License Plate reader

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License Plate reader

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The vehicle number plate is the only mark for vehicle identification in the world. Its specialty and importance determine that the License Plate reader system becomes an indispensable and important part of the vehicle management system. The License Plate reader system provides an efficient and practical means for automated intelligent traffic management.


The TGW License Plate reader system is mainly used for the anti-cheating management of vehicles in and out of factories and mining. We can complete weighing flow weighing quickly, accurately, safely, stably and reliably under unattended conditions, and realize fully automated management of information collected during the measurement process. Intelligent management of internal and external vehicles in the factory, analysis and display of vehicle weighing status, whether the goods are received or shipped, to prevent the vehicle from taking away the factory goods when the vehicle is shipped or less goods when entering the factory, reducing unnecessary losses, fully Protect the interests of the factory.


The main functions of the current TGW License Plate reader system include


1. The vehicle license plate is automatically recognized. The information includes complete license plate information, including colors, characters, Chinese characters, and numbers.


2. Automatic input of vehicle license plate information.


3. Identification and warning of illegally changing vehicles.


4. Vehicle identification information is automatically saved for future reference.


5. Integration with various systems of TGW to realize other needs of various pound houses.


The main applications of TGW License Plate reader system include


1. Intelligent Management of Weighing Vehicles in Weighing Houses


2.Automatic collection of traffic information


3. The police and other law enforcement agencies set up temporary inspection stations to carry out inspections on passing vehicles and prioritize the vehicles to be inspected;


4.Supervision system for bayonets such as roads, bridges, and tunnels


5.Car entry and exit management in modern residential quarters, parking lots, and important institutions


Second, the realization principle and method of TGW License Plate reader system


The recognition of the TGW vehicle License Plate reader system is based on image segmentation and image recognition theory and analyzes the image containing the vehicle number plate to determine the position of the license plate in the image and further extracts and recognizes text characters.


The recognition steps are summarized as license plate positioning, license plate extraction, and character recognition. The three-step recognition work complements each other, and each has high efficiency, and the overall recognition rate will increase. The speed of recognition depends on character recognition. The current main application technology for character recognition is to compare the recognition sample database, that is, the intermediate result values such as credibility and tilt will be generated during all the word recognition process. After the characters are extracted, the characters are judged by comparing the sample database. The TGW vehicle License Plate reader system has a high recognition rate and accuracy and has strong adaptability.


TGW vehicle License Plate reader system


1. The number of application channels: single channel or multiple channels, the floor scales on each channel can be weighed in both directions to manage the balance, stand-alone management or multiple computers connected to the network.


2. Fixed vehicle weighing principle: This part of the vehicle is mainly for the fixed vehicle or internal vehicle management that often enters and exits the factory. It adopts the principle of long-distance reading and writing systems, mainly the Bluetooth long-distance card reading application system.


3. When entering, do not stop and weigh the vehicle. After reading the vehicle information through the long-distance read-write system, the license plate capture system captures the license plate number and the vehicle information in the system. When the resignation is allowed, the vehicle is weighed and the bodyweight is announced by voice...


When exiting, do not stop and overbalance, read the vehicle information through the long-distance read-write system. The license plate capture system captures the license plate number when it is consistent with the vehicle information in the system. The weighing is allowed to be overbalanced. The shipping weight is reported when the product is shipped.


4. Temporary alien vehicle management principle: It mainly uses short-range reading and writing technology to automatically receive and issue cards. When the vehicle enters, the License Plate reader system captures the license plate number after the card is taken, records the license plate number, and the system displays it as a temporary vehicle. Record the weight of the body under the license plate number, and announce the weight by voice. At the time of exit, after the balance is weighed, the temporary card is retrieved through the automatic card receiving a machine, and the image capture system automatically captures the license plate. Only when the information is consistent with the import information can the gate be opened for traffic and the 1.weight of the goods received or shipped.


5. Cooperate with TGW contactless induction card technology to achieve unattended operation. When the car is parked on the weighing platform, the vehicle information is automatically collected through the RFID device. After the software judges that the weighing data is stable, the photo can be captured while the gross or tare weight is saved. Use a camera to take a picture of the driver swiping his card, then print the receipt, the vehicle is released, and then start the next car. When a car comes to tare for the second time, the software will automatically call up the collected vehicle information. After the software judges that the vehicle is stable, it starts to take a picture of the tare, save the weight at the same time, and combine it with the data of the first gross weight. Record, calculate the net weight and then print the document to ensure that the same car is weighed, and prevent the deck from changing cards.


Application of TGW License Plate reader system in other industries


TGW License Plate reader system has been maturely applied to various types of intelligent traffic and security systems to automatically detect and identify vehicle number plates in images and videos. Typical application systems are red light automatic monitoring system, motor vehicle Overspeed monitoring system, Motor vehicle retrograde, pressure line monitoring system, mobile electronic police system, security checkpoint system and other intelligent transportation systems.


A typical application is the security bayonet system (scientific name: highway vehicle intelligent monitoring and recording system). The License Plate reader is the most important part of it. Only the bayonet system that meets the rapid and practical identification technical indicators can effectively achieve automatic comparison alarms and avoid There were a lot of false positives. At the same time, the recognition speed is fast, the system needs fewer system resources, the possibility of manual intervention is small, and the operating load of the system network is correspondingly reduced. The quality of the License Plate reader directly affects the overall performance of the bayonet system.


With the advancement of technology and the development of image vision technology, the License Plate reader technology in the future will become more intelligent. TGW weighing software will surely have more new products available to customers.

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