Police Report: Behind the Body Camera

Behind the Body Camera is Part III of a IV Part series on the current state of policing in America. Read Parts I & II here.At the ripe age of five, a young Chris Reed decided that he wanted to be a police officer.

Police Report: Behind the Body Camera 1

Like most young Americans who aspire from a young age to police the streets, he wanted to help people. This early drive, lost and forgotten by most who declare similar aspirations, propelled Chris into service after high school, serving in the Army as a paratrooper and military policeman. After a three-year stint in the military, Chris and his wife moved to League City, Texas, a mid-sized municipality southwest of Houston, and began training as a police officer.

Shortly after completing his Masters in criminal justice from Sam Houston State University, Reed was promoted to Assistant Police Chief in League City. After 15 years of service to the police department, Chris moved down the street to City Hall, serving as City Administrator for League City. In 2009, Reed was named City Manager for the smaller community of Nassau Bay, most famous for housing the Johnson Space Center.

Chris Reed has spent his entire adult life in service of his country and community. Having spent fifteen years as a police officer and an additional nine in municipal government, Chris reveals from a candid point-of-view the issues with individual policies that contribute heavily to the policing problems of the day. Lets dive right in.

Did you know that you could solve our prison over-crowding problem by decriminalizing marijuana?Citing another example of a feel-good law passed by out-of-sync legislators, Reed blasted the feds failed War on Drugs as one of the primary contributors to the breakdown in police community relations. While Ronald & Nancy Reagan touted their Just Say No propaganda program and built new prisons for non-violent offenders, many states adopted the Presidents mandatory sentencing laws to ensure those shiny new prisons would soon be at capacity.

Police Report: Behind the Body Camera 2

Reagans tough on crime stance towards drugs sparked a new prison industrial complex of previously unseen proportions in America, with drug arrests tripling from 19801997, 88% of which were for simple possession. Today, over 2.6 million people live behind bars in these United States, composing nearly 22% of the global prison population and setting America in second place for worlds highest incarceration rate (number one is the Republic of Seychelles, home to nearly 92,000 people (roughly the same number that can fit in large college football stadiums)).

Making something illegal does not make it go away. It just makes it a crime. Though the use and sale of weed is federally prohibited (despite 23 states allowing either medical or recreational use), Americans still smoke 5,000,000 pounds of weed per year, 44% of adults have smoked at least once, and the United States is number one in the world in illicit drug consumption.

As 2 Chainz pointed out in the face of Nancy Graces think-of-the-children pleas, Everybody can get their hands on pot right now, whether its legal or not. Indeed, Deuces claim is backed by a Columbia University survey that found 40% of teens could obtain weed within a day and 25% within an hour. Teens between the ages of 1217 reported weed was easier to buy than beer or prescription drugs, shattering the trillion-dollar idea that a federal War on Drugs can feasibly eradicate drugs themselves, or even limit access.

Reed believes part of the problem is that our society has attempted to contruct our morality around laws and statutes:Were creating our morality around laws. If you go to jail, youre a bad person. Why?

Because what if thats not illegal next week; is he still bad? Laws dont dictate bad people. Considering over 1.

43 million pages were added to the Federal Register from 19932013 (an average of 286 pages per day), I would think basing ones morality upon laws an impossible task, if not a misguided one. Morality is subjective and determined by each individual; morality has no place in the law.You saw a trend about five or six years ago, Im guessing, where police changed their uniforms in most places and went to more a tactical uniform, so they went to the military-style BDUs [battle-dress uniform] I was worried at the time.

. about the perception of the public; because, lets face it, perception is everything especially in that business. And the perception would be that you look tactical.

The uniform switch Reed described has become most prevalent on American television sets as weve collectively watched violence unfold in cities shackled by drug laws, centrally planned segregation and heavy-handed officers. Images from Ferguson, New York, Baltimore and others have resulted in a few double takes, as the uniforms donned by officers in these situations appear more akin to an occupying force than policemen. Reeds concerns before the switch were not unfounded; the publics perception of policemen has certainly changed in light of the gear worn by officers.

But, there are very important psychological considerations at play here. Richard Johnson, a professor of criminal justice at the University of Toledo, has written that an officers uniform has a profound psychological impact on others, and even slight alterations to the style may change how citizens perceive them.When the first official police uniform was issued in London in 1829, they were colored dark blue for a specific reason: to sharply distinguish the policemen from the red-and-white colors sported by the army.

The distinction sent the message that police and military officers are two very separate people with two very separate duties, and the distinction was not to be blurred. This is the impact that Johnson speaks of; if an officer is dressed as if hes in Iraq, protesters are more likely to listen to his heavy-handed demands, regardless of the rights hes trampling.But its not just the uniforms that blur the distinction between law enforcement and the military; the weapons and vehicles do a fine job of that.

Reed went on to explain the Pentagons 1033 program, through which local law enforcement can acquire military vehicles and equipment. 1033 has distributed over $5 billion worth of equipment to local law enforcement agencies; over $1.4 billion of which was tactical gear, transferred to more than 7,500 agencies.

Launched into the national debate by the events in Ferguson last year, the program has rolled over 600 Mine Resistant, Ambush Protected vehicles (MRAP) onto American streets. The flip-side of this tactical coin is how that officer in tactical gear feels:Now weve got tactical uniforms; weve got ARs; and now weve got military vehicles What kind of mindset do you think that officer gets in when he puts that type of uniform on? He feels tactical.

