License plate recognition system:Lpr parking system

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License plate recognition system(Lpr parking system)

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what is License plate recognition system(lpr parking system)?

License plate recognition system(LPR parking system) is a technology that can detect vehicles on the monitored road surface and automatically extract vehicle License plate information (English letters, Arabic numerals and plate color) for processing.License plate recognition is one of the important components of modern intelligent transportation system, which is widely used.

Based on digital image processing, pattern recognition, computer vision and other technologies, it analyzes vehicle images or video sequences taken by LPR camera to obtain the unique license plate number of each vehicle, thus completing the recognition process.

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Through some follow-up processing methods, parking lot charge management, traffic flow control index measurement, vehicle positioning, vehicle anti-theft, automatic supervision of highway overspeed, electronic police running red lights, highway toll stations and other functions can be realized.It is very useful for maintaining traffic safety and city security, preventing traffic jam and realizing traffic automation management


Features of Shenzhen TGW Technology Co.,Ltd License plate recognition system.



1.ur ALPR system have a Simple structure, stable operation, which can automatic lift the Barrier Gate, and it is convenient to be installed and maintained



2Adoting crank and linkage mechanism transmission, reducing mechanical failure, low noise and no pollutionA special manual power-off and automatic lever lifting device is adopted in our ANPR system. This way, even in the event of a power failure, the Barrier Gate can be lifted manually. At the same time, the parking access control has a variety of control methods to support line control. Such as Remote control, communication protocol and other control methods



3.Our inligent parking access controls have the function of preventing smashing vehicles, effectively preventing the brake lever from accidentally hurting vehicles and pedestrians.



The working principle of license plate recognition

lpr parking system working principle 

1.Vehicle detection: Various methods such as buried coil detection, infrared detection, radar detection technology, and barrier gate video detecting can be used to sense the passing of the 2.vehicle and trigger image collection and capture. 

3.Image collection: Real-time, uninterrupted recording, and collection of passing vehicles through high-definition lpr camera .

4.Preprocessing: Noise filtering, auto white balance, auto exposure and gamma correction, edge enhancement, contrast adjustment, etc.

5.License plate positioning: Force scanning is performed on the gray images in the future through image preprocessing to determine the license plate area.

6.Character cutting: After locating the license plate area in the image, through graying barriers, binarization, etc., the bit character area is accurately determined, and then character cutting is performed according to the character scale characteristics.

7.Character recognition: Scaling and feature extraction of the cut characters, matching with the standard character expression form in the character database template.

 8.Effect output: Output the effect of license plate recognition in text format.


Alpr license plate reader in action





Major application scenarios of license plate recognition



1.parking lot and community entrance

The application of parking plate and community entrance and exit license plate recognition technology is mainly used to record the vehicle license plate number, license plate color, and time of entry and exit, and to complete the automatic processing of the vehicle in order to save manpower and forward power; for example, it can be used to distinguish between entering vehicles in smart communities. Is it due to the community, the automatic timing of toll gates for the completion of non-internal vehicles? In some units, this application can also be linked with the vehicle dispatching system to automatically and objectively record the vehicle out of the unit.

It is very difficult to manually record the license plate number and parking time of the traveling vehicle by the parking lot and the entrance and exit of the community. Not only errors will occur, but also a lot of manpower needs to be invested. A small license plate recognition device can handle many questions at the entrance and exit of the parking lot. The license plate is blocked, the paint is cracked, and the blur can be analyzed and identified, which saves a lot of trouble for the staff at the parking lot and the entrance.



2.expressway Toll Station



Nowadays, thousands of miles of highways are being built, and the highways are unobstructed. Each exit is provided with a toll station, which facilitates toll collection on the one hand and helps traffic police to standardize the traffic on the highway. The application of the license plate recognition technology at the entrances and exits of highway toll stations can greatly facilitate traffic police to identify the license plate information of illegally trekking vehicles and to effectively handle and arrest some illegal vehicles.



The toll gate is generally located in an open-air environment, coupled with some vehicles traveling fast, so the requirements for license plate recognition technology are very high. Traditional license plate recognition is about 160P pixel license plate recognition. Useful image planning is small, the license plate miss rate is high, and it cannot meet the needs of the toll station bayonet. Now the application of high-definition license plate recognition has dealt with the question of the low license plate recognition rate, thus providing a reliable basis for the law of public security and traffic police.



The license plate recognition system is installed at the entrance and exit of the toll booth. When a vehicle enters, the system recognizes the license plate of the vehicle and sends the recognized license plate information to the designated base processing server. By comparing it with the theft of the suspected vehicle in the database, It can be judged whether the road gate vehicles entering or exiting the toll gate of the expressway are stealing suspicious vehicles, which can greatly avoid the occurrence of illegal and illegal incidents and see the information about the work supply that has occurred.



3.Law enforcement

With the increase in the number of roads created by our country and the overall improvement of people's living standards, the number of people who buy cars now is keeping increasing, posing various illegal questions to the highway. As a necessary basis for illegal vehicle punishment, the license plate recognition technology can automatically check and identify the vehicle number plate in the video. The most typical one is the security checkpoint system. This system assumes that without the license plate recognition technology, there is no real intelligence Into.



