Best Credit Card / Cash Less Hack for Small Sized Travel Shops

Modern wireless POS-terminal with battery and GPRS moduleAfter reading this blog, you will be able to run a fully-fledged small travel shop. A shop where you can entertain even the customers withholding credit cards along those who dont own one, neither a credit card swipe machine nor even a single bank account. With the Travel industry being so competitive, nowadays, in terms of Low prices; just to lure most of the customers into their den.

Best Credit Card / Cash Less Hack for Small Sized Travel Shops 1

But, to be honest, the growth of a business is all about getting in the new customers and retaining the existing ones. However, a point to be noted is that; all the customers in the recent years have completely shifted their mode of payment from cash to by credit card due to several reasons. From which, the major ones are highlighted below:Good instalment (interest-free) plans aka EPP (easy payment plan)Attractive incentives when you make a purchase through a Credit CardWith the benefits above, it has become an ordeal for the Small Travel businesses without providing the credit card swipe machines services to attract the customers withholding credit cards.

Let me explain a usual scenario of a small-sized travel shop for you to get a better insight into this.Scenario One A cash paying customerA small-sized travel shop usually makes bookings for the customers on the Airline GDS, but is unable to issue the tickets as IATA Billing Settlement Plan (BSP) gives authority to those travel agencies (IATA Accredited) who deposit bank guarantee worth huge amounts of money to get permissions from airlines to issue tickets, where the big agencies usually get a credit period of 15 days and in most countries, get only a day (like the US).Therefore, most of the small agencies cannot produce those guarantees, consequently, can only make bookings for their customers.

Lastly, when the customer finalizes the bookings and asks to issue the ticket, the agent sends the booking to an IATA Accredited Travel agent along the CASH to issue the ticket. The IATA agent takes a service charge which the small agents cover from their customers payment.As you can see, the above scenario reflects an easy transaction where the CASH has been paid by the customer.

Scenario Two A Credit Card Paying customerIn this case, the customer pays the small agent via the Credit Card. Therefore, the small agent is supposed to have some cash beforehand so that he can easily send CASH to an IATA accredited agent to issue the ticket. later, the agent can withdraw money from his bank account where the money has been deposited via the credit card.

Best Credit Card / Cash Less Hack for Small Sized Travel Shops 2

But, if you have noticed in the second scenario, the small agent cannot make visits to the bank to make withdrawals after every single transaction. As a result, he must have a huge amount of cash already on hand for the day to make all the transactions. Therefore, for small travel agents, it is quite a difficult task to manage such amount of cash on daily basis.

In addition to all this, due to the current market situation and crisis, no IATA accredited agency is ready to give credit limit to small agents in case they default, close and run away.So, to overcome this issue, the small agent can do the followingMake an agreement with the IATA agent where they can place their credit card machine in your (Small Non-IATA agent) office.Also, agree on the discounts which usually these IATA agents get from the Airlines, which can also come in useful for you.

Now, lets see what happens in this scenario:You make booking for the customer; the customer agrees to the price of the travel product/services. Now, as per the above scenario, you have the IATA agents credit card machine. You then swipe the customers card (Ticket cost Credit Card Fee IATA agents Commission your Commission).

The IATA agent receives his money straight away along with your commission. By the end of the day/week/month (as per the agreement), you can claim your Commission money from the IATA agent.Therefore, one of the many benefits attained by these means is that you dont need to have a lot of cash in hand.

You even get the incentives from airline booking system called GDS (Global Distribution System). Moreover, you still get to keep the CREDIT CARD PAYING CUSTOMERs while being a small travel agent. Lastly, these commissions can then be utilized for digital marketing purposes and utilize the cash in hand for other travel related and day to day jobs of the agency.

It can be concluded saying that the most important thing is not how low-priced a ticket is or whether you offer credit card paying facility or not which only helps in retaining or creating new customers.THE ONLY THING THAT MATTERS IS WHAT LEVEL OF CUSTOMER SERVICE SATISFACTION you really can provide your customer. At the end of the day, it is the only SERVICE that matters.

If you found this informative, please like and share this post with your friends and subscribe to our blog to remain updated!Check out my Blog Resources Page to get some cool offers by some cool travel CompaniesOriginally published at on January 11, 2018 RELATED QUESTION What is a piping design course? What is the Piping Design Course?

Every process plant needs a piping system to be designed with care:The performance of a plant depends on efficient transport of process fluid through the pipes according to material and energy balance for a process and this requires a systematic analysis and engineering design methods.Over the years many such standards and practices for piping system design have evolved and by itself is a major engineering science. Every engineering and construction company will then need trained manpower to design a piping system.

To impart this initial training is our objective in starting this autonomous courseThe scope of Work & Responsibilities of Piping Design EngineerThe piping department of an engineering and construction company generally begins with the piping and instrumentation diagram (P&ID).Process department prepares the process flow sheet, which begins with the chemical reaction and after carrying out material and energy balance and equipment selection, which is further utilized to prepare the first version of P&ID. This means that one can now begin actual plant design.

Going through the steps of the plot plan and equipment layout, the next step is to start designing a piping system for material transport.In our course, we will be adopting a building block concept, where we will begin with pipes selected by line sizing and hydraulics of pumps and compressors used to transport material. These pipes are u201cconnectedu201d using pumps and compressors; add to it the valves, safety devices, measuring instruments and control components and the first rough sketch of piping structure would be over.

However, a scientific and systematic approach is developed over the years and design codes and practices evolved are used to go through a step-by-step procedure to come up with a piping system structure. Learning this systematic science is the aim of this course. No such structure will be approved by engineers unless its stress analysis is done including stress at the connecting components such as nozzles, flanges, pipe supports and so on.

We will be using pipe stress software to find if a designed structure can sustain static, dynamic and combined stresses General flowcharts for piping design procedures in parts at least are provided during the actual exercises. Thus, process and piping are becoming a major force in engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) companies as part of Engineering IT culture being developed and justify a growing need for qualified engineers to take up this profession.What is a piping design course?

What is a piping design course?.

