of small area access control channel, the face recognition access control system is simple, safe and convenient for operation , intelligent, and both indoor and outdoor can be used,  It has always been better than the " recognize card does not recognize people" IC card  . In recent years, face recognition technology has been widely used in public security, customs, finance, military, airport, enterprise and other fields.

 Main Features of Face Recognition.

1.     Uniqueness .

Everyone with different face, it can't be copied, counterfeited, so it's more secure.

2.     Natural.

Face recognition technology is the same as the biological characteristics used by human (other creatures) in individual recognition. Other biological characteristics such as fingerprint and iris do not have this feature.

3.     Simple and Convenient.

Don’t need to carry a card whenever and wherever .fast identification, simple and convenient operation , it avoid the loss, forget to bring identification card troubles and so on .

4.     Non –Contact.

There is no need to contact the equipment and don’t worry about the contact virus infection, which is both hygienic and safe.

5.      Fast recognition speed and High accuracy.

Due to the development of computer technology, under the comparison of fixed sample database, the speed of face recognition can be increased to 0.25s one time, and the face changing behaviors such as different angles, wearing glasses and makeup can also be corrected by adjusting the algorithm of face recognition.

6.     Face recognition has become an important source in the period of big database.

Through face recognition, comparison, big data analysis, mining and other technologies in a large number of areas, we can grasp the behavior track of a specific object or the activity range of a specific group of people. In the process, no human intervention is required, and it is completely handled by cloud computing and big database system .

With the development and maturity of technology, face recognition has become the most popular technology category and direction in the era of artificial intelligence. It promotes the application of face recognition technology in all walks of life . It Replace labor with machine .which greatly improves and promotes the efficiency and safety in social behavior. therefore, if face recognition technology is widely used in the identity recognition system of access control system, it will greatly improve the security and reliability of access control system operation, minimize the possibility of entering a certain place for illegal criminal activities through identity impersonation, and greatly reduce the existing and potential technical loopholes, hidden dangers and risks in access control security system.

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