A complete security bayonet processing system should have three primary functions of automatic license plate recognition, bayonet application system and base processing channel. The license plate recognition is the most important part in the meantime. The quality of the license plate recognition directly affects the overall function of the bayonet system, and the recognition speed is its most important technical indicator. The recognition speed is fast, the system requirements occupy fewer system resources, the possibility of manual intervention is small, and the work burden of the system network is correspondingly reduced. The recognition of the license plate is fast and accurate. The license plate recognition system is intelligent and useful to complete the automatic comparison alarm to avoid many false alarms. It can provide powerful and reliable crack detection information for anti-theft vehicles, deck vehicles illegally grabbed vehicles and other illegal crime detection.



4.urban traffic

In recent years, with the rapid development of society and the economy, the rapid increase in the number of motor vehicle barriers, road transportation has become more and busier. The hostility of traffic handling status and needs has further intensified, and criminal and public security cases related to traffic have also increased year by year. Under this circumstance, how to use preemptive technology to strengthen the police's investigation and control of motor vehicles and drivers in the city, and to provide technology for impacting various illegal and illegal acts is a question that the police's traffic processing department needs to deal with urgently.



Three solutions for dealing with license plate recognition machine errors

There is generally only a few common errors of the license plate recognition equipment, but ordinary car owners do not know what to do when they encounter such errors. Let ’s take a look at how to deal with these errors.



First , the ground sense coil is not responding

When the owner drove in front of the smart barrier gate, the barrier did not open automatically. At this time, the ground sense coil may be malfunctioning. Without sensing the arrival of your car, the license plate recognition management system will not be able to identify the chargeback. At this time, the owner should try to retreat the vehicle until it exits the sensing range, and then wait a few minutes before trying again. Generally, if the ground sensing coil is defective, the barrier will be reopened.



Second, the vehicle number plate problem

        If you still encounter a situation where the smart barrier does not open automatically, try to step back and wait a few minutes and try again. If the smart barrier does not open, you need to get out of the vehicle and check if your vehicle number plate is affected. It ’s damaged, so serious that the license plate recognition system ca n’t recognize it. You can get off the car and deal with the vehicle number plate.



Finally,Insufficient balance

        After the first test fails, and it is determined that the number plate of the vehicle is not damaged, but the intelligent barrier for plate identification cannot be opened. This may be because the balance of the account balance is insufficient, which causes the license plate recognition management system to be unable to perform chargeback, and the program cannot be run. The system will not open the smart barrier for you to pass.



We do not need to panic when encountering many aspects of machine failure. After all, machines are made by humans. There is nothing we can't solve!



How to improve the recognition accuracy of license plate recognition system



First, it is necessary to ensure that the ambient light in the parking lot is bright enough. For dark or nighttime, some supplementary lighting equipment should be appropriately added;


Second, ensure that the license plates of vehicles entering and leaving the parking lot are intact so that the license plates of each vehicle entering and leaving the stadium can be captured;


The last, ensure the license plate recognition position, the size of the license plate pixels, not less than the size of the best license plate pixels;



Below is a introduction for you to learn more about LPR parking system.



LPR Parking system is generally composed of three parts: entrance equipment, exit equipment and management center

The entrance equipment generally includes ticket box, IC/ID card reading system, access control, ground sensor coil, vehicle detector, voice broadcast system, automatic card issuing system, intercom system, power supply;


The exit device is similar to the entrance device, but there is no automatic card issuing system at the entrance. Because our equipment can realize the offline charging function, there is a gate control system at the exit.


The management center is the main facility for keeping records in the parking system. It mainly includes management computers, management software and card issuers.


of course, Above is the simplest LPR parking system. nowadays due to the increase of people's needs on parking, and in order to be able to provide safer and more convenient parking mode,people increase a lot of new features to LPR parking system, such as image contrast , license plate automatic recognition, etc., to increase the function of image contrasting, we will need a camera, light, and U clamp fixed to the equipment, stents, pillar these devices, but these are optional according to customer requirements.



In addition, we know that the current intelligent parking system also includes parking guidance, reverse car search, self-service payment, mobile phone inquiry, parking space reservation, mobile payment, etc., so according to the different requirements of customers, we provide customers with high, medium and low-end equipment as a professional parking system manufacturers.



Some common sense you need to know before installing a LPR parking system

LPR Parking system is the best partner for managing vehicles in the parking lot. It is also the right-hand man of the parking lot management staff. It is a necessity in almost every parking lot. Below are a few things you should know before installing a lpr parking system


1.we should build different lpr parking system management mode according to the different size of the parking lot.there are several alternative mode, such as the mode designed for bluetooth remote reading card system and automatic license plate number recognition, But anyway, we should choose a lpr parking system with a stable performance.


2. We determine the size of the safety island According to the width of parking lot entrance.


3, with the development of technology, parking charge system functions are also constantly updating, in order to satisfy people, we must choose LPR parking system which can be expanded, in order to convenient subsequent equipment upgrading, we must choose system providers with research and development ability.



4. In order to ensure the stable operation of the equipment in the subsequent process, the performance of each part of the lpr parking system must be stable.


5. The lpr parking system shall be simple enough to install and enough convenient to debug. Meanwhile, the performance of the parking system should not depending on the external environment.


You can learn more about License plate recognition system at Wikipedia.

Shenzhen TGW Technology Co.,Ltd provides the best solution of License plate recognition system,Lpr parking system to more than 120 countries on the the world.If you need a solution,please contact us.








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