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The next Generation POS Terminal: Kinekt Terminals, Powered by Blockchain
The next Generation POS Terminal: Kinekt Terminals, Powered by Blockchain
The benefit of Blockchain, the digital and distributed ledger system, cannot be overemphasized. The scope of its application transcends just the tracking of cryptocurrency transaction. It now forms the basis on which enhanced security and improved payment services are deployed. Going by the aforementioned, Financial Institutions (particularly, banks) have become forerunners in the adoption of new technology which addresses payment limitations by offering diversified payment options on a single deployable platform. It is on this front that Kinekt has emerged as a leader in the provision of a robust, multipurpose Point of Sale device which allow the spending of cryptocurrency on POS terminals by leveraging the power of blockchain technology and cloud services.Making payment with cryptocurrency via a point of sale terminal. Executing payment on POS terminal with just fingerprint and PIN (without use of card). Transaction history built on blockchain which is accessible from anywhere at any time. Competitive charges and low transactional cost. Instant notification via SMS. Etc. This is to mention but a few of the functions of the new emerging technology, which is championed by Kinekt, a fintech company from South Africa. It is utilizing the power of the Blockchain technology to create a customer payment profile. The technology has the functionality to integrate multiple cryptocurrency accounts and other third party card enabling platforms (such as Visa, MasterCard etc) into a single payment profile, which is hosted on distributed cloud servers across several locations for easy and secured payment. This emerging technology aligns to recent industry discussions which points to the future convergence of blockchain technology, cryptocurrency and banking, as blockchain continues its rally into mainstream adoption by financial institutions and individuals alike.When it is fully deployed, customers will no longer have to carry along multiple electronic cards (such as Visa, MasterCard etc) to make payment on POS terminals on the go.Risks such as card details theft, fraud and charge backs associated with the use of electronic cards are still prevalent. Thus, the all-in-one Kineck terminal addresses these challenges and more. By proposing a three prong solution, Kinekt terminals will make it affordable for mass market deployment of POS terminals and extend the footprint of digital payment, reduce the cost of transacting and ultimately promote a universal cashless society.Kinekt technology can be said of to be the last piece to the puzzle which merges the prospect of blockchain technology, cryptocurrency and traditional banking into a superior digital payment platform. By leveraging growing cards scheme which offer diversified cards payment services, banks and general financial institutions are constantly looking for the next generational revolution which address the limitation of Recent business use case of the Blockchain appear to be an area of particular interest for financial institutions.Such area of interest to the Banks is the prime objective to grow its retail base through expansion of digital delivery channels at a relatively lower cost than the legacy modules currently operational.Kinekt Terminals ICO will go live on may 1st commencing with Private sale and Pre-sales. Visit our official website: kinekt. technology for more details. RELATED QUESTION Why are the bathroom partitions transparent in most hotels? I guess the reason partially is the glass bathroom partitions are prepare for the lovers. It can enhance the fun during the stay.From my point of view, I prefer the compact laminate(hpl) bathroom partitions than the glass bathroom partitions. It is waterproof and easy to clean which can greatly improve the bathroom environment after a period of time, while the glass bathroom partitions woulf become more and more dirty anf the dirt is hard to clean wholly. There are other kinds of resident living in the hotel and the glass bathroom partitions will make the guest feel embarrassed. I think the compact laminate bathroom partitions are more practical and common. There are more classic cases similarly onJialifu Toilet Cubicle | Toilet Partition Manufacturers. get in and get more.
Pundi X Successfully Completed Its Integration Support for Verifone X990 to Enable Crypto Payments i
Pundi X Successfully Completed Its Integration Support for Verifone X990 to Enable Crypto Payments i
Pundi X has successfully completed integration support of its XPOS module on X990 made by US-based Verifone, one of the largest providers of traditional point-of-sale (POS) terminals in the world, to allow a wider network of retailers to accept payments in cryptocurrencies.With this integration, shops and retail outlets using the Verifone X990 with XPOS module activated will now be able to process cryptocurrency payments alongside traditional transactions.The XPOS module enables the Verifone X990 to accept leading cryptocurrencies such as BTC, ETH, BNB, KCS, KNC, XEM and NPXS as payment options. Customers may also easily top up or spend cryptocurrencies at any retailer with the Pundi X Verifone X990 installed.Our mission of making blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies accessible to everyone has just taken a huge leap forward thanks to our partnership with Verifone, said Zac Cheah, Co-Founder and CEO of Pundi X. With our XPOS software in Verifones POS terminals, consumers will be able to experience safer and more seamless transactions using all major cryptocurrencies. Were excited to work with Pundi X in integrating its innovative technology within our devices, said Yiannos Papadopoulos, Asia Pacific President, Verifone. Having blockchain technology in the X990 will revolutionize how our partner retailers transact with a new generation of customers carrying cryptocurrencies.Seamless crypto transactions as easy as buying bottled waterVeriFone X990 is VeriFones latest Android-based point of sale terminal. Through the XPOS module installed, the Verifone X990 will function just like the XPOS, as all of its features will be installed in the traditional terminals. Consumers with Pundi XPASS cards or the XWallet app will be able to transact with retailers using the X990 just as they would with XPOS partner merchants. The XPOS will automatically provide an exchange rate between fiat and cryptocurrencies during the transaction, making it as seamless as possible for both consumers and merchants. The XPOS integration is an essential step to link the Pundi X payment ecosystem with one of the most extensive payment networks in the world. To have XPOS module in X990 and other upcoming Android-based POS models, merchants will be required to contact their local VeriFone or Pundi X distributors for installation.Verifone consistently ranks among the top distributors and providers of POS solutions. It has shipped over 30 million products, which range from integrated POS systems to countertop and PIN pad devices, to more than 150 countries.About VeriFoneVerifone is transforming everyday transactions into new and engaging opportunities for merchants and consumers at the last inch of payments and commerce. Powered by a growing footprint of more than 35 million devices in more than 150 countries, our people are trusted experts working with the worlds best-known retail brands, financial institutions and payment providers. Verifone is connecting more products to an integrated solutions platform to better meet the evolving needs of our clients and partners. Built on a 38 year history of uncompromised security, we are committed to consistently solving the most