He feels that safety is a problem.Maria Konnikova summed it up like this in an article for the New Yorker:Military gear may harm relations between police forces and citizens not only because they signal violence but because they may, in some sense, cause more violence. The same cues that signal army and conflict to civilians may affect police officers themselves.

When they dress up for serious engagements, for example when donning SWAT gear to respond to a riot, they no longer feel like local law enforcement anymore but like part of a broader military machine.After the American Revolution, one of the debates about governing this new republic was over the question of a standing army. Antifederalists thought a standing army too dangerous and that civilian militias would suffice.

Federalists believed the federal government needed the power to raise an army to dispel conflicts, a sentiment echoed by Shays Rebellion in Massachusetts. These debates that led to the Third Amendment, which prohibits the quartering of soldiers in peacetime, said quite a bit about the Founders notions on militarism in a free society. From Radley Balko:Ultimately, the founders decided that a standing army was a necessary evil, but that the role of soldiers would be only to dispel foreign threats, not to enforce laws against American citizens.

We are going down a road right now that theyre not gonna take at one point. Theres going to be a point when the public says, wait a minute, weve become a police state.Body cameras, recently propelled into the national conversation, are cited as a tool for increasing police accountability and ensuring the truth comes out.

. However, the jury is still out on how effective body cameras are in this capacity and what unintended consequences befall the adoption of the recording devices. Reed says theres something citizens dont realize about lapel cameras: theyre an invasion of your privacy.

While some citizens demand body cameras to hold police accountable, they also raise several privacy concerns as much of officers interaction with the public is not related to crime. If these cameras record continuously to prevent officers from editing footage on the fly, every conversation shared between a citizen and an officer wearing such a device would be captured. A September 2014 report from the Police Executive Research Forum (PERF) pointed out that crime victims and those concerned about being seen cooperating with police have good reason to oppose police recording their interractions.

Reed also points out that if you invite a lapel camera-toting officer into your home, the department now has camera footage of your home without the use of a warrant. Despite the privacy concerns, Reed says he favors body cameras because of their unique ability to clear up civilian complaints against officers. Before the acquisition of lapel cameras, he says:When a guy would come in and complain or a girl would come in and complain, I automatically assumed, either this guys lying to me, or that policemans lying to me.

Somebodys lying to me. But when we got these cameras I realized, that, in almost every situation, neither one of them are lying; its the perception. Its the view of where they were standing.

Its the way that it was said. All these intangibles that you werent able to articulate in a report, were able to see firsthand.Reed went on to describe a complaint from an elderly Nassau Bay resident whod been pulled over on his way to church.

When he stopped on the side of the road, the elderly gentleman, who said hed been raised to get out of the car and present your ID to show you werent a threat, did just that. When he exited his car, however, the officer pulled his service pistol on the man, frightening the man and prompting the complaint. Reed said that when he pulled up the lapel camera footage to show the gentlemen, he was floored.

The footage showed the situation unfolding just as the man reported, but when exiting his car and reaching for his wallet in his back pocket, from the officers view, it appeared the man was reaching for a gun from his waistband.It looked like every training video of a cop getting shot in a traffic scenario that Ive ever seen.The anecdote Reed provided highlights one of the primary reasons that over 25% of the countrys law enforcement agencies have adopted the technology: perspective.

By showing the gentleman what his movements looked like to the officer, he understood why the officer perceived a threat. Also, added Reed, the officer realized how vital proper communication with civilians is to policing. Perhaps by taking a few extra moments at the scene to explain to the senior why he perceived a threat (or maybe apologized to the man), he probably wouldnt have filed a complaint.

Nevertheless, body cameras must be implemented carefully in order to protect the privacy rights to citizens while also providing the accountability they aim for.The depth of these individual subjects underlines the systemic and multi-faceted problem with law enforcement in America. Check back for Part IV in the coming days, where Chris tackles the core issues at hand for police and how we might go about fixing them.

