access control security

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access control security

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The access control security system is a security system that is commonly used in modern commercial buildings, communities, schools, and enterprises. The access control security system is a modern security management system that integrates microcomputer automatic identification technology and modern security management measures. Access control security system is used widely in our daily life and work, but how much do you know about the installation of an access control security system? Below I will share with you the contents of the installation of an access control security system.

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access control security system installation 1: equipment installation


1.Front-end equipment

A. Install a card reader at the entrance. Within the reader's sensing range, do not approach or touch high frequency or strong magnetic fields (such as heavy-duty motors, monitors, etc.), and it needs to cooperate with the grounding method of the control box.

B. Install the exit button at the exit.

C. The electromagnetic lock is installed on the upper edge of the door and door frame.

D. To ensure safety and aesthetics, the controller and power box can be installed on-site or installed in a weak current well. The advantage of installing the controller on-site is to save the use of wires. The controller is installed in the weak current well to facilitate future system maintenance and system security. The controller box can also be installed above the card reader, near the electromagnetic lock. Specific circumstances can choose the installation method according to customers. 

2. Central control room equipment

A. The control host and keyboard are installed on the facade wall or placed on the workbench.

B. The alarm device is placed in a position with a good alarm effect.

C. Due to the special nature of the access control security system, it is required to provide good power to the system. It is recommended to use a UPS power supply to centrally supply the access control security system.


access control security system installation 2: equipment debugging


1. After the system installation is completed, firstly connect a signal of the access control card reader to the host, and then separately detect the condition of the access control card reader, and whether there are any false positives or false positives. After checking this way, there is no problem in accessing the other way. In this way, each way is tested separately, and all lines are connected after confirmation.


2. The management personnel can authorize according to the authority of the users. For example, some personnel can enter and exit any place at any time. Ordinary personnel can only enter and exit the authorization scope within the authorization time with the authorization card. When all the access points are opened normally and illegally, check the computer in the control center for records.


3. Attempt that the central computer cannot be connected to the controller due to malfunction or other reasons. Can the controller independently record the relevant information of the controlled door points? After the central computer is connected, can all information be automatically uploaded and whether the information record can be guaranteed to be complete Sex.


4. Make a good record of commissioning.


5. Finally, complete the completion report.


access control security system installation 3: pipeline installation


1. The installation engineering wiring shall comply with the national regulations "Code for Construction and Acceptance of Electrical Installation Engineering" and the relevant codes and regulations issued by the state. Threading in pipes or ducts should be performed after construction plastering and groundworks are completed. Before threading, the water and debris in the pipe or wire groove should be removed. Lines with different systems, different voltage levels, and different current categories should not be worn in the same pipe or the same slot in a cable trunk. There should be no joints or kinks in the wires or ducts.


The connector of the wires should be soldered in the junction box or connected with terminals. Small cross-section system connections can be spliced. The number of spliced turns should be more than five turns, then tinned and wrapped with insulation tape. Compensation measures shall be taken where the pipeline passes through the deformation joints of the building (including settlement joints, expansion joints, seismic joints, etc.), and the conductors shall be fixed on both sides across the deformation joints with appropriate margin. The terminals in the terminal box should be crimped or terminal boards with solder joints. The terminals should be labeled accordingly.


2. The access controller shall be installed firmly, shall not be inclined, and shall have obvious signs. Installation on light partition walls should be strengthened. The cables or wires introduced into the access controller should be neat and avoid crossover, and the cable core wire and the part of the matched conductor should be fixed and numbered, and should not be easily discolored with the drawing; the terminal board and each terminal, wiring No more than two cables should be left; there should be no less than 20cm of cable core and conductors; the conductors should be bundled into bundles; after the lead wires of the conductors are threaded, they should be blocked at the inlet pipe.


3. The main power supply lead-in of the access controller should be directly connected to the power supply. It is strictly forbidden to use a power plug. The main power supply should be marked. The ground of the access controller is firmly grounded and marked.


4. The routing and specifications of the ground bus in the monitoring room shall meet the design requirements. The construction should comply with the following regulations: the surface of the ground bus should be complete without obvious damage and residual flux slag, copper tape bus light, slip, and no burrs, the insulation layer should not have aging cracks; the ground bus should be laid on the ground trough or cable The center of the aisle is fixed on the outside of the track groove. The bus bar should be flat and free of skew and bend. The connection of the bus bar to the rack or the top of the machine should be firm; the copper strip bus bar on the cable aisle can be fixed by screws; the copper stranded bus bar on the cable aisle should be tied to the rung; Strictly follow the design requirements. Grounding installation shall be carried out simultaneously with civil construction.

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