complex payment challenges. RELATED QUESTION Which is preferable, marble flooring or vitrified tiles for a ground floor? Marble tiles: Marble is a dense, porous stone with a high water absorption rate. It is a naturally occurring stone formed from calcite, dolomite or limestone. They are used for their visual appeal and glossy look as floor tiles.Vitrified TilesVitrified tile is a ceramic tile with very low porosity. They are often used outdoors due to their water and frost resistance. These tiles are the most sought after floor tiles for bedroom and living room.According to their basic features, Vitrified tiles are more suitable than Marble tiles. Here are a few points on why vitrified tiles are better than marbles.Advantages of Vitrified Tiles Over MarblesVitrified tiles are Time Savers as it takes very less time to lay these floor tiles but installation process for marble is more time consuming and labor intensive.They have more strength and scratch resistance than marble or granite which are more prone to breakage. Marble tiles are also strong but not as strong as Vitrified and are not scratch resistant.Despite their high durability and strength, vitrified tiles are thinner and light in weight. Marble tiles are usually bulky and heavy.Vitrified tiles are non-porous due to which they are totally spill resistant and stain resistant. But marble tends to react very easily with most substances. Marble reacts with even dilute acids causing stains.Vitrified tiles are made by machines in large scale, due to which these tiles are more affordable when compared to marble. The cost of marble, being a naturally occurring material, is more than vitrified tiles.Therefore, it is clear why Vitrified tiles are a better choice for being floor tiles than Marble.Thank you for reading my answer.Source:
CardPointe now Has an Equipment Manager
CardPointe now Has an Equipment Manager
by Taylor HavlischWeve done it again. Added something great to CardPointe. With each update to CardPointe, we add something that will make running your business a little easier.This time, that something is called the Equipment Manager.Its a corner of CardPointe where you can keep track of all the equipment you order to process payments for your business. To get there, just log in to CardPointe and visit the My Account section. You can access the tracking information for your shipments and even make address changes for equipment youve already ordered. Now, pay close attentionthis is also the place where youll go to securely activate your new devices. IMPORTANT NOTE: Dont forget that when you receive your equipment in the mail, you have to activate all devices within your CardPointe account, before you can start using them. This is a security procedure to ensure that a device has not been intercepted and set up by a malicious third-party. Luckily, CardPointe makes activation easy. Just log in, visit the My Account section and click the Device tab. There youll see listed, all the devices for your account. Just click the Enable button next to the ones you want to activate and youre ready to start processing!If youre not familiar with our devices, the CardPointe Terminal is one of our most popular. It comes in two versions, the Ingenico iCT220 and the Ingenico iCT250 (with a color display), both of which are countertop terminals perfect for retailers, restaurants, and other small shops.Check out this video for details on setting up the CardPointe terminal after its been enabled.If youre a current merchant with us and you need to place an order for a terminal or mobile device, you can visit the Marketplace tab in your CardPointe account, or just go directly to shop. cardconnect. com and start filling up your cart!Other New Features: AVS Thresholds & Receipt Tip LinesWere really excited about the addition of the Equipment Manager to CardPointe, but thats not all. Weve also added the ability to enter a dollar amount threshold for Address Verification System (AVS) mismatches. For transactions that fall under the defined threshold amount, theyll be authorized and voided if theres a mismatch. Anything that goes over the threshold will be verified before an authorization is attempted.And one more thing. If you wish, you can now add tip lines to your receipts! If you have the tip adjust setting enabled in your CardPointe account, you can then visit the Administration tab once youve logged in to CardPointe. The in the Receipts tab, you can check the box next to Tip Lines and click save. Doing this will add a line for your customers to add tips to printed receipts.To learn more about the recent updates to the CardPointe platform, you can always check out the detailed release notes in our Support Center.If you think this all sounds pretty cool, and you want to start processing with us, you can head straight to our Signup form to get a conversation started: cardconnect. com/signup. Originally published at cardconnect. com. RELATED QUESTION Is wood an engineering material? Engineered wood is also known as man-made wood or composite wood, and these are quite popular in recent times due to their cost effective and ecofriendly properties. These woods are formed of composite materials manufactured by binding the strands, fibers and particles all together with the help of suitable adhesives. These engineered woods can be made by utilizing wastes such as sawmill waste, rice straw, sugarcane bagasse, wheat straw and other wood wastes thus making them cost effective and environment friendly. Engineered wood is mainly used as a substitute to hardwood and concrete. In many construction building projects, the products of engineered wood are used as an alternative of steel in beams. One of the advantage offered by engineered wood products is that it can be designed as per the demand and custom specifications of the end user. The main users of engineered wood products are construction developers, architects, designers etc. Promotion of green life and regulations concerning deforestation has led the global engineered wood market to expand with a decent pace.Engineered Wood Market: DynamicsGovernment norms and regulations such as Bharat stage emission standards or European emission standards regarding CO2emissions are driving the market for engineered wood at whole different level. Owing to the factors like cost efficiency, enhanced quality, waste reduction and environment friendly nature, the engineered wood market is expected to witness significant growth in the market. There are certain innovations in the technologies and machining systems have been developed in order to improve the efficiency and quality of the products which are expected to further drive growth of the market.Request For Report Sample@
IntelloPOS  Crypto Currency POS Terminal
IntelloPOS Crypto Currency POS Terminal
