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The operation principle of parking lot system gradually goes beyond the original experience category. This is a challenge to the safe, stable operation and control ability of the parking management system. Now Xiaobian will sort out the construction scheme of parking lot intelligent management system project and other relevant information. With the expansion of parking lot scale. The system equipment composition provides guidance for users to park, and the parking space condition detection module aims to detect the real-time free parking space information and free parking space position information of the parking lot. Save user time.

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Realization: the ultrasonic ranging sensor node periodically transmits RF signals to measure the change of distance, so as to obtain the status information of whether the parking space is parked or not. If the status information of parked vehicles has not changed compared with the last monitoring status, it will not be reported. Otherwise, the status information is reported to the central processing node through the wireless sensor network. The central disposal node arranges, analyzes and disposes the status information sent by each monitoring point, and controls the LED display screen at the entrance of the parking lot to display the location of available parking spaces and relevant information. At the same time, the disposed data is reported to the control center through WLAN. Inform the control center of the alarm message at the first time, and the vehicle safety management module aims to monitor the emergencies in the parking lot in real time all day.

Maintain the safety of vehicles in the parking lot. Realization: sound sensor auxiliary alarm: when the anti-theft device of the vehicle gives an alarm, the audio sensor node senses and processes the alarm information of the vehicle, and an alarm message and alarm position occur. Multi hop is transmitted to the central processing node, and then reported to the control center through WLAN. Trigger the image sensor node to collect the front information of the vehicle, and the image sensor assists in alarm: when the vehicle is put into storage. Collect again when leaving the warehouse, and extract the warehousing collected data in the database for comparison. If it does not match, an alarm message will be sent to the control center through WLAN. Control the host to give different alarm prompts according to the reported alarm type.

Save human resources, intelligent charging module aims to save customers' time. The parking lot system is convenient for unified management. It is helpful to analyze customer flow and customer needs and change business strategy in time. Realization: when the vehicle is put into storage, the intelligent card reader reads the RFID identification carried on the vehicle and records the storage time. When the vehicle leaves the warehouse, record the time of leaving the warehouse, and extract the original information in the database for settlement.The settlement results are stored in the database and displayed to customers on the control display screen. The settlement information is sent to the control center via WLAN for backup. It is designed as an underground two-story structure. The parking lot of the Great Hall of the people of Zhejiang Province is used as a large public parking lot. There are nearly a thousand parking spaces.

In order to reasonably guide the vehicles entering the parking lot to park smoothly and prevent the disorderly flow of vehicles in the parking lot, a set of intuitive, complete and practical parking space guidance system can give drivers a pleasant parking experience. It can realize the functions of vehicle access management, automatic billing and data storage, parking space guidance and reverse vehicle search. Parking lot system this system improves the information and intelligent management level of the parking lot. The parking space guidance and reverse vehicle search system organically combines machinery, advanced remote sensing technology, electronic computer, automatic control equipment, intelligent IC card technology and intelligent algorithm technology. Provide a more safe, comfortable, convenient, fast and open environment for car owners, realize the efficient, energy-saving and environmental protection of the operation of the parking lot, reduce the cost of managers, save parking time, and make the image of the parking lot more perfect.

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Timely transmit the parking space usage, route travel time prediction and parking demand change trend of the parking lot to the vehicle owners. The rural intelligent parking management system needs to have the function of real-time broadcasting. This is the parking space information processing mode of parking guidance system. In recent years, the parking information disposal mode of parking guidance system has been adopted in large villages such as Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. This mode greatly improves the operation efficiency of rural intelligent parking lot and alleviates traffic congestion.However, this model also has some disadvantages, such as small influence range and regional induction. Therefore, it needs to be updated from time to time before it can be popularized in a wide range. The collection and input of basic data is a regular and cumbersome work. The abnormal operation of some intelligent parking management systems is often caused by the untimely and inaccurate entry of basic information. Therefore, the intelligent parking management system is in operation.

In practice, we must establish a comprehensive real-time information database to ensure the consistency, integrity and interoperability of data, and fundamentally solve the problem of collection and input of basic data of intelligent parking management system. In addition, when designing the parking lot, we must start from a long-term perspective to ensure that the parking lot can meet the demand of vehicle flow for a long time. Through reading relevant literature, the author found that the design of parking lot can refer to bus stops with multiple parking spaces. The research shows that when multiple buses need to stop at a bus stop, the bus stop can just meet the constraints when the allowable queuing probability is 25% as long as the number of parking spaces is increased to 6, which greatly reduces the probability of people queuing. In fact, rural intelligent parking lots sometimes face the problem of queuing.

Therefore, when designing parking lots, we should use the concept of integrated management and control, and fully consider the utilization efficiency of parking spaces, the distribution of passengers and other factors.

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