Important Things to Consider Before Buying a Full Height Turnstile Gate

Turnstiles are an integral part of public transport access control and security in public places. As pedestrian access gates are used for the passage of people, the system itself must be secure. Another factor to consider is whether the turnstile is locked for entry and exit.

Important Things to Consider Before Buying a Full Height Turnstile Gate 1

Full height turnstiles provide a higher level of security and prevent potential problems by preventing or prohibiting people and materials from entering secure premises. Installation of a Full Height Turntile requires careful consideration of several factors to ensure that the correct access control system is in place.

Your full height turnstiles should be able to integrate with your existing access control system to accommodate a wide range of access credentials and readers. For example, they should be able, together with their surveillance cameras and fire detectors, to alert the authorities concerned when they count footsteps in the turnstile lane. You should also be able to take into account the number of entries and input methods served by maps, keyboards and biometric input systems.

Clear polycarbonate turnstiles should be provided for maximum acceptance of people entering your facility and full visibility for all participants and your security personnel. Wheelchair-accessible turnstiles: Safe access is often required for wheelchair users or others, and we offer a full range of wheelchair-accessible turnstiles at full height.

Using the same control methods as other models, increasing the full width of wheelchair-accessible turnstiles allows easier access for wheelchair users while ensuring full pedestrian access. Popular pedestrian access control hubs such as the EDAM allow precise access counting and control with a wide range of control methods. Turnstiles can also be expanded with detection capabilities to detect and report cases such as tailgating, loitering and forced passage.

Important Things to Consider Before Buying a Full Height Turnstile Gate 2

When a passage passes, the turnstile informs the access control system that a passage has taken place. When the user provides credentials, the control system tells the turn style that not all credentials are valid and no passage is allowed. Unauthorized input attempts trigger an alarm that notifies the user and alerts the conflict control center.

The access control system controls the entry and exit of an ID3M RFID badge reader located at full height on the side of a turnstile with an A3M. When an alarm is triggered at the turnstiles, the system and the access control systems work in unison, alerting security, switching on cameras nearby and locking the corresponding turnstiles and secondary doors. If invalid credentials are presented, the access control system signals to the turnstile that the user credentials will not be accepted.

The platform turnstiles are self-supporting portal installations, so there is no need to install an access solution. Everything is set up to work either in standalone mode or in connected mode with access control software.

According to Mr. Bruno of ITEC, the barriers of the turnstiles can often not be removed without human presence, and the system can be operated without authorization, not only for ID cards, RFID cards, fingerprints or face recognition tickets, depending on the needs of the customer and the type of project. Postal rail systems can be used to fill the gaps where a continuous turnstile line is not desirable or where the required traffic volume occurs.

Our unit combines a full-fledged ADA gateway, available in an ADA compliant model, providing a flexible through lane for all types of traffic. We have several units that are tailored to your needs, and an enormous amount of experience in this particular area.

Available models range from simple mechanical optical register models that measure traffic to more sophisticated barcode scanning models. The entry systems of our fencing and security companies operate either in one or two directions and offer several methods of controlling the entrance and exit of the area.

The entrance to high-quality office buildings uses the turnstile card reader that is one of the most popular turnstile and gate card readers, as it is very popular in office buildings due to its stylish appearance and reliable speed. In fact, the manufacture of this device is experienced in a strict production process and is produced in 304 or 316 stainless steel to specifications ; it is delightful dustproof, stainless and corrosion free ; safe and reliable ; with swinging bars ; it offers a standard electrical interface for various occasions of recognition, commissioning, delivery and standardized expansion requirements. With the improvement of modern people and safety requirements, transparent acrylic turnstiles are increasingly being used for their safety and convenience.

The use of pedestrian access gates in buildings, construction sites, railway stations, municipalities, universities and other occasions underlines the advantages of these gates. Different entry and exit scenarios and different types of access devices are required for access control and gates (see below).

Access gates for pedestrians have become a major trend in the security sector. It has never been more important than today to control the entry and exit of pedestrians to and from buildings, outdoor areas and events.

The protection of a turnstile depends on the physical environment, the material it is made of and whether it is coated for further protection. The functionality of the turnstiles is also a determinant of the movement factor of the device. If the braking force on pedestrians in the passage is not strong enough, it can injure people.

Another factor to consider, according to Andre Rossouw, Managing Director of Boomgate Systems, which is known for its high-quality turnstiles and vehicle barriers, is the quality of warranty and ease of use that the product offers. Turnstars, the director of the company that manufactures full-length turnstiles and our automated high-speed vehicle barriers, added that it was important to provide the product with a battery backup system to ensure uninterrupted operation in the event of power failures.

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