Meet our new crypto POS terminal!We have worked a lot to create a perfect solution for easy payment accept via crypto. And now we are proud to introduce to you the IntelloPOS crypto POS terminal with NFC module.How do you think you will pay for coffee in 3 years? Answer in comments and lets see trends!The IntelloPOS allows accepting payments in any cryptocurrency for any goods or services. Payments proceed immediately due to our soft Intellosuite. The system can be integrated with any banking system and crypto exchange. NFC module, card reader and fingerprint scanner are available in our POS terminal. It also has such certificates: CE, RoHS, and IP54.Check how it works in our video POS terminal is a powerful instrument for your business. It can help you to accept payments via cryptocurrency from your customers and gain more loyalty to your store or business!There are many variants of how you can use IntelloPOS in your company. For example, you can use it in your cafe to accept bitcoin as payment for coffee or snacks. Another variant is to use it on your website to accept Ethereum or Dash for clothes or gadgets. And of course, you can use it for your pizza or food delivery!With our crypto POS terminal IntelloPOS and software Intellosuite, everything is possible. There are no limits on how Intellogate can help your business to grow!Check out more info at RELATED QUESTION Can we expect energy efficient buildings from composite materials in near future in India? First letu2019s understand what a composite is. It is basically something that is made up of two or more different material with properties that are different from the constituent material.The number of composites available is vast. Even cement or reinforced concrete is a composite.However, I take your question to mean Carbon Fiber. The Holy Grail of composites.Carbon Fiber is not easy to produce and it is much more expensive than steel or aluminium. It is around 3u20135 times as expensive but also 5 times stronger and 2u20133 times lighter.This doesnu2019t help in energy efficiency as the energy needed to produce Carbon Fiber components is almost equivalent to that for steel. Moreover, with current machinery, it is very expensive to craft Carbon Fiber, especially on such a large scale(it is very tough, hence tools wear out quickly). The setting process of resins -which actually bind the Carbon Fiber sheets and transfer force through them- is tricky. The varying temperatures, winds and dust can seriously compromise the integrity of buildings.The concept may work out in future, if Carbon Fiber is mass produced, and more importantly, mass fabricated on such a large scale, but for the moment, it is just a concept. Can we expect energy efficient buildings from composite materials in near future in India?
UniFox and Phore Blockchain Announce Partnership to Bring Phore to ATMs, POS Terminals and Online Ex
UniFox and Phore Blockchain Announce Partnership to Bring Phore to ATMs, POS Terminals and Online Ex
Unifox, a cryptocurrency (FOX) and ecosystem that develops and implements Blockchain technologies, and Phore Blockchain, a leading cryptocurrency (PHR) and Blockchain platform, announced today a partnership to integrate Phores native currency, into UniFoxs planned network of cryptocurrency ATMs, Point of Sale (POS) terminals, and online exchange.Unifox has developed and is continuing the development of an autonomous, decentralized infrastructure made up of products that will help make digital currencies accessible for everyday, mainstream transactions. The Unifox ecosystem will enable buyers and sellers to complete transactions with cryptocurrencies that can be instantly converted to fiat. Unifox plans to have more than 50,000 POS terminals and 5000 ATMs placed globally and will open 100 exchange offices by 2020. Unifox will also launch a decentralized exchange to support the buying and selling of cryptocurrencies using fiat.The incorporation of Phores native currency into the Unifox ecosystem, enables PHR users to purchase, access and spend their digital assets in retail environments, said Phore Co-CEO, Anthony Alleyne. This brings more liquidity to the PHR digital currency and aligns perfectly with our vision of enabling Phore for real-world use.With the addition of Phore to the Unifox ecosystem, we are able to provide more options to our customers, said Unifox Cofounder, Jan Turek. Offering flexibility, drives value and helps foster adoption of our products around the world. Unifox plans to build their network and technology around the globe making Phore easily accessible and usable worldwide. A video demonstrating the buying process with Phore will be coming in the next few weeks.Most of the Unifox infrastructure has already been developed, and over $7 million has been invested in the technology thus far. Unifox is conducting an ICO that is live in presale now, and will open it up to the public in September, 2018. The funding raised will support the development and implementation of their complete ecosystem with the goal of raising $99.85 million. To learn more about the Unifox project and ICO, visit unifox. io . Phore Blockchain enables the transfer of value across an accessible, standardized ecosystem that is secure, flexible and scalable. The platform supports a variety of applications and ventures which accord a growing range of capabilities including reliable and fast transactions that are either transparent or private, rewards for network participation, a decentralized marketplace, decentralized applications (dApps). Phore also offers blockchain technologies and services for B2B clients wishing to stay competitive by leveraging distributed ledger technology. Learn more at io. RELATED QUESTION How a hollow pipe is manufactured? Steel pipes are long, hollow tubes that are used for a variety of purposes. They are produced by two distinct methods which result in either a welded or seamless pipe.There are two types of steel pipe, one is seamless and another has a single welded seam along its length. Both have different uses. Seamless tubes are typically more light weight, and have thinner walls. They are used for bicycles and transporting liquids. Seamed tubes are heavier and more rigid. The have a better consistency and are typically straighter. They are used for things such as gas transportation, electrical conduit and plumbing. Typically, they are used in instances when the pipe is not put under a high degree of stress.Certain pipe characteristics can be controlled during production. For example, the diameter of the pipe is often modified depending how it will be used. The diameter can range from tiny pipes used to make hypodermic needles, to large pipes used to transport gas throughout a city. The wall thickness of the pipe can also be controlled. Often the type of steel will also have an impact on pipe's the strength and flexibility. Other controllable characteristics include length, coating material, and end finish.sourceSuper Duplex 2507 pipe fittingsHow a hollow pipe is manufactured?.
Virtual Payment (POS) Terminals Market 2019- Top Key Players: PAX Technology,Ingenico Group,Shenzhen
Virtual Payment (POS) Terminals Market 2019- Top Key Players: PAX Technology,Ingenico Group,Shenzhen
Global Virtual Payment (POS) Terminals Market Research Report 20192025The Global Virtual Payment (POS) Terminals Market report scope covers the in-depth analysis by considering all the dynamic aspects of the market, price, and forecast parameters for the industry growth. This Research Report also offers detailed market share analysis, income forecasts, geographic market areas, and segmentation. The report segmented on the basis of Type and Application. The Virtual Payment (POS) Terminals Market report provides the in-depth inspection of the complete value chain from the raw material suppliers to the end-users. This report also includes the expansion strategies and growth analysis adopted by market players and their effect on market competition and growth.Get sample copy of this report: ly/2L1v150Some of the key players operating in this market include: PAX Technology,Ingenico Group,Shenzhen Xinguodu Technology,Cisco,Fujian Newland Payment Technology,NCR Corporation,NEC Corporation,Panasonic Corporation,Samsung,VeriFone Systems.The detailed report provides the major key regions and the crucial elements of the market.Global Virtual Payment (POS) Terminals Market, By Region are: North America, China, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Japan, India, Rest of the World. Development policies and plans are discussed as well as manufacturing processes and cost structures are also analyzed. This report also states import/export consumption, supply and demand Figures, cost, price, revenue and gross margins.Reasons for Buying this ReportThis report provides pin-point