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License Plate Recognition Unmanned Toll Collection System Tigerwong Technology
License Plate Recognition Unmanned Toll Collection System Tigerwong Technology
With the rapid development of modern urban economy and the continuous improvement of people's living standards, large and medium-sized cities are vigorously promoting the construction of smart cities. Among them, intelligent parking system has become an important part of smart city. At present, most common traditional parking systems use card and ticket collection methods to control the entry and exit of vehicles and charge management. The traditional parking lot system control management has the following problems: drivers often can not accurately park their vehicles at the card collection position, and it is particularly inconvenient to collect cards in rainy and snowy weather; In the process of parking, swiping and reading cards, vehicles often slip, which has certain potential safety hazards; Vehicles in and out need to stop to pick up and swipe cards, which takes a long time. The lane traffic efficiency is low, and the traffic flow may lead to entrance and exit congestion, which greatly reduces the work efficiency of the car parking management system. In order to solve the shortcomings of the traditional parking lot system, the unmanned toll parking lot system based on license plate recognition is applied. Thus, the application of automatic intelligent parking lot management is realized, and many problems existing in the traditional parking lot system are solved. For example, there are management problems such as low parking efficiency, artificial disorderly charging and refusal to pay parking fees, so as to realize convenient functions such as rapid entry, rapid payment and rapid exit of vehicles. The system can be applied to parking lot systems of different application types, such as single in single out, single in multiple shipment, multiple in multiple out, etc. The informatization and intelligent management of the parking lot system has created a safer, comfortable, convenient and open parking environment for the majority of car owners, making the operation of the whole car parking management system more efficient, energy-saving and environmental protection. The toll free parking system based on license plate recognition improves the property management level of the parking lot and provides convenient and fast parking services for car owners. In order to improve the technical ability of video recognition, the automatic toll collection system also introduces the parking lot cloud platform control. It has the function of license plate number correction, which can completely solve the problem of inaccurate license plate number recognition. It can also realize the resource sharing of parking information and can be widely used in all kinds of parking lots.
What Impact Will the Devaluation of RMB Have on Parking System Manufacturers - Tigerwong Technology
What Impact Will the Devaluation of RMB Have on Parking System Manufacturers - Tigerwong Technology
Since the second half of this year, the foreign exchange rate of RMB has been declining. Many enterprises have some panic about the devaluation of RMB. I don't know whether it will affect the development of their own company's industry. Of course, the booming parking industry will be vigilant. Will the devaluation of RMB have an impact on the manufacturers of parking system? What will be the impact? The depreciation of RMB also means the relative appreciation of foreign currencies. The prices of China's main imported commodities will rise significantly.Some small parking system manufacturers will have some pressure. The price of raw materials will rise and the cost will increase greatly, but the speed of making money is far from keeping up with the speed of cost increase. The products sold in the security market of developed countries are mainly IPC, and most of the product functions are biased towards the civil market. Self-sufficiency has little impact on the decline and rise of currency exchange rate. Objectively speaking, the core value of domestic security export enterprises mostly depends on low cost to maintain their competitiveness, and the creativity of the products themselves is still relatively lacking. The creativity and upgrading of security products themselves belong to the responsibility of security enterprises.However, some security enterprises have benefited most of the selling prices of low-end export products and abandoned the upgrading and innovation of products themselves. This vicious circle leads to the lower the salary, the more competitive advantage it has. But times are different. When some industrial workers begin to go home to bask in the sun, and when the RMB begins to appreciate significantly, it may be difficult to extricate themselves from the mire if they want to improve their competitiveness through product innovation. Of course, the impact of RMB devaluation on parking lot system enterprises is still positive: first, it is conducive to expanding the export of parking lot system enterprises. The biggest advantage of RMB devaluation is the security enterprises focusing on foreign trade export in South China.The devaluation of RMB will reduce the price of export commodities priced in local currency, so as to enhance the competitiveness of export products. Take Thailand as an example, 90% of its security products come from imports. Among these security products, 80% come from China. Thailand has a wide range of security application industries, such as Ping An City, Ping An Township, etc. In recent years, with the improvement of Thailand's overall security awareness, the government's investment has been strengthened again. China, Chinese mainland, Taiwan and Korea products become the hot spots of Thailand market. Compared with Taiwan and Korea, Chinese mainland security companies have the advantages of transportation and Chinese population.Under a series of preferential situations brought by the RMB exchange rate, domestic security manufacturers should operate the security overseas market as a profit growth point of enterprises. II. The profits of parking lot system enterprises mainly engaged in foreign trade export will increase greatly, and the depreciation of RMB can bring more profits to foreign trade export enterprises. For example, for an order of US $1 million, before the devaluation of RMB, if it is settled in US dollars, it can receive 6.2 million yuan, but if it is settled at the current exchange rate, it can receive 6.89 million yuan, and the extra 690000 is the extra profit. Security enterprises will use the extra profits to invest in technology research and development, which will further enhance the competitiveness of enterprises and make them enter a benign development. However, it should be noted that although the depreciation of RMB has brought price advantages to exported security products, the trend of trade surplus is expanding, which leads to some trade attacks, such as anti-dumping litigation, and brings an adverse trade environment to enterprises.At the same time, although the profits of China's security enterprises overseas have increased, the rising prices of domestic raw materials have increased the cost of going out. How to balance the profit space between the two has become a difficulty for Chinese security enterprises. No matter whether it is due to the devaluation of RMB or not, parking system enterprises must move upstream in the future. Naturally, a number of low-end enterprises are doomed to decline, lack of clear planning and core competitiveness. It is difficult for the security manufacturing industry under the superposition of multiple embarrassments to escape the elimination, but the birth of newborns is always accompanied by labor pains, Only through the embarrassment of fog superposition can we usher in our own brilliant tomorrow.Tigerwong parking equipment supplier has focused on parking equipment for many years! If you have any questions about the parking system, welcome to consult and communicate.
