LPR camera

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LPR camera

By: Shenzhen TGW Technology Co., Ltd 

In the smart parking industry, the development and application of the parking lot "unattended" ALPR system have been implemented. The unattended intercom call system is installed at the entrance and exit of the parking lot, so that car owners can enter the parking lot without the assistance of parking lot staff. The car owner can finish the parking payment process through the mobile payment system and the self-service payment machine. Compared with the previous, parking efficiency has been greatly improved. So what are the advantages of unattended LPR camera parking systems?

 LPR camera

1:  LPR camera parking management system can Prevent unauthorized charging and wrong charging

The owner can see the specific settlement information of the parking fee, Because the parking system is electronically timed and paid online,  avoiding various disadvantages of traditional manual charging. The funds go directly to the account of the property manager, which is safe and efficient.

2: LPR camera parking management system can Save parking costs

The unattended parking lot saves the cost of parking lot management personnel, the intercom system is installed at the entrance and exit, and the management center is called in real-time in an emergency, which greatly saves the management and operation cost of the parking lot and increases the parking lot income.

3:  LPR camera parking management system can Save time

Vehicle identification can realize non-stop traffic, no need for car owners to get cards, no manual charges, change, greatly save car owners time, and increase the speed of entering and exiting the field.

4:  LPR camera parking management system can increase parking space utilization

Vehicles enter and leave at a high rate, and owners can quickly find parking spaces and reverse directions, which increases the utilization rate of parking spaces and reduces the vacancy rate of parking spaces in a series of times when owners look for cars in the traditional parking lot and wait in and out.

5:  LPR camera parking management system can Improve the user experience

The unattended parking system is completed by the owner on his own. The owner can independently control a series of parking operations, which is clear, intuitive, convenient and efficient, helping the owner to save time and improving the owner's parking experience.

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You can also learn more about ALPR at Wikipedia.

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