analysis for changing competitive dynamicsIt provides a forward looking perspective on different factors driving or restraining market growthIt provides a six-year forecast assessed on the basis of how the market is predicted to growIt helps in understanding the key product segments and their futureIt provides pin point analysis of changing competition dynamics and keeps you ahead of competitorsIt helps in making informed business decisions by having complete insights of market and by making in-depth analysis of market segments. Get Complete Report: ly/2L1v150TABLE OF CONTENT:Chapter One Virtual Payment (POS) Terminals Market OverviewChapter Two Virtual Payment (POS) Terminals Market Data AnalysisChapter Three Virtual Payment (POS) Terminals Market Technical Data AnalysisChapter Four Virtual Payment (POS) Terminals Market Government Policy and NewsChapter Five Virtual Payment (POS) Terminals Market Manufacturing Process and Cost StructureChapter Six 20142019 Virtual Payment (POS) Terminals Market Productions Supply Sales Demand Market Status and ForecastChapter Seven Virtual Payment (POS) Terminals Market Key ManufacturersChapter Eight Virtual Payment (POS) Terminals Market Up and Down Stream Industry AnalysisChapter Nine: Marketing Strategy Virtual Payment (POS) Terminals Market AnalysisChapter Ten 20192025 Virtual Payment (POS) Terminals Market Development Trend AnalysisChapter Eleven Virtual Payment (POS) Terminals Market New Project Investment Feasibility Analysis RELATED QUESTION What are some of the major challenges in the health industry? All depends on facts, figures and data analysis by which a healthcare organization can change their system of management. However, there are certain challenges which are frequently occurring and these need concern.Data Management: For fast and speed work process, data management and its process need to be done in an efficient manner. Many healthcare companies fail to manage their usual and unusual information and its cause of delay in every process.Healthcare Insurance: This is the foremost which need serious concern in order to improve the business growth. Insurance is essential and most people preferred healthcare insurance. So, this is another major challenge. Accounts and Finance: Medical practitioners spend their enormous time on accounts process. It is important to streamline the finance system for better growth.Back-office Management: Documentation, paperwork, insurance settlement all are such which waste a lot of time and a healthcare organization needs concern on them. Technology: Methodologies for qualitative medical care is crucial in these days. The specialized care with standardized medical equipment delivers the quality medical care.In the healthcare industry, many practitioners like to outsource. It depends on your requirement as well that what need to handle and what to outsource
POS Software in the Cloud: a POS Program Through the Internet
POS Software in the Cloud: a POS Program Through the Internet
POS (Point of sale) programs also called POS (Terminal Point of Sale) were previously implemented locally. They were installed on a computer within the business and only worked on that computer, and in the case of programs with the ability to work on a network, they were limited to working only on each of the computers where the installation would have been previously performed. This limitation increased some installation and maintenance costs while creating mobility problems. It also gave a headache when problems (e.g. viruses, hard drive damage, etc.) arose on the computer with the software installed.With the rise of cloud information systems, i. e. systems running from the Internet, these limitations and headaches have been left behind. Paying special attention to this type of market has been developed SalesVu POS. SalesVu POS System allows the option to be used in the cloud providing new advantages and savings some long-term costs. What do I need to be able to deploy my POS software in the cloud?All youll need is a computer with an internet connection. As long as you have internet access, you can use the software.Advantages of installing POS software or POS software in the cloudMobility- The software can be used from any computer or place with internet access. Support response time- Your software can access faster Support, which influences faster response speed.Independence of the state of your computer equipment. If one of your equipment is damaged, you can continue to work immediately when switching equipment without the need for technical assistance or additional installation services. I support your information. When the software has been installed with our cloud service we take care of the backup management. Your information will not be exposed to loss from damage to hard drives and other things.Upgrades. Our cloud software service has free upgrades and higher priority than those installed locally. POS software in the cloud advantageousSuppose certain scenarios:The computers not responding or its damaged! If the computer that is held in the warehouse or point of sale has been damaged for any reason then your program will not suffer any mishap. This is because the software will not be installed on that computer; you simply need to enter the platform from another computer.The new SalesVu iPad POS has an updated function that interests me! With our Cloud POS service, you can quickly and prioritize new updates that are released. I have to wait until the technician arrives to solve my problem! Requests for technical support for our cloud system tend to run faster because technicians have more ease and autonomy to access the system.I forgot to back up! If you have the software locally and there is serious damage to your computer, you will need a recent backup. In the case of cloud software, information loss is virtually unlikely. POS software in the cloud disadvantageousConnectivity- This is the main and practically only disadvantage. Internet connection is required to access the POS program. In this connection, it would not be advisable to implement POS in the cloud if there is no constant internet connection. Costs inherent in deploying POS software in the cloudAnnual hosting service -Our cloud POS service requires a moderate cost for hosting (hosting), warranty and support which is renewed annually. This annuity includes high availability hosting to provide our customers with a reliable and stable service.Can I switch from POS software in the cloud to install it locally and vice versa?Yeah, yeah. In this case, you must contact to make the transfer. This service may have some additional moderator costs for the time required by the technician RELATED QUESTION What type of vendors are associated with an Auto insurance Company in general? In addition to the vendors mentioned by Craig Anderson, there are companies that photograph and video record accident scenes, negotiate hospital/medical expenses, electronically store recorded statements, do background checks on people, skip-trace, rent cars and equipment, provide expert services of various types, legal synopsis texts and websites, continuing education courses, do violent scene clean-up (as well as routine fire/flood clean-up), rent medical equipment, fraud investigation, cause and origin (fire) investigation, storm-duty catastrophe adjusters, weather records, cartography, print standard insurance policy forms, repair contractors, loss control investigators, independent adjusting companies, online transcription service, mechanical and civil engineers, arborists and tree-removal services, fine art auctions, etc. If I were to think for awhile longer, Iu2019d probably come up with a couple dozen more vendors.What type of vendors are associated with an Auto insurance Company in general?.