Video Monitoring and Maintenance Models of Plant Parking Management System Are Complete - Tigerwong
Video Monitoring and Maintenance Models of Plant Parking Management System Are Complete - Tigerwong
The parking management system reduces the recognition, reading and writing time of vehicle model and license plate through image comparison and recognition function. The operator is responsible for managing and charging temporary cards, monthly rent cards and special cards through the charging control computer. Increase the speed of vehicle flow in and out. Image comparison and ID card are used together to completely achieve the purpose of anti-theft vehicles, access to image archiving, and eliminate the false report of free vehicles. "One car, one card" strictly controls the behavior of cardholders entering and leaving the parking lot. Intelligently manage the entrances and exits, send corresponding control signals to the report printer, and complete the functions of data collection and download, query and print reports, statistical analysis, system maintenance and monthly rent card sales. The equipment of toll control office is composed of toll control computer, up report printer, console, entrance manual button, entrance manual button, voice prompt system and voice intercom system. In recent years, with the development of biometric technology, sensor card technology. The access control system has been developed by leaps and bounds and has entered a naive stage. It presents various technical systems such as induction card access control system, fingerprint access control system, iris access control system, face recognition access control system, finger vein recognition access control system, disorderly keyboard access control system, etc. it has its own advantages in security, convenience and easy management, The application field of access control system is becoming wider and wider. At the same time, record the alarm of the access control system. Coercion code door opening: refers to the fire alarm monitoring linkage function when the cardholder is hijacked: in case of fire, the access control system can automatically open all electronic locks to let the people inside escape at any time. The linkage between parking management system and monitoring usually means that the monitoring system automatically records the situation when someone swipes the card (valid / invalid). In order to ensure the safety of the cardholder's life, the cardholder inputs the coercion code, the back door can be opened, but at the same time, an alarm is sent to the control center, and the control center can take corresponding emergency measures after receiving the alarm signal. The coercion code is usually set to 4 digits. The video parking space detection terminal has a wider shooting angle, and the video monitoring and maintenance models in Xiuwen factory are complete. It can better capture the field of vision on both sides of the car and expand the security functions such as anti-theft and monitoring. 6. The security function can be expanded. The machine above each parking space can capture and accurately identify the current parking space state in real time, with a recognition accuracy of more than 99%. 5. The parking space state recognition accuracy is high, the system is safe, stable, easy to maintain, and has efficient data processing and access capabilities. 4 safe, stable and easy to maintain extension is a walkie talkie, an intelligent parking lot system device in Bijie community. Generally speaking, they talk to the host, but now the building intercom system is combined with the host to form an internal telephone system, which can complete the telephone contact of individual users in the system. It is more convenient to use. It is divided into visual extension and non visual extension. The parking management system has electric lock control function and monitoring function. It is generally installed at the door of the user's home, which is mainly convenient for residents to talk with visitors.The extension host is the control core part of the building intercom system. The transmission signal and electric lock control signal of each extension are controlled by the host. The circuit board adopts vibration damping installation and moisture-proof treatment. It has strong anti vibration and moisture-proof ability, and is equipped with night lighting device, with beautiful and generous appearance. The host should leave enough wires to connect to the loop inductor when winding the coil. It can also ensure that there is no joint in the middle. After winding the coil cable, the outgoing cable must be made into tight twisted pair, which is required to be twisted 20 times for less than 1m. Otherwise, the output lead without twisted pair will introduce dry closing, which will make the coil inductance unstable. 3 output lead IOT, therefore. In the construction of large platforms such as the construction of smart village, the access control system is no longer the mode of independent operation of each subsystem, but must be able to integrate other professional systems, building automation, closed-circuit monitoring, anti-theft and fire alarm, so as to improve the integrity and security of security.
Parking Has Become the Biggest Problem for Citizens to Travel, and There Is a Long Way to Go to Real
Parking Has Become the Biggest Problem for Citizens to Travel, and There Is a Long Way to Go to Real
With the popularization of information technology, car ownership continues to grow, and the gap of parking spaces is becoming larger and larger. The limited parking space resources can not meet the existing vehicle scale, and the parking problem has become the biggest problem for citizens to travel. There is a long way to go to realize the intelligent parking road, and the emergence of the intelligent parking lot system has brought dawn to motorists, which is an effective way to solve the parking problem. Tigerwong has been committed to the parking lot industry for decades, focusing on the research and development of parking lot management system solutions, and has rich industry experience in parking lot management. 1 Adding new technology to the intelligent parking system is an effective way to solve the parking problem. At present, the parking problem is a shackle restricting the development of intelligent transportation.Due to the different functions of equipment, the development of intelligent transportation still has a long way to go. Parking lot system cuts into intelligent transportation, and its functions are diverse. It has its own unique advantages in terms of parking, parking space search and parking payment; In addition, the parking lot system integrates new technologies and has launched a series of intelligent products, such as license plate recognition, parking space guidance, reverse car search, self-service payment, mobile payment and other equipment. Therefore, the development of the parking lot system towards the intelligent transportation industry is an inevitable trend. With the rapid development of Internet technology, a large number of intelligent devices have emerged in the market, and the parking lot system is no exception.Since the license plate recognition technology was applied to the parking lot system, intelligent transportation has really been realized. At present, the parking lot management system has become a necessary equipment in some places. It carries the protection of vehicle parking safety, makes people park more orderly, and solves the problem of difficult parking. The domestic parking lot system is developing very fast, not only because of