Artificial intelligence technology promotes the development of security industry (access control, parking system)

2021-02-02 18:47:36

Artificial intelligence technology promotes the development of security industry (access control, parking system)

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So far, the security industry are supported by IT technology, but bottlenecks of old technologies such as network and high-definition have emerged.Therefore new technologies are urgently needed. Artificial Intelligence has naturally become a new hot technology after video parking guidance network and high-definition technology. Artificial intelligence + security is a obvious trend of security industry.


Artificial intelligence technology promotes the improvement of existing security product.

Including smart chips, smart access control and smart parking system products. Intelligent door locks are interconnected with a variety of security products such as alarms, surveillance camera, and access control to form a comprehensive security system. Only through artificial intelligence technology can multi-dimensional, accurate front-end data be obtained at a low cost, data can be shared across industries, and the security system can be improved.


Video content analysis and identification technology is used in the security field. By the structured description of unstructured data, the extraction of centralized and summary information, and the rapid retrieval can save a lot of manpower and material resources. Artificial intelligence performs big data analysis similar to human brain thinking, which is a hot spot in the current security industry demand. With the development of artificial intelligence technology, security has evolved from passive prevention to early warning. Security products will realize the active identification of dangerous elements, and the security behavior will change from passive to active. Driven by artificial intelligence technology, smart security technologies such as smart access control, smart parking systems, and smart attendance systems will also be more competitive.

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