The Four Core Technologies Are Interconnected to Create an Intelligent and Reliable Parking Lot

Nowadays, "difficult parking" is an important problem that puzzles urban travel. Some people use Cao Cao's poem "three turns around the tree, no branches to rely on" to describe the current difficulty in finding parking spaces. How to solve the problem of "difficult parking" has become a topic for many car owners after dinner. For this, many people say that the problem of "difficult parking" can be solved by realizing intelligent parking, but, To realize intelligent parking, at least the following four core technologies are required. Tigerwong has been committed to the parking lot industry for decades, focusing on the research and development of parking lot management system solutions, and has rich industry experience in parking lot management.

The Four Core Technologies Are Interconnected to Create an Intelligent and Reliable Parking Lot 1

I. license plate recognition technology license plate recognition is an automatic pattern recognition technology for license plate number and license plate color by collecting dynamic video or static images of vehicles. The core of the technology includes license plate location algorithm, license plate character segmentation algorithm and optical character recognition algorithm. A complete license plate recognition system should include vehicle detection, image acquisition, license plate recognition and so on. The parking lot can realize the automatic timing and charging of vehicles by installing the license plate recognition equipment at the exit, recording the license plate number and access time of vehicles, and combining with the control of automatic door and railing machine. When the vehicle detection section detects the arrival of the vehicle, it triggers the image acquisition unit to acquire the current video image.

The license plate recognition unit processes the image, locates the license plate position, segments the characters in the license plate for recognition, and finally forms the license plate number output. II. Parking space guidance technology parking space guidance technology is a very important part of the development of intelligent parking. It can help car owners quickly find parking spaces, avoid driving blindly, eliminate car owners' worries about finding cars, effectively improve the utilization rate of traffic roads and alleviate vehicle congestion. At present, there are two mainstream smart parking spaces in the market: ultrasonic and video. 1. The ultrasonic parking space guidance system uses an ultrasonic detector installed above the parking space, and uses the characteristics of ultrasonic reflection to detect whether there is a parking space below the parking space, so as to guide the vehicle through the system. The ultrasonic guidance system is suitable for parking lots with large traffic flow and tight parking spaces.

It can help car owners quickly understand the information of empty parking spaces in the parking lot in real time, so as to park quickly and efficiently.?? 2. The video parking space guidance system is installed above the parking space with a camera to analyze whether there is a parking space below the parking space through video, so as to guide the vehicle through the system. The video guidance and vehicle finding system is suitable for large commercial squares and airports with large traffic flow and relatively chaotic management. III. reverse car search technology in shopping malls, shopping centers and other large parking lots, when returning to the parking lot, car owners often lose their way in the parking lot and can't find their own cars due to the large parking space, similar environment and markers, and difficult to identify the direction. The reverse vehicle retrieval system detects the vehicle through the video parking space detector, and the video is transmitted to the identification terminal through the switch. After identifying the license plate, parking space and other information, it is transmitted to the data server through Ethernet, and finally shared with each query terminal, Just input the license plate number or other relevant information on the query terminal to help users find the parking area as soon as possible.

IV. mobile payment of parking fees the traditional parking lot payment generally takes cash payment as the main means, and it is manual charging. However, the loophole of manual charging is too large, the property management personnel can not know the charging situation from time to time, the statistical report is not timely, which wastes human and material resources and the cost is high. In Internet plus car park, many parking lots are upgraded by parking smart car park facilities to guide users to pay online. This saves parking time to a certain extent and brings convenience to parking lot management.?? To solve the problem of "difficult parking", intelligent parking mode has the highest recognition and support rate in the eyes of the public, and is regarded as the most effective means to solve urban static traffic problems. Of course, to be universal, we need to make more use of high and new technology.

The Four Core Technologies Are Interconnected to Create an Intelligent and Reliable Parking Lot 2

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