the development of science and technology, but also because of the increasing number of car users and the aggravation of the problem of urban parking, the parking lots with parking lot system are generally loved by everyone, especially those first tier cities. In order to bid farewell to the problem of difficult parking, many companies in the domestic parking industry are vigorously developing parking.Some intelligent license plate recognition systems are accompanied by cloud parking services, and it only takes users one minute to park and pick up the car. 2 At the sub forum of the 10th Wanda annual business conference, Qiu Xujian, director of the transportation department of the Urban Construction Department of the Ministry of housing and urban rural development, pointed out that the current demand gap for parking spaces in Chinese cities is more than 50%, and the smart parking industry, especially the private economy, has broad development prospects. Qiu Xujian pointed out that, like road traffic, there is a "dangs law" in the parking field: that is, new road facilities will induce new traffic, and the traffic demand always tends to exceed the traffic supply. Parking lots are always in short supply in cities, especially in big cities. Therefore, using the mobile Internet, the intelligent parking mode of "querying the parking space status in advance, automatically identifying the parking time and self-service payment" may improve the parking efficiency and alleviate the problem of "difficult parking". Parking is often attributed to municipal or transportation, but in fact, parking should be regarded as an independent industry, and this industry has a long industrial chain. Smart parking is currently at the middle end of the industrial chain and can extend upstream and downstream.The upstream has the investment and construction of parking lot, and the downstream has additional services such as car washing and maintenance, which has a very broad development prospect. In particular, the private economy has high flexibility, which can greatly improve the service level and efficiency of the industry after entering the parking industry. From the perspective of policy direction, the State Council issued several opinions on strengthening the management of urban planning and construction, proposing that closed residential areas should no longer be built, and the completed residential areas and unit courtyards should be gradually opened to realize the publicity of internal roads and solve the problem of traffic network layout. The Ministry of housing and urban rural development and the Ministry of land and resources will introduce a series of policies in terms of planning and land use in the future to solve the "bottleneck" problem in the construction of front-end parking lots. When the parking space cannot be increased rapidly, how to make use of the existing parking space and integrate the supply side and demand side information has become the main way to alleviate the shortage of parking spaces and solve the problems of people's livelihood.The emergence of the concept of intelligent parking is bound to become a major trend in the future, and the intelligent parking system is one of the most effective ways to solve the parking problem.
Further Optimize the Parking Lot Management System - Tigerwong
Further Optimize the Parking Lot Management System - Tigerwong
Further optimize the road traffic environment of the parking lot management system to create an effect for consolidating the "national civilized countryside". According to the arrangement of Shijiazhuang civilization Committee and Shijiazhuang public security bureau, combined with the actual situation of public security traffic control in the city, the Traffic Management Bureau of Shijiazhuang public security bureau decided to carry out "warm road action" within the main urban area of Shijiazhuang from November 9 to the end of next year's spring transportation, and continue to strengthen the governance of traffic violations, especially pedestrian and non motor vehicle traffic violations, Cultivate the citizens' civilized travel habits, further improve the urban road traffic environment, and ensure safety and warmth for citizens. Promote the road leader system and grid service. In order to effectively alleviate traffic congestion in the main urban area, a long-term mechanism shall be established. Establish a long-term management mechanism, set up 118 road lengths for 32 grid primary and secondary trunk roads in the main urban area, implement the mode of "integration of intelligence, guidance, diligence, supervision and media", implement iron riding service, strengthen patrol inspection, command and dispatching center to master the road conditions at any time, realize flat, accurate and visual command in traffic management, and greatly improve work efficiency. Provide travel guarantee. Improve all kinds of traffic facilities at intersections and sections in the main urban area, and improve traffic facilities.The guardrails with unclear markings, nonstandard signs and unreasonable signal lights are comprehensively arranged and improved. The new pedestrian crossing signal lights are installed for the second crossing of the first-line pedestrians on Huai'an road in Shijiazhuang, making every effort to create fine, convenient and humanized traffic facilities, improve the rural image, and provide a safe travel guarantee for creating a good road traffic environment. Regulate the travel of pedestrians and non motor vehicles. We will continue to rectify traffic violations committed by pedestrians and non motor vehicles, and continue to strengthen traffic control. For traffic violations such as non motor vehicles and pedestrians running red lights, taking motor lanes and crossing the road at will, the face recognition system is used to continuously capture and video pedestrians' illegal behaviors such as not walking zebra crossings, expose uncivilized behaviors through intersection LED screens, newspapers, television and official microblogs, and send special personnel to the door for punishment according to the information of offenders.Strengthen the control of intersections, organize various forces to strictly control and place at intersections, correct uncivilized behaviors in time, and continue to implement the incentive measures of "one of the three, otherwise you won't be on duty". If the parking lot management system refuses to pay the penalty for serious traffic violations and other uncivilized acts of non motor vehicles, the non motor vehicles shall be detained on the spot. Tow away non motor vehicles illegally parked on the road section, especially in the fast lane or slow lane. Purify the road traffic environment. Continue to strengthen the management of illegal assembly (modification) of electric and fuel "three vehicles and electric motorcycles", and carry out the rectification of illegal assembly (modification) of electric and fuel "three vehicles". Severely crack down on the above vehicles with traffic chaos in the main urban area. One electric vehicle, illegally assembled (modified) electric vehicle, fuel tricycle, four wheeled vehicle and "street bombing electric motorcycle" exceeding the standard shall be seized and one shall be disposed of according to the provisions of the road traffic law; Strictly control the electric vehicles riding by postal service, express delivery and "buy out brother", urge enterprises to implement their main responsibilities, regularly carry out safety education, and achieve the combination of education and reward; Strengthen the parking management of primary and secondary trunk roads, back streets and alleys in the main urban area, postal, express and purchased electric vehicles, educate those who gather and occupy lanes at will, and standardize their behavior. Prevent random parking and random placement, and