How to improve the recognition rate of license plate recognition system

2021-02-02 18:47:40

license plate recognition camera system

by:Shenzhen TGW Technology Co.,Ltd

license plate recognition camera system has been widely used in our life, because it has the advantages of fast speed, and has made a significant contribution to the development of our intelligent traffic.license plate recognition camera systemWhen mention about car parking recognition systems, you might immediately think of recognition rates of license plate recognition camera system. What improvements will make in the recognition rates of license plate recognition camera system in the future?

Perhaps it is a problem for many parking system manufacturers that how to improve the recognition rate of license plate recognition camera.nowadays,parking management systems are technically based on so-called "cloud" architectures, as opposed to the LAN architectures used by independent parking Spaces.

After applying the "cloud" architecture, the license plate number needs to be uploaded to the cloud server, which is the premise of binding license plate number payment based on mobile Internet.

If the license plate number is recognized wrong, and the wrong license plate number is uploaded to the cloud server, it is conceivable that the subsequent payment based on the license plate number will definitely be chaotic.

The reason why it confuse us is that license plate recognition camera system is based on the recognition rate, even if the recognition rate reaches 99%, there is still 1% error rate, how to achieve the license plate recognition absolutely correct?

To put it simply,increase the recognition of vehicle's rear license plate as well as the front one. Currently, the license plate recognition camera system only captures the front license plate. The recognition result of front license plate is not enough to ensure a correct recognition, and the increased license plate recognition has double recognition effect.

Arrival, the vehicle license plate recognition system for parking lot according to the original license plate recognition method is used to identify the license number of vehicle QianChePai, vehicles enter the parking lot, by increasing the camera after the vehicle's license plate identification, recognition results consistent can think correctly, the results can be inconsistent thought recognition error, then need to approved by the human, thus increasing the accuracy of license plate recognition.

The car park system can achieve a double recognition effect by adding license plate recognition, which ensures the correct rate of license plate recognition. This is also the only way to solve the problem of correct rate of license plate recognition.

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