TillBilly  Bringing the Blockchain to Points of Sale
TillBilly Bringing the Blockchain to Points of Sale
tl;dr: TillBilly is a terminal that connects to a Point of Sale (POS) terminal enabling shoppers to make payments with the Stellar-native BILL token as well as receive receipts, make us of loyalty/reward programs and promotion tools digitally and directly with a NFC-enabled device of their choice.You have probably heard of similar projects before (blockchain or not) and very likely seen and/or used similar terminals at your local retailers before, so why should you care? Take a look at TillBillys whitepaper (or read this article and take my word for it) and you will see that there are a few things that make this project stand out.This article will explain what TillBilly, what its business proposal is and examine the advantages TillBilly promises as well as the risks that can be associated with it. But first, lets start with a little POS 101.What is a POS and why is it importantIf you know why a POS is extremely important to any retailer, you can very well skip ahead. This will be a very high level breakdown of POS. Wikipedia states: The point of sale (POS) [or point of purchase (POP)] is the time and place where a retail transaction is completed. The POS is where and when money and goods actually change ownership. For most retailers that usually is the register. However, there is a lot more to the POS (alternatively called Point of Service, Point of Return or the above mentioned POP) than simply the completion of a retail transaction and the POS has increased dramatically in significance for retailers. The rise of sophisticated POS software has led to a variety of ancillary functions that can be performed at a POS: inventory management and warehousing, customer relationship management, bookkeeping, report management, membership and loyalty systems to name just a few.In addition to that, POS placement and design can have a dramatic influence on a customers purchasing decisions:Traditionally, businesses set up POSs near store exits to increase the rate of impulse purchases as customers leave. However, varying POS locations can give retailers more opportunities to micro-market specific product categories and influence consumers at earlier points in the sales think of your local supermarket and how they usually place snacks, chocolate bars and other small, delicious items close to the check-out in order to trigger you to make impulse purchases. Or if you have kids, to beg you to make said impulse purchases for them. Design, implementation and usage of POSs, POS terminal and software has become a major category of marketing and retail business administration. It is a highly competitive market that is in constant change because of influences from a range of factors such as digitization, changes in consumer behavior, technological advances and cost reduction pressure.Enough POS why should anyone use TillBilly?Simply put, TillBilly is a little terminal that retailers can add to their existing POS that enables customers to pay for goods and receive receipts through any card, phone or wearable that is able to use NFC technology. It promises to reduce costs for customer and retailer, get rid of paper receipts, improve loyalty/reward systems and offer better promotional experiences.These are some pretty hefty goals with seemingly no drawbacks. As we know, there cannot only be winners and if the retailer gains and the customer gains, who looses?What is TillBillys business proposal?TillBilly aims to directly compete with the financial services providers that make up the debit card cashless payment network. A cashless payment usually involves banks (on the customer and the retailer side), a payment system provider and depending on the system, card data acquirers/processors. Simplified it looks a little like figure 1:In this example, a customer pays $100 in a store to buy a good of her choice. Using a 2% transaction fee (in reality, transaction fees are usually around 1. % 3. 5% depending on service and country), the merchant only receives $98, the other $2 are used to pay the service providers. This is where TillBilly comes into play and leveraging the Stellar ecosystem, the goal is to make the transaction look like figure 2:As you can see, in this example not only does the retailer get to keep $99 instead of $98 (or 1% more), the customer receives credit that can be redeemed within the next transaction. What this picture obscures a little is the fact that of course the banks still exist and participate on both transaction sides. To pick up the thought from the previous paragraph, talking strictly of the monetary perspective now, the retailer gains in the form of lower transaction fees and the customer gains from ultimately paying less because of a cashback system. The market players that lose are the traditional payment system participants.How does TillBilly work?The simple answer: magical blockchain technology. Generally speaking, this was more or less the original motivation behind Bitcoin and blockchain as a whole: to enable a transaction between to two entities without a trusted third party involved. Now you will correctly say: wait a minute, TillBilly IS a third party and they ARE taking money out of the transaction. That is 100% true. Their proposal is not to get rid of financial transaction systems but to use blockchain technology to create a cheaper, better system. Figure 3 shows us how our $100 example purchase would be processed through TillBilly:In order to be able to use TillBilly, the future customer (lets call her Allison, I am tired of Alice doing all the fun things) needs to first top up her account through the TillBilly app that is linked to her bank account. This is where blockchain technology comes in.Opening a TillBilly account opens a twin TillBilly Stellar account. TillBilly decided to build its transaction system on a two asset model, meaning that there are actually two cryptocurrencies (this time in the literal sense) in play.First, there a token called a fixed value credit asset, which will be used for TillBilly operations. Fixed value means that it will always have the same the same exchange rate (e. g. $1 = 1 USDC). Credit asset stems from the Stellar concept of trustlines which states that when you hold assets in Stellar, youre actually holding credit from a particular issuer. Basically, you trust TillBilly to redeem 1 USDC credit asset for $1 and vice versa. In our example that means that Allison tops up her TillBilly account with $100 and receives 100 USDC. The second asset is the aptly named BILL token. BILL is the currency that the transaction will ultimately be settled in. Allison decides to make a purchase using a TillBilly terminal for $100 USD and the behind-the-scenes transaction process gets into gear. Through the retailers terminal, Allisons purchase has triggered a sell order for 100 USDC on the Stellar own decentralized exchange buying the an amount of BILLS (in our example the exchange rate is 2:1, ergo Allison receives 200 BILLs). Simultaneously, a buy order for 100 USDC is triggered in behalf of TillBilly, effectively selling Allison the 200 BILLs required. Allison receives the BILLs onto her TillBilly account which are transferred back to TillBilly, thereby settling the transaction. At a decided upon point during the day, the retailers bank account is settled with the USD equivalent from TillBilly.Similar to the traditional transaction system, the retailer will NOT receive the full $100 that Allison is paying. TillBilly keeps $1 (or 1%) of the transaction as a fee, the retailer will receive $99 of Allisons $100 and Allison will receive $0. 