reduce the impact on road traffic.All duty brigades in the urban area have stepped up efforts to rectify traffic violations of random parking and placement of motor vehicles, and continue to strengthen the investigation and punishment of random parking and placement of motor vehicles in road sections. To ensure the normal passage of pedestrians and non motor vehicles. Give full play to the patrol and inspection characteristics of mobile capture vehicles and mounted police patrol motorcycles. Each duty brigade in the urban area uses mobile capture vehicles to continuously capture the illegally parked vehicles of motor vehicles in key sections that do not park in the berth according to the regulations. The parking lot management system shall organize mounted police to patrol motorcycles where mobile capture vehicles cannot cover.If illegal parking is found, notices shall be posted, and all motor vehicles parked in the fast lane shall be towed away and punished. Continue to intensify the crackdown on illegal parking lots, severely crack down on those who set up private parking lots and draw parking lines, and implement time limited parking for free parking spaces to improve their turnover efficiency; Temporary parking spaces of 3 minutes, 15 minutes and 1 hour shall be continued for the sections with strong demand to actively solve the problem of parking in the old community. Tidal parking spaces shall be set around the community to maximize the parking of vehicles in the old community and reduce the impact on road traffic. When motor vehicles encounter landmarks of "letting people go", continue to promote motor vehicles to give way to zebra crossing pedestrians and non motor vehicles. Comity civilization in front of zebra crossing.When pedestrians and non motor vehicles are found passing, they shall slow down, stop and give way in advance; Pedestrians and non motor vehicles should cross the street facilities, concentrate when passing zebra crossings, and pass quickly when vehicles give way, so as to truly achieve the harmony between people and vehicles and jointly build a law-abiding, civilized, safe and orderly traffic environment. Empty vehicles shall run on the rightmost lane of the road to standardize the traffic order of public transport vehicles. Taxis and online car Hailing should actively yield to pedestrians and non motor vehicles. Don't stop on the road at will. When boarding and alighting passengers, the bus should drive in the special lane.When turning and changing the lane at the intersection, it should pass in parallel at the marked yellow grid line. When there are many vehicles at the intersection and the traffic is slow, it should wait outside the intersection parking line to prevent congestion at the entrance. Reporter Ren Xueguang).
On the Composition and Working Principle of RFID System - Tigerwong
On the Composition and Working Principle of RFID System - Tigerwong
RFID system is widely used in intelligent parking lot. Through this system, when the vehicle enters the lane, the system automatically identifies and opens the road gate, which can realize the rapid entry and exit of the vehicle in and out of the parking lot without parking and swiping the card like the traditional parking lot system. RF equipment system is an intelligent and efficient parking management scheme. What is the principle of RFID system? To answer this question, let's first look at the system composition. RFID system is generally composed of three parts: card reader, RF tag and antenna. 1. The card reader, also known as reader, is a device used to read information. In the parking lot system, the card reader is installed at the entrance and exit of the parking lot to read the user information on the tag card. Of course, it can also write information to the tag card. 2. The tag card can be called RF tag card. Its function in the system is to store information. It is composed of coupling elements and chips, and has a built-in antenna, which can communicate with the RF antenna. In the parking lot application, the RF card shall be installed in the user's vehicle and store the user information. When the vehicle enters the lane, the card reader will automatically read the tag card information and open the gate after judgment. 3. The antenna is used to transmit the RF signal between the tag card and the card reader. Knowing the above equipment, we can understand the working principle of RFID system. The card reader sends a certain frequency RF signal through the antenna. When the vehicle equipped with the tag card enters the working range of the transmitting antenna, the tag card will generate induced current and be activated to automatically release the information in the card. The card reader receives the signal for demodulation and decoding to obtain the information in the tag card, and then sends it to the background system for relevant processing, The background system will judge the legitimacy of the label card and make corresponding processing according to the judgment. This is a brief introduction to RFID system. Thank you for reading.
Main Advantages of Smart City Parking Lot Management System - Tigerwong Technology
Main Advantages of Smart City Parking Lot Management System - Tigerwong Technology
Facing the intelligent society created by the Internet of things, information and communication technology is the most important cornerstone. The terminal is the tentacle of all things' perception, the network connects all things, and the cloud is the source of all things' intelligence. Tigerwong technology, as the leader of intelligent parking management system and the practitioner of Internet of things, has been continuously investing in intelligent hardware, Internet of things and cloud technology, and maintaining an open mind in cooperation. It has successively launched intelligent parking lot products, intelligent management platform, cloud management platform, parking app, life app and other ecological intelligent hardware cloud products for businesses, communities, parks and other industries. The car parking management system of smart city has special advantages: ultrasonic parking space guidance 1. Completely abandon the windows desktop. The operator cannot install the traditional parking lot charging management software Windows desktop system, which has the problems of difficult system authority control and high maintenance rate. The parking charge management system based on the intelligent gateway of the Internet of things completely abandons the windows desktop operating system and adopts more professional and stable gateway technology and set-top box technology to provide convenient charge management and operation interface for operators. It is impossible to load games in the equipment. 2. Completely abandon the desktop computer and no longer need to install software, because the system can automatically run by connecting the parking management equipment to the internal network interface of the gateway and the Internet to the external network interface of the gateway. 3. The special toll set-top box system has nowhere to escape. The special set-top box system is only designed for professional toll management, and the user cannot exit the management interface, Even if you don't turn off the power supply of the set-top box immediately, the calculated expenses will be automatically added to the account of the attendant. 4. The rapid transit system designed for congestion and multiple vehicles is designed to solve the situation of large traffic flow and long congestion time. In terms of vehicle access certification, video license plate recognition technology is adopted, which has high recognition rate and fast recognition speed. The driver does not need to pick up the card and the vehicle does not need to stay. In terms of traffic management, intelligent Expressway gate or expressway gate is adopted, and the vehicle does not need to wait for the gate to open; After the vehicle passes through the gate, the gate rod will automatically fall quickly, so that the next vehicle can continue to pass and effectively solve the congestion. 