There Are Loopholes in the Parking Charge in the Community. Let's See How the Parking Charge System

With the improvement of people's living standards, material life has also been improved. In the past, car owners were the envy of people, and cars have become a sign to measure people's living standards. However, driving out now has brought people a lot of trouble. The lack of parking spaces and high parking fees have become a major problem affecting people's driving out. At present, what puzzles people is still the parking charge in the community.

There Are Loopholes in the Parking Charge in the Community. Let's See How the Parking Charge System  1

The community is the center of people's life, which has become the most popular topic discussed by people. So how to solve the problem of parking charge in the community? With the rapid growth of vehicles, the parking problem has become a major problem affecting people's life. Especially in some old communities, there are few parking spaces, and there is no charging standard for manual charging, so the efficiency is very low. Some properties take advantage of the loopholes of these old charging systems to charge too much. In fact, many people say that solving the parking problem is to increase the parking fee.

In fact, it is not lifted at all. How to increase the fee is in vain, and sometimes it will have a bad impact. The reason why the parking lot charging system can be widely used by people is mainly because it has many advantages: 1. Parking payment is faster. For the property in the community, there are large loopholes in manual charging. The parking lot administrator sometimes uses his position to charge less or no fees for the human vehicle; Statistical reports cannot be sorted out in time, which is not conducive to query, etc. The parking lot charging system will use the license plate recognition technology to record each vehicle entering the parking lot, and automatically store the vehicle information.

It can also support the capture of vehicles, people and certificates. At the same time, it has the function of image comparison. At the exit of the parking lot, the parking lot charging system will compare with the information when entering the parking lot, The parking time and payment amount can be calculated automatically. 2. Highly safe and stable management at present, the parking lot charging system is installed in the parking lot to make the parking lot management safer, because before the manual charging method was adopted, it was through manual card issuing and card receiving, resulting in many omissions and no records to check. The phenomenon of losing a car or making a false report of losing a car occurs from time to time, which not only brings some trouble to the parking lot management, And it also brings some losses to the parking lot. 3. Avoid capital loss. The traditional manual toll parking lot mainly collects parking fees in cash.

On the one hand, it has high work intensity and low efficiency; On the other hand, it is easy to lead to cash loss in finance, and there are many defects in the manual charging mode. After the parking lot charging system is installed in the parking lot, the system adopts computer charging. Each parking fee paid by vehicles in and out will be confirmed, counted and recorded by the system, so as to avoid operation errors or cheating. In addition to joining the parking charge system, we can also: 1. Pay close attention to the construction of parking facilities in new residential areas. The development and intensification of the contradiction between car parking charge service in residential areas is rooted in the imbalance between supply and demand and serious shortage of supply. 2. According to the proportion of local parking users and residents, we can put forward rigid requirements for the guarantee of parking facilities in new residential areas and improve the allocation ratio of parking spaces in new residential areas.

There Are Loopholes in the Parking Charge in the Community. Let's See How the Parking Charge System  2

Relevant departments should strengthen the examination and approval planning of new residential areas and strictly control the construction planning of parking lots to ensure that the construction requirements of parking facilities are implemented in place. 2. Prices should be set for different parking properties. According to the existing situation, the property right structure of parking spaces in residential areas is somewhat complex, and the legal basis for pricing and price adjustment of parking spaces with different property rights is different. If car park property rights are unclear and there is no clear policy guidelines, a full market regulation will be formed by one size fits all. It is inevitable that the property companies has the final say, which will easily lead to consumer disputes and social contradictions. Tigerwong suggested that the government and relevant departments reassess the new policy on parking lot charging and pricing management, and widely listen to the opinions of consumers and all sectors of society.

According to the nature and characteristics of different parking services, formulate price policies and implement classified price management. According to specific indicators such as regional distribution, community scale and service rating, formulate corresponding price reference standards and floating upper limits, clarify the price adjustment methods and procedures of various parking services, guide community owners to collectively participate in price negotiation, standardize the pricing and price adjustment behavior of operators, and protect the fair trading rights and interests of consumers. The problem of arbitrary parking fees not only exists in the community, but also in many other places. Therefore, in order to change this situation, we not only need to vigorously promote the intelligent parking fee collection system, but also need the cooperation of people and the government to solve the problem of arbitrary parking fees, which is also a side performance of alleviating traffic pressure. I believe that in the near future, Unmanned charging will be a common phenomenon.

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