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Technical scheme of intelligent parking lot management system; Overview: with the development of China's urban modernization and internationalization, the number of cars owned by urban residents has increased sharply, and the contradiction between cars and parking spaces is becoming more and more prominent in crowded urban areas. Public car parks are increasingly unable to meet more and more parking needs. How to make full use of the limited parking resources to meet the parking needs of vehicles to the greatest extent has become an urgent problem to be solved. At present, the common problems in the parking lot are as follows: 1. The manager knows nothing about how many parking spaces can be used in the parking lot and can only rely on manual investigation. 2. After entering the parking lot, parking people cannot quickly enter the parking position to park their vehicles. They can only flow disorderly in the field to find spare parking spaces, which will not only occupy the resources of the main lane in and out of the field, but also cause traffic congestion in the field. 3. A large number of full-time management personnel must be equipped to manually guide the parking of vehicles in the parking lot, increasing the management cost of the parking lot. 4. Managers can not timely count the traffic flow in different periods every day, and can not timely optimize the allocation of parking space resources, resulting in low utilization rate of parking lot.

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In order to improve the information and intelligent management level of the parking lot, provide a safer, comfortable, convenient, fast and open environment for car owners, and realize the efficient, energy-saving and environmental protection of the parking lot operation, tigerwong communication has developed an ultrasonic parking space guidance system by absorbing foreign advanced technology and combining with the actual situation in China, The system can automatically guide vehicles to quickly enter empty parking spaces, reduce the cost of managers, eliminate the trouble of looking for parking spaces, save time and make the image of the parking lot more perfect. Application of parking space guidance system; 1. Use effect of guidance system in parking lot 1) fast parking, improve good shopping environment and customer satisfaction. Reason: the shopping center is oriented to medium and high-end consumer groups, most of which are car owners and have high requirements for parking service quality. By using the guidance system in the parking lot, consumers can extricate themselves from blindly looking for parking spaces and quickly find parking spaces, thus improving customers' satisfaction with the service level of the shopping center, Prefer to spend in shopping malls. It also reduces a lot of disputes and unhappiness caused by parking. 2) Fast parking, improve parking turnover rate, so as to improve customer flow.

Reason: according to the survey statistics, the parking turnover rate of the garage with the guidance system in the parking lot is more than 30% higher than that before installation. The increase of the parking turnover rate directly increases the customer flow per unit time year-on-year. 3) Stop quickly and increase shopping time. Reason: by using the guidance system in the parking lot, we can quickly find the parking space, save the time wasted by blindly looking for the parking space, and can be transformed into shopping time. The longer the shopping time, the greater the transaction opportunity. 4) Fast parking, energy saving and environmental protection. Reason: by using the guidance system in the parking lot, the average time for finding parking spaces is saved by 15 minutes and the mileage for finding parking spaces is saved by 45%, which also reduces the vehicle exhaust emission by 50%, which is in line with the social development trend of low-carbon and energy saving. 2. Introduction of intelligent parking lot guidance system data comparison 1) saving more than 15 minutes in finding parking spaces; 2) Reduce driving mileage by more than 45%; 3) reduce harmful gas emission by about 50%; 4) Reduce disputes and unhappiness 3. Work flow of parking space guidance system 4. Principle of parking space guidance system; Through the front ultrasonic parking space detector installed directly above each parking space line, the vehicle information of each parking space in the parking lot is collected in real time.

When there are vehicles parked in the current parking space, the integrated indicator light of the front ultrasonic parking space detector changes from green to red. The node controller connected to the detector will collect the information of each connected detector in the way of polling, compress and encode the data according to certain rules and feed it back to the central processor. The central processor will complete the data processing, and send the processed parking space data to each parking space guidance screen in the parking lot for the display of empty parking space information, So as to realize the function of guiding vehicles into vacant parking spaces. At the same time, the system transmits the data to the computer, and the computer stores the data to the database server. Users can query the real-time parking space information of the parking lot and the annual, monthly and daily statistical data of the parking lot through the computer terminal. The front ultrasonic parking space guidance system provides RS485 communication mode= RS485 uses shielded network cable to connect multiple data collectors in the parking lot hand in hand, and finally output to the central processing unit.

RS485 communication has good anti noise interference, stable transmission and multi station ability. Schematic diagram of parking space guidance function 5. Basic information of the project; The parking lot of the project consists of underground__ Layer composition, meter__ Parking spaces, divided into_ Enter_ Out of total_ Two entrances and exits. The equipment configuration list is as follows: in the project, it is recommended to install a general entrance parking space guidance screen at each ground entrance of the parking lot; Indoor parking space guidance screen shall be set at each fork in the parking lot. A front-end ultrasonic parking space detector is installed directly above each parking space, which is used to detect the parking space status and display the busy and idle status through the indicator light; Due to the large number of detectors, it is necessary to set up a section data collector for grouping management of front-end ultrasonic parking space detectors. Each data collector can connect 64 ultrasonic detectors; In addition, the central processor can choose whether to use it according to the actual situation of the parking lot.

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One central processor can connect 62 data collectors at most. System wiring diagram 6, equipment list and parameters 1. Front mounted ultrasonic parking space detector and detector are important components of parking space guidance system. They can also integrate ultrasonic probe and indicator light, install them directly above each parking space line, and use the working principle of ultrasonic ranging to collect real-time parking space data of parking lot and control the display of parking space indicator light, At the same time, the parking space information is transmitted to the data collector through RS485 bus in time. A group of front-end ultrasonic parking space detectors is composed of detector body and indicator light. The detector body is an ultrasonic probe to detect the empty and full state of the parking space; The integrated indicator light displays different colors according to the instructions of the detector.

When there are no vehicles parked in the parking space, the indicator light is green, and when there are vehicles parked, the indicator light is red· The detector shall be installed where the sensing area is perpendicular to the road surface.

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