5. The equipment is easy to install and can be put into use quickly within the debugging time. The network architecture of Internet of things smart gateway and set-top box is adopted, abandoning the traditional desktop computer system and ending the history of having to install management software. 6. Fool type user experience. There is basically no training for software operation. The system design focuses on the user's operation experience. We strive to achieve such a simple and easy-to-use effect without professional training in every step and every detail. Excellent user experience greatly reduces the quality requirements of operators and effectively saves labor costs. 7. Abandon the concept of capital pool, and the electronic payment directly reaches the account of the property management company. In order to fully protect the interests of the property management company, we abandon the concept of capital pool, and any fee paid by the owner can directly reach the property management company's own account. The property manager can set up the relevant information of each parking lot wechat charging account. When the owner can pay the parking fee through wechat, the corresponding money can be received in the property account in real time. 8. No matter where you are, you can manage at any time, anywhere and at will. Using the cloud platform provided by tigerwong, the administrator can log in and manage with the internet account and password to register, charge, record query, report printing and other operations for the vehicles and owners in your parking lot. 9. Online services can directly feed back problems to the technology and R & D center. Users' bad experiences, problems found, or suggestions for improvement can be submitted to our technical service department or R & D department in real time through the network, so as to save valuable time for quickly solving your problems. 10. Providing data interface, the parking lot can easily become a part of big data. Tigerwong not only provides a platform for equipment management and operation services, but also provides data development interface, and can provide data analysis services for operation customers, so as to truly make your data, your operation and your decision. Mobile phone mobile phone 11 official account and official account for mobile phone APP development. To facilitate the acceleration of Property Management Company, our technical team not only reserved data interface for WeChat public address development and mobile APP application, but also provided sufficient technical support for WeChat.
Roadside Parking System Based on Wireless Geomagnetic Technology to Solve the Problem of Roadside Pa
Roadside Parking System Based on Wireless Geomagnetic Technology to Solve the Problem of Roadside Pa
1 Tigerwong roadside parking working principle tigerwong roadside parking system uses the principle of geomagnetic detection to detect motor vehicles. Wireless geomagnetism detects motor vehicles by analyzing the changes of the earth's magnetic field. When there are no motor vehicles on the local magnetic field, the earth's magnetic field is in a relatively stable state, and the system defaults to no vehicle; When the motor vehicle passes over the geomagnetic field, it will cause the change of the earth's magnetic field. At this time, the system will consider that there is a vehicle. Wireless geomagnetism is embedded on the ground and powered by its own battery.The vehicle information detected by the detector (presence, flow, speed, vehicle length, occupancy and other traffic parameters) is sent wirelessly to the geomagnetic gateway installed on the roadside, and the geomagnetic gateway transmits the vehicle information to the cloud and other application systems through wireless signals. The wireless geomagnetism is buried under the surface of the parking space. Whenever a vehicle stops, the arrival of the vehicle is detected according to the change of the magnetic field around the geomagnetism. When the vehicle stop signal is stable, the geomagnetism sends this signal to the geomagnetic gateway installed at the appropriate position. Similarly, when the vehicle leaves, the wireless geomagnetism detects the vehicle leaving information according to the change of magnetic field and informs the geomagnetic gateway.II. System architecture the system is mainly composed of vehicle acquisition equipment, data upload equipment, management platform and payment. III. system function 1. The parking space real-time detection function adopts the geomagnetic sensor detection method to obtain the basic parking space status data; The data acquisition network is composed of wireless geomagnetic vehicle detector, receiver and receiver base station. The frequency of samples collected by the vehicle detector is milliseconds, so the real-time performance of the obtained parking space state is ensured. 2. Parking space guidance function is based on the parking space guidance and management system of the Internet of things. Based on the communication between wireless sensor network and Ethernet, the parking space usage is detected by geomagnetism, and the information is transmitted to LED screen, mobile phone or terminal user computer through network equipment and 3G equipment, According to the guidance of the above released information, parking people can quickly find free parking spaces for parking. Managers can timely count the traffic flow in different periods, optimize the allocation of parking space resources, and improve the intelligent level of the parking lot. 3. The data traceability function and data statistics function receive the data uploaded by the gateway to the tigerwong platform and store it permanently after processing, so as to provide big data channel support for traffic supervision units and parking lot management departments to analyze traffic data and orderly and standardized management of parking lots.When an emergency occurs, the purpose of event tracing can be achieved by calling data. 4. The charging supervision function is based on the parking space management system of wireless geomagnetism. Through the comprehensive processing of the data obtained by geomagnetism, it can be accurate to each parking space, the number of vehicles parked every day and the duration of each time, make accurate statistics, and obtain the corresponding receivable expenses through algorithm. Effectively eliminate management loopholes and ensure the revenue of parking lot or national finance. IV. system features 1. High precision: the earth's magnetic field is basically constant within a few kilometers, but large ferromagnetic objects will cause huge disturbance to the earth's magnetic field. The geomagnetic sensor can distinguish the change of the earth's magnetic field by 1 / 6000, and the impact on the geomagnetism when the vehicle passes will reach a fraction of the geomagnetic intensity, Therefore, the use of geomagnetic sensors to detect vehicles has very high sensitivity. 2. Convenient installation and maintenance, no excavation and construction, and little damage to the pavement.If the detector is damaged, it only needs to be replaced as a whole without checking the circuit. 3. The geomagnetic sensor uses the change of the earth's magnetic field when ferromagnetic objects pass through, so it is not affected by the climate. 4. Two way high-speed data exchange can be realized between the detector and the receiver, and there is no need to worry about the simultaneous data exchange between each detector and the receiver. 5. The investment cost is low, and once the system is applied, it can greatly reduce the management personnel of the parking lot and reduce the operation cost of the parking lot. Tigerwong parking management system has been inherited for many years! If you have any questions about parking lot system, etc., welcome to consult and exchange.
