Three technical indicators of license plate recognition camera system

2021-02-02 18:47:37

license plate recognition camera system

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The three major technical indicators of the license plate recognition camera system refer to the recognition rate, recognition speed, and background management system. Of course, the prerequisite is that the system can run stably and reliably.


license plate recognition camera system technical indicator 1: recognition rate

Whether a license plate recognition camera is practical or not, the most important indicator is the recognition rate. International traffic technology has made a special recognition rate indicator discussion, which requires that the correct recognition rate of 85% to 95% of the full license is available 24 hours a day.

In order to test the recognition rate of a license plate recognition camera, the system needs to be installed in an actual application environment, run for 24 hours or more, collect at least 1,000 natural vehicle license plates for identification, and the vehicle license plate image and The recognition results are stored for recall.

license plate recognition camera system technical indicator 2: recognition speed

The recognition speed determines whether the license plate recognition camera can meet the requirements of practical applications. A system with a high recognition rate, if it takes a few seconds or even minutes to recognize the results, then this system will be meaningless because it cannot meet the real-time requirements in practical applications. For example, one of the functions of the license plate recognition application in highway tolling is to reduce the transit time. Speed is a powerful guarantee for reducing transit time and avoiding traffic jams in such applications. The recognition speed proposed by international traffic technology is within 1 second, the faster the better.

license plate recognition camera system technical indicator 3: background management

The background management system of the license plate recognition camera system determines whether this license plate recognition camera system is easy to use. It must be clearly recognized that the recognition rate of 100% is impossible, because the license plate smudges, blurs, occlusions, or bad weather (snow, hail, fog, etc.) will affect the recognition rate. The functions of the background management system should include:

1. Reliable storage of recognition results and vehicle image data. When multifunctional system operation makes network errors, it can protect image data from being lost, and it is convenient for manual investigation afterward;

2. Effective automatic comparison and query technology. The identified license plate number must be automatically compared with the tens of thousands of license plate numbers in the database and an alarm will be issued. If the license plate number has not been read correctly, a fuzzy query is required. Only the best results can be obtained by technology;

3. A good license plate recognition camera system For networked operation, it also needs to provide real-time communication, network security, remote maintenance, dynamic data exchange, automatic database update, hardware parameter settings, and system fault diagnosis.

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