5 worth of USDC back from TillBilly. That credit can then be used for her next purchase.To stay in out example, Allison puts the good(s) on the counter, the clerk scans the item(s) and tells her that she needs to pay a sum of $100. Allison takes out her device, holds it close to the TillBilly terminal (which will probably light up green for confirmation) and thats it. Allison receives her receipt on her phone and has just made a purchase using cryptocurrency.This sounds complicated why does TillBilly need two token?With the explained two token model, TillBilly tries to address two central issues regarding cryptocurrencies as a method of payment: FIAT conversion and price volatility.Even if you already have an account from a FIAT gateway, acquiring cryptocurrency is a lengthy process that can be complicated for non-technically inclined users (at least in May 2018). There are always instant purchasing option e.g. through credit cards but these options are usually plagued by high fees/bad rates.Regarding price volatility, the by now famous story of Laszlo Hanyecz buying 2 pizzas for 10,000 BTC back in 2010 (which celebrates its anniversary at the time of writing) is a widely know cautionary tale of how todays pizza can be tomorrows mansion. TillBilly cannot take away the bank participation (most of us do have a bank account after all, which we use for the majority of our transactions) in order to receive cryptocurrency. However, since Allison has linked her bank account with the TillBilly app, all it takes is a literal tap of a button. In addition to that she knows (trusts) that 1$ will always be worth 1 USDC, i. e. that the $1 she has topped up her account with will always keep its 1$ purchasing power.Furthermore, TillBilly is the only market participant that can buy or sell USDC which are exchanged for BILLs when a transaction is actually happening. That means there is no price volatility is using BILLs because they are only bought to be instantaneously used as a transaction settlement. No HODLing involved. (unless you really want to, TillBilly has a crypto-pro mode which enables users to buy and sell BILLs as they please).So I can pay using my phone what else does TillBilly offer?As initially stated, TillBilly enables retailers and customers alike to enjoy a few additional functions. I will not go into a lot of detail here but want to quickly mention them because they paint a holistic shopping experience picture. To fully understand what TillBilly has to offer we need to look at those functions from the customers and the retailers perspective. Said function are digital receipts, digital loyalty/reward programs and digital promotions (see a pattern here?).Customer perpesctiveDigital receipts are virtually indestructible, always accessible (given you have your device on you) and do not take up physical space. No more frantic searching various pockets when you are asked do you have the receipt? when trying to return an item. TillBilly enables automated categorization in order to get a structured overview of spending and supposedly enables integration with accounting platform in order speed up filling your taxes.Digital loyalty/reward programs are virtually indestructible, always accessible (given you have your device on you) and do not take up physical space. No more frantic searching various pockets when you are asked do you have your loyalty card when shopping.Digital promotions can reach you based on your location, time of day, past purchases, etc. and ideally should only be presented to you when you could (and actually want to) use them. Retailer perspective(These point are additional to the traditional advantages of POS software)Digital receipts do not need to be printed therefore a retailer will simply save money. Potentially there are fewer unsatisfied customers who had had a service be declined because of missing receipts.Digital loyalty/reward programs have very little setup costs and have a higher rate of adoption/usage because the customer will have the loyalty card with them at all times. Digital promotions are data-driven and personalized thereby promising higher conversion rates as well as a better shopping experience for the customer.Additionally, not printing receipts has one very positive external effect: sustainability. The paper for receipts does not need to be produced in the first place and receipt waste is reduced. So where is the catch?Every product needs to make trade offs between a variety of factors and TillBilly is no exception. There are a few things that need to be considered potential drawbacks and risks, most of them for retailers and customers alike.TillBilly is a trusted third party handling your transactions and therefore is just as vulnerable to fraud, manipulation and hacking as other third parties. It uses hardware security modules (a dedicated crypto processor designed for the protection of a crypto key lifecycle), Stellars multisignature mechanism and a multi-factor authentication. That is a high standard of security but nothing is every fully secure. However, that is mitigated by the fact that users are topping up credit and only using the credit to pay. You need to trust TillBilly that $1 = 1 USDC will always be true. This can easily stop being true for such trivial reasons as TillBilly going bankrupt. When this happens, you will either loose money using TillBilly ($0 There is a very thin line to walk here because there is a huge incentive to use customers transaction data to provide the above mentioned ancillary functions for retailers (or downright sell the data). TillBilly needs to find a middle way between data protection and data exploitation. The utility of TillBilly is directly correlated with network size. If you can only pay for healthy cabbage snacks at one store in the shady part of your town, adoption will probably not spread. The best payment system in the world is useless if nobody uses it. Customers need to top up their account WELL BEFORE they go shopping. Depending on bank and country topping up can take a few days. Therefore, should you have no credit left on your account and you really want those cool 90s shades from the mall, you are stuck with traditional payment methods. There is no mention of a recovery process in the whitepaper. What happens if your device gets stolen/lost? There probably is a process but as the old saying goes: dont trust, verify.TillBilly has a token constraint mechanism that is designed to constrain the supply of tokens, thus avoiding oversupply of tokens into a network where they cannot be used, and as as consequence severely devaluing the token itself. The mechanism sounds reasonable and sound but as with many mechanisms and assumptions in crypto it is hard to verify until a certain scale has been reached.ConclussionTillBilly offers a deal that no retailer or customer can decline for long: pay less for doing (mostly) the same as you have always done. Cashless, device-driven payments are increasingly adopted and will continue to do so in the foreseeable future. TillBilly significantly lowers the entry barriers to cryptocurrencies, if not even downright takes cryptocurrency out of the visible equation for every day financial transactions between retailers and customers, trying to only leave the positive aspects alive. Additionally, it tries to be more than just a payment method by offering customer relationship functions that seem like a perfect natural fit.Naturally, there are a few risks involved as well including a high amount of trust needed in TillBilly and a significant change in customer behavior by having to top up credit well before the actual transaction takes place. Blockchain based POSs are here to stay because at the end of the day they lower costs for a heavily cost-driven industry. TillBilly is making strong arguments to be a big player in disrupting the POS market. I am not affiliated with TillBilly. You can find find the whitepaper and more information RELATED QUESTION What is medical devices and equipment expo/exhibition? 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How to Setup POS Machine for a Business in India