Internet of Things Smart Parking Lot System Is About to Enter the "willful" Parking Era - Tigerwong
Internet of Things Smart Parking Lot System Is About to Enter the "willful" Parking Era - Tigerwong
The parking management and operation service platform based on Internet of things and cloud computing services is generally composed of parking management cloud platform, deue (user experience) system and terminal products. The intelligent parking management system of the Internet of things breaks the current situation of information island of a single parking lot system, realizes the centralized and unified management of multiple parking lots on the same platform, and is the first ecosystem focusing on user experience in the parking industry. Whether you use UnionPay, Alipay or WeChat payment, you can successfully pay by the terminal of the intelligent management system to achieve a willful and convenient parking. For example, when you want to leave the parking lot, you only need to pay gently on your mobile phone before the car starts. When you go out, you can automatically lift the pole. If it is more convenient to use UnionPay card, the automatic payment operation will always be realized after the UnionPay card is bound once. A good car parking management system can save the labor cost of the parking lot to the greatest extent, improve the utilization rate of parking space, control the charging link and plug the financial loopholes of the parking lot. At the same time, it is also convenient to control the operation status of the parking lot in real time and conduct remote management. The intelligent parking management system of the Internet of things developed by Tiger Wong will become such a system. Use mobile Internet of things technology and intelligent hardware to manage the access and charging of parking lots, connect all links online and offline, and realize the interconnection between parking lots. This is a blessing for car owners. They can easily understand the parking space of the nearby parking lot through the driver app at the C end of the management system; It is also good news for parking lot managers. They can simplify the cumbersome work through b-end management software and effectively improve the service quality of property management. It can be said that the new system is changing the existing management and operation mode of domestic parking lots. Compared with other similar products, tigerwong technology's intelligent parking management system based on the Internet of things has obvious advantages. Tigerwong is not only the operation and maintenance service provider of intelligent parking management system platform based on Internet of things, but also the inventor of intelligent car parking management system based on Internet of things. One special feature is that in addition to the accurate identification of license plates, online payment of parking fees, customer customized services and other functions, it can also provide various application interfaces for various third-party app applications. It is an advanced intelligent parking management system in China. For more wonderful industry news and parking plans, please call or follow tigerwong's official website to provide you with wonderful information at any time!
In the Internet Era, How to Transform the Traditional Parking Lot System - Parking Lot Management Sy
In the Internet Era, How to Transform the Traditional Parking Lot System - Parking Lot Management Sy
In the era of interconnection of all things, many places have more or less added Internet elements, and the parking lot is not different. With the increasing demand for the upgrading of the parking lot system, the traditional parking lot system can no longer meet people's needs, and some parking lot managers have transformed the parking lot system. Tigerwong has been committed to the parking lot industry for decades, focusing on the research and development of parking lot management system solutions, and has rich industry experience in parking lot management. So, in the Internet era, how to transform the traditional parking lot system? First, let's take a look at the technologies that need to be improved in the traditional parking lot management system? 1. Traditional manual charging is prone to financial loopholes and low efficiency, and there is the problem of card collection and change, especially in rush hours, congestion is easy to occur at the entrance and exit of the parking lot. 2. The traditional parking lot system has simple functions. It only plays the role of one car and one gear in the parking lot, and does not have the functions of helping car owners find parking spaces, find cars and pay fees. 3. The network environment of the traditional parking lot system is mostly LAN. When installing the parking lot management system, it is necessary to install an independent database and front-end display for each parking lot, and the client software is installed and run on the front-end display? Large amount, time-consuming, and poor system scalability and maintainability? 2 What convenience can intelligent parking lot management systems bring to people? 1. The intelligent parking lot management system can reduce personnel intervention, easily realize unattended operation at the entrance and exit, and greatly reduce the investment cost. 2. The intelligent parking lot management system can meet the needs of managers and car owners.It has very high potential and broad development prospects in the future. 3. The intelligent parking lot management system adopts the full-automatic computer management mode. From the exit of the parking lot to the road gate and then to the management center, all use the automatic control of the computer, which is very convenient for management, and the vehicles enter and leave the parking lot very quickly.   ? ? ? ? 3 How to reform the traditional parking system? 1. Advanced license plate recognition technology is adopted for the entrance and exit system of the parking lot management system to clearly capture the vehicle model, body color, character image and other information, so that car owners can pass in and out of the parking lot without stopping. 2. The management module of the parking lot system can use the result based management of the cloud platform to monitor the operation status of all online equipment, realize the pre discovery of equipment faults, self repair, real-time query of various report functions, and provide customers with on-site information in the form of various pictures. It has the ability to query the charging amount in real time. The system breaks through the regional restrictions, Realize the nationwide remote management. 3. The parking lot charging system adopts unmanned charging. The car owner can scan wechat or log in to a special parking app to pay.There is no need to change the hardware, save investment and do not change hands by third-party personnel, which is quite safe for the parking lot manager; For car owners, wechat payment is simpler?? With the progress of science and technology and the development of the times, many old things will eventually be eliminated, as will the parking lot. With the development of the Internet, the intelligent parking lot management system has been able to realize the functions of data networking, parking guidance, parking space guidance and reverse car search, unmanned service, mobile phone parking space reservation, payment, car search and so on, which has better facilitated people's daily travel and life and is moving towards a smart city step by step.
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