Disadvantages of Intelligent Parking Guidance System

With the rapid growth of China's national economy and the continuous improvement of people's living standards, the affluent Chinese people turn their consumption attention to cars. Driven by the market demand, China's automobile industry has entered the fast lane of rapid development, and the automobile market is very active. Intelligent parking lot has entered people's life, so what are the disadvantages of intelligent parking guidance system? Next, Xiaobian will introduce you.1. Lack of standardsAs the urban parking guidance system has not been available for a long time, there are no relevant national standards in the process of construction, and only the Municipal Transportation Bureau has issued a technical specification for parking guidance system in Beijing, which is bound to lead to the inconsistency of various systems in the future, which is not conducive to the popularization and application of the system.

Disadvantages of Intelligent Parking Guidance System 1

2. Inter governmental coordinationThe construction of the system involves many relevant government departments, such as planning bureau, garden Bureau, construction commission, Traffic Management Bureau, Transportation Commission, power supply bureau, telecommunications companies, etc. without the unified coordination of the government, it is difficult to complete this work. The guidance and strong support of the government is the key to the construction of this system.3. Lack of good operation mode

The original intention of building parking guidance system is to provide services for the public, so as to improve the image of the government and traffic conditions. As a social public behavior, government investment and promotion are necessary, but how to ensure the normal operation of the system and obtain reasonable operation income to meet various expenses incurred in daily operation is a problem that must be considered in the construction of parking guidance system.(1) Support of parking lot operatorsThe parking lot is the data source and potential system investment and operator in the system. Obtaining the support and cooperation of the parking lot operator can greatly reduce the coordination time and workload in the implementation, which is the prerequisite for the successful construction and operation of the system.

(2) Form the scale effect of the system

Too much content should be displayed on a screen with limited area, which is not conducive to the driver to fully understand the content of the screen in a very short time. Therefore, multi-level guidance is adopted to disperse a large number of contents on multiple screens for display, so that the whole display system shows a certain hierarchy. In addition, efforts must be made to increase the number of guidance screens, reasonably select the location of points, and fully consider the driver's vision and understanding ability, so as to make it a complete whole rather than a scattered system. Only when the system forms a scale effect can it achieve good results and achieve the expected objectives.

Disadvantages of Intelligent Parking Guidance System 2

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