How to Setup POS Machine for a Business in India
In a business, about countless transactions take place. The volume of cash and credit is huge making the tracking of every penny a gruesome process. Maintaining reports of cash flow and sales in a retail store is an important task, as it aids in forecasting and detailing what is left in stock. However, doing it all these actions manually is not easy.Due to the barriers and errors in manual computing, the Point of Sale (POS) system is an essential and efficient system that processes transactions as well as tender cash daily. A POS system comprises of the space where your customer makes the payment for the products as well as services purchased from the store. Networked together with the available computer hardware, it works together to track the sales as well as an inventory of the store.POS system serves many benefits to the retail store: Better control over the business operations Notice and analyze movements present in the sales processes. Increase the efficiency of the business. Less paperwork and time-saving action plan Accounting and taxation calculation did easily. Mobility Reduction of Shrinkage Timely and Accurate data for report generationThe benefits posed by the POS terminal make it a necessary item in the store. The POS terminal price varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. It is important to see the other offerings, not just the POS terminal price. You can also buy the diverse equipment of the POS system, for instance, if you want to check thermal printer price online as most online dealers offer a discount on it.Setting a POS system is an easy process, one needs to know the tools needed to complete the setup. Every business requires a different POS system to ease up its business operations. A standard business should have the below minimum setup: A display panel for showing the billing . A keyboard/touchscreen tool for choosing items and entering data barcode scanner for scanning billed objects . A printer for printing the receipt cash register for storing cash during sales . A software interface for completing the process.Installing the POS systemThe software must be installed on the system, which will the main unit used for monitoring each terminal. Link the main system to the server interlinking all the other stations to each via the internet service present in the store. Connect the scanners and other contributing tools to the system and perform a test run to ensure that the tools are working properly Insert the descriptions of the prices, inventory, and quantities on the system based on the instructions given on the software.As businesses strive to get bigger and complex by each passing day, an effective system like POS compliments a seamless workflow. Depending upon diverse needs, POS manufacturers are coming up with innovative ideas and systems that will enhance the continuity of business in multiple ways. Matching the demand, there will be a gradual surge in the sales of process- specific POS terminal price systems in India RELATED QUESTION Would you prefer eye testing at home rather than sitting in eye hospitals for hours? At present home based eye testing is not a very feasible option. Even for refractive error check up a lot of factors like accommodation, acceptance, biocular balancing etc are needed which cannot be done by home based devices. Assuming a picture of your eye is taken along with a picture of your retina, still a lot of clinical acumen, stereoscopic view and clarity is ecessary. Many tests are as of now not mechanised. As of present technologies a eye test in person is the best and cannot be replaced by home based testing.
Boost the Availability of POS Terminal Machines in the Retail Industry
Boost the Availability of POS Terminal Machines in the Retail Industry
To thrive today in the business environment, many KIRANAS or retailers and stores are now replacing traditional methods with POS terminal machine in Pune to cut down the manual work of the business owner. This gives the owner to manage inventory and better shopping experience to their customer. With POS Systems, it becomes easy to keep up to the day-to-day retail functions ensuring uninterrupted business operations to the full extent. This system also saves time, effort in keeping the updates on accounting and inventory.Here are a few proven and measurable benefits to be noted when using POS machines:1. Reliable POS System Performance: After installation, it is recommended to permanently secure the admin-preferred configuration settings. This will eliminate the changes like malicious software, cookies, software updates, and modification in files or modified files done by the users. So, your IT professionals can maintain the configuration uniformity of your POS system.2. Seamless Retail Operation: With POS System, it becomes easy for the retailers to ensure all the endpoints are always met and running. Thus, business owners will improve service availability and increase the lead conversion.3. Helping digitalize small retailers: With the help of POS terminal Machines, the small merchants, retails can be digitalized and accept payments, through cards or UPI, QR codes and manage their accounts and inventories.4. Digital Presence: With a POS system, you can include the online store in your plan. So you can sell your products around the corner and create a presence around the world.5. Simplified Operations: This machine helps to simplify your operations task and gives you more time to spend on other important activities. Not only it simplifies, but you can also handle the refund process, Home delivery and sell the products in person. Wireless and smart POS machine are increasing all over our countrys retail picture. With the above benefits, we have also seen the importance of POS System importance. Lets have a look:- This is a comprehensive solution to overcome multiple issues that small merchants, retailers face on day to day basis- Apart from simplifying the faster and safe transaction, it also automatically calculates and tracks the products in inventory, changes in the product price and update the inventory accordingly- POS helps to capture customer behaviour data, buying trends. This helps the owner to offer discounts, great deals to valued customersWith this terminal machines, the retailers can keep themselves available and reliable source store for the customers walking inBy enhanced availability of POS system, the retail store can offer customers more sales and enriched shopping experience consistently. Peddletech, the posiflex POS system provider, offers a wide range of Posiflex POS System, Retail POS, and Barcode Scanner of Zebra, Receipt Printer of Rugtek, Zebra and accessories for every business owner. If this article convinces you, then to know more on the POS machine price, get in touch with us on response@peddletech. com or give us a call on 918806951951. Our experts will show you how you upgrade your business with the POS System RELATED QUESTION Would you prefer eye testing at home rather than sitting in eye hospitals for hours? At present home based eye testing is not a very feasible option. Even for refractive error check up a lot of factors like accommodation, acceptance, biocular balancing etc are needed which cannot be done by home based devices. Assuming a picture of your eye is taken along with a picture of your retina, still a lot of clinical acumen, stereoscopic view and clarity is ecessary. Many tests are as of now not mechanised. As of present technologies a eye test in person is the best and cannot be replaced by home based testing.
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