ALPR Parking at Nan hai Pearl Hotel in Cambodia

2021-02-02 13:59:10

Project Background: The customer needs to make a free release for customers visiting their hotel. 


They want to record and manage the car with the license plate number as the unit, we need to automatically send the license plate of the car and the records of time of each car entry and exit. Project Scale: 4 entrance and 2 exit 

Project Equipment: License plate recognition all in one machine 12pcs with two sets software. 

Project Strength: The whole system helps hotel realize the system management for various kind of cars, no matter temporary cars, vip cars or other type to ensure the security of whole parking lot and buildings.

ALPR Parking at Nan hai Pearl Hotel in Cambodia 1ALPR Parking at Nan hai Pearl Hotel in Cambodia 2ALPR Parking at Nan hai Pearl Hotel in Cambodia 3

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