What Problems Can the Parking Space Management System Solve

1.1 scheme overview

Parking space management system is a comprehensive management platform built through computers, network equipment, vehicle perception transmission equipment, customer terminal equipment, etc. to manage the access of vehicles in the parking lot, the guidance of traffic flow in the parking lot, the release of parking space status information and the collection of parking fees. By using the wireless geomagnetic vehicle detector as the parking space status acquisition equipment, it can detect the parking space status in real time, obtain the real-time parking space status information, release the dynamic information to the vehicle management department and vehicle owners in the form of intersection release screen, network or mobile phone app, and use the corresponding charging system management software, Effectively supervise the parking fees charged by toll parking lots.

1.2 working principle

The principle of geomagnetic detection is used to detect motor vehicles. In the absence of motor vehicles, the earth's magnetic field is in a relatively stable state. When a motor vehicle passes by, it will cause changes in the earth's magnetic field. The wireless geomagnetic vehicle detector detects motor vehicles by analyzing the changes of the earth's magnetic field. The wireless geomagnetic vehicle detector is embedded on the ground and powered by its own battery. The vehicle information detected by the detector (presence, flow, speed, vehicle length, occupancy and other traffic parameters) is transmitted wirelessly to the signal receiver installed on the roadside, and the signal receiver transmits the vehicle information to the application system.

The wireless geomagnetic vehicle detector is buried under the parking space surface. Whenever a vehicle stops, it detects the arrival of the vehicle according to the change of the magnetic field around the vehicle detector, and sends the signal to the wireless geomagnetic parking space detector base station installed at an appropriate position after the signal is stable. Similarly, when the vehicle leaves, the wireless geomagnetic vehicle detector can also detect this information according to the change of magnetic field and inform the wireless geomagnetic parking space detector base station.

1.1 system design objectives

N advanced and mature technology and equipment to ensure the safe, reliable, stable and convenient operation of the system;

N automation design, improve management level and efficiency, and provide high-quality, safe and efficient services;

N economic and reasonable operating costs, save management expenses and improve work efficiency and economic benefits;

N reasonable layout, improve the service quality of the system and shorten the service time;

1.3 system design basis

1.4 system design principles

The overall design of the scheme is advanced, reliable, practical and convenient, and the design follows the following principles:

Stability in order to ensure the system stability index, mature, stable and advanced technology is adopted in the whole scheme design to meet the requirements. Reliable innovation is carried out on the basis of mature technology, so that the whole system can not only operate reliably, but also have innovative characteristics. The 2.45GHz RFID technology, directional antenna area control and distance control technology, data transmission technology, geomagnetic induction technology and video linkage used in the system are relatively more widely used and mature technologies.

Real time as an information push system, the rapid realization of signal recognition, acquisition, processing and decision-making of the whole system is very important, which requires software and hardware

These should be fully considered in the design of. We should make full use of the characteristics of 2.4G high speed, large range, large capacity and good anti conflict performance.

Accuracy the real-time occupancy of each parking space needs to be accurately identified, and accurate information is the core of the whole system.

Security 2.45GHz wireless RF communication and data transmission adopt secure encryption algorithm to ensure data security. At the same time, the system has high real-time alarm response speed to ensure timely early warning and safety prompt. In terms of operation specification and design of the system, it also needs to consider, enforceability and safety.

Economy the composition of the whole system should have a high cost performance ratio, try to achieve resource sharing and low maintenance cost.

What Problems Can the Parking Space Management System Solve 1

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