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With the increase of the number of motor vehicles and the rapid growth of parking demand, parking difficulty has increasingly become a prominent social problem. How to improve the effective efficiency of parking spaces in parking lots is also an urgent problem to be solved. With the development of sharing economy, shared parking spaces are also emerging. Although sharing is a good word, which can appropriately alleviate the problem of parking and develop towards the goal of intelligent parking management system, can it be achieved by sharing parking spaces alone? Sharing parking spaces, in short, means that units and citizens share the idle time of their own parking spaces with others through the network platform and obtain certain benefits. The problem of difficult parking is not always due to the lack of parking spaces, but often due to unequal information and inadequate resource integration.

To Develop to Smart Parking, It Is Not Enough to Share Parking Spaces Alone - Tiger Wong Technology 1

For example, the parking space around the hospital is tight all year round, but perhaps there are parking spaces in the residential area separated by a wall. How to make an issue of efficiency, the development of Internet technology provides us with more possibilities. As a city living in the cloud, it is more natural and benevolent to launch the convenient measure of stopping together based on shared thinking. As the saying goes, time is always crowded. But how to squeeze and how to use the crowded parking space is not as simple as expected.

The development of intelligent parking management system and Internet-based tigerwong Internet of things parking management directly hit the pain point of traditional parking. On the one hand, it can help car owners quickly find suitable parking spaces, improve the utilization rate of parking spaces and optimize the allocation of parking space resources. On the other hand, it can also reduce the staffing of parking lots, It has become a new development trend of parking management system industry. The biggest problems for car owners are entrance and exit congestion, disorderly parking in the parking lot, theft, arbitrary charging and so on. Many car owners said that many of them are office workers and are blocked every rush hour; Some community parking spaces are not one-to-one, or temporary vehicles are often parked, resulting in confusion in the number of vehicles, and it is difficult for residents in the community to have parking spaces; Lax care of the community, the car is easy to be stolen and damaged. 1. Control entrance and exit congestion.

Many owners said that many residents are office workers, and they are blocked every rush hour. For this, the tiger wongparking ticket machine system adopts the license plate recognition technology to realize the smooth passage of vehicles without parking or picking up cards. During peak hours, tidal channels shall be set, and a license plate recognition control machine shall be installed at the entrance or exit, so that the exit with less traffic flow can be changed into entrance or entrance into exit. 2. Control disorderly parking in the parking lot. Tigerwong parking guidance system helps car owners stop quickly, separates and supervises temporary vehicles, prevents occupation of the owner's parking space, allows the owner to enjoy convenient travel, and greatly improves the owner's experience. 3. For the phenomenon of being stolen. Tigerwongparking ticket machine system has designed the vehicle anti-theft locking function for the owner.

As long as the owner binds the vehicle license plate number on the app, the app will automatically set the vehicle to the locked state after the vehicle enters the parking lot, and the app will automatically unlock the vehicle before normal traffic. In fact, there is no lack of experience in sharing parking spaces abroad. In Europe, shared parking has been developed for at least five to ten years. For example, q-park's business scope includes shared parking, self-service payment, intelligent car search, parking assistance, etc. However, the key reason why its model can succeed is that, in addition to large capital investment, parking spaces are not scarce in Europe and are actually idle resources. The current situation of most cities in China is quite the opposite.

To Develop to Smart Parking, It Is Not Enough to Share Parking Spaces Alone - Tiger Wong Technology 2

Therefore, there have been many shared parking space projects in the domestic market before, most of which have been blocked or ended without success due to obstacles such as poor information matching, high user risk cost and complex resource realization. The main pain point is that in a stranger society, users do not have or are inconvenient to pay enough chips to build trust with resource owners. The more scarce resources, the more difficult it is to persuade people to share them. Now we see that this so-called city level shared berth platform is more like an honest transaction based on Internet technology and credit big data. On one hand, the government's public trust and overall planning, on the other hand, the credit and participation of each user.

The government opens the entrance, enterprises provide technology and citizens share information, Work together to squeeze out the sleeping time of each parking space scattered in the corner of the city, spell it, activate it one by one, and jointly connect it to create a convenient urban efficiency map for you and me. This is a process of social co governance under the condition of Internet technology. It is said that urban management should be as fine as embroidery. The ideal smart city is a new smart life system including people's livelihood, environmental protection, public safety, urban services, economic production activities, etc. intelligent parking management system is only one of the links. Career is done and happiness is fought.

We look forward to Hangzhou, a city full of management wisdom, to continue to subvert and change the lives of the world with more technical wisdom pointing directly to hot spots and difficulties. Tigerwong parking management system has been inherited for many years! If you have any questions about parking lot system, etc., welcome to consult and exchange.

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