Domestic Automotive Chips Are Getting Stronger and Stronger! MCU, Power Device, Netcom Chip and Memo

Electronics enthusiast network reported (Wen / Li wanwan) at the Shanghai Electronics Exhibition in Munich last week, automotive electronics was a bright spot. In addition to the special exhibition area of automotive electronics related topics, automotive electronics related exhibits can be seen everywhere in each museum.The development of intelligent connected vehicles is becoming more and more popular. The organization predicts that the scale of domestic intelligent connected vehicle industry is expected to exceed 460 billion yuan in 2021 and 632.9 billion yuan by 2022.At the same time, driven by the trillion market demand, many automotive electronics related enterprises actively enter. The industry believes that with more competitors entering the market, the original automotive industry chain will be subverted, and the sales model and value distribution pattern will be redefined.

Domestic Automotive Chips Are Getting Stronger and Stronger! MCU, Power Device, Netcom Chip and Memo 1

From this exhibition, it is not difficult to see the grand occasion of various supply chain enterprises in automotive applications, including sensors, MCU, power devices, memory, Netcom chips, etc.MCUXinwangwei

Xinwang micro booth basically displays MCU products, development boards and application solutions for automobiles. Xinwang microelectronics is an enterprise developing high-performance digital analog mixed signal MCU & DSP products. For more than ten years, it has focused on the fields of industry, automobile and communication. Its products include kf8 series 8 MCU, kf32 series 32-bit MCU and kf32d series DSC.It is reported that 17 kf8a series MCUs of Xinwang micro have passed the aec-q100 test, and kf32a series vehicle specification MCU has also passed the aec-q100 test. The annual shipment of the company's vehicle specification MCU exceeds 30 million. Its products have been in mass production and project development of corresponding auto parts manufacturers such as Dongfeng, Geely, SAIC / GM, Chang'an, Shaanxi Automobile and GAC.The applications of chip products of Xinwang micro in automobile include intelligent cockpit, body control, automobile power supply and motor, automobile lighting, etc., such as automobile instrument communication assistance, Tbox Internet of vehicles, seat controller, door and window control, electric vacuum pump control, electric air conditioning compressor control, automobile adaptive high beam system, automobile steering lamp, tail lamp, brake lamp, etc.

At the exhibition, Xinwang micro exhibited car tail lights, front combination lights, on-board mobile phone wireless charger, Tbox and other schemes.Xinwang micro introduced that in 2020, the company has mass-produced models in ceiling lamp, headlamp, tail lamp, steering flow lamp, automobile emergency starting power supply, BCM, intelligent cabin air conditioning panel, can gateway, voice alarm, retarder, gear lever, air conditioner and other parts.Polar ocean semiconductor

Jihai semiconductor, a wholly-owned subsidiary of EPEC microelectronics, has 20 years of experience in integrated circuit chip design. It is a professional provider of industrial general microcontroller, low-power Bluetooth chip and SOC ese large security chip products and solutions for industrial control, consumer electronics, medical equipment Provide better products and services in smart home and automotive applications.At this exhibition, polar semiconductor showed many automobile related schemes, such as apm32 MCU new energy passenger vehicle BMS scheme. Battery management BMS is an important link between on-board power battery and electric vehicle, and supports functions such as real-time monitoring of battery physical parameters, battery state estimation, on-line diagnosis and early warning, charge / discharge and precharge control.The scheme is based on polar semiconductor apm32f103 Series MCU, integrates battery status information acquisition functions such as voltage, current and temperature, supports the use of wide-range voltage charger and remote control, supports cam, 485 bus communication and relay control, Vmin EKF algorithm and SOC estimation accuracy up to 95%, and is an acquisition system based on unique high-precision d-filter algorithm.

Domestic Automotive Chips Are Getting Stronger and Stronger! MCU, Power Device, Netcom Chip and Memo 2

Polar semiconductor also exhibited apm32 MCU electric vehicle central control scheme, gw8822 direction finding and positioning AOA & AOD scheme, apm32 MCU window lifter scheme and apm32 MCU electric vehicle instrument panel scheme.National TechnologyIn this exhibition, national technology selected more than 80 representative exhibits in various fields, showing a total of 10 themes, such as network security, motor control, industrial application, smart home appliances, intelligent transportation and MCU ecology.

Among them, national technology MCU products are widely used in intelligent transportation fields such as electric vehicle driver, electric vehicle BMS, battery protection board, electric vehicle charging pile, new energy vehicle charging gun, tachograph, inertial navigation module, on-board information and entertainment system, on-board diagnosis system, etc.sensorNano core micro

In this exhibition, nano chip micro showed more than 50 products of digital isolation, signal conditioning, sensors and interface chips, as well as their solutions in home appliance control, intelligent wear, automotive electronics and other applications.Among them, nano chip micro focuses on the layout of intelligent products applied in the field of automotive electronics, including engine intake manifold pressure sensor, KPS crankcase ventilation pressure sensor, fuel vapor pressure sensor, new energy vehicle battery management system (BMS), OBC on-board charging, DC-DC power supply, motor driven inverter and other application schemes.As one of the first local chip companies to enter the automotive field, nano chip micro realized the batch loading of pressure sensors on traditional fuel vehicles as early as 2017. Schemes such as brake pressure sensor, oil pressure sensor and air conditioning pressure sensor were successfully introduced on many popular models such as Dongfeng Motor, SAIC Maxus and Shanghai Volkswagen.

Around the direction of pressure sensors, nano core micro provides integrated MEMS pressure sensors such as micro differential pressure, differential pressure and absolute pressure, as well as MEMS wafer products, which can meet the requirements of relevant pressure sensors such as intake, exhaust and fuel steam of internal combustion engine system in the "national sixth" standard, as well as the requirements of battery pack pressure and seat pressure detection of new energy vehicles, so as to realize the detection of micro pressure Full coverage of low pressure to medium high pressure range.Ken, marketing director of nano core micro product line, said: "in the application of automotive magnetic sensors, nano core micro also has a positive layout: OBC on new energy vehicles, chip level current sensors applied on PTC, current sensors used for high current measurement on main drive motors, angle sensors used for valve control in thermal management system, etc."power device

Yangjie TechnologyYangjie technology is one of the few outstanding manufacturers integrating the vertical integration of industrial chain (IDM) such as semiconductor discrete device chip design and manufacturing, device packaging and testing, terminal sales and services in China. The product line includes cover discrete device chip, rectifier device, protection device, small signal, MOSFET, power module, silicon carbide, etc., providing customers with a package of product solutions.At the exhibition, Yangjie technology also brought automobile related products, automobile load dump protection device. The product is packaged with do-218ab, 3300W, 4600W, 6600w, 10v-43v, single and two-way TVs tube, which is used for voltage transient protection caused by lighting system and inductive load of passenger cars and commercial vehicles. It has passed aec-q101 certification and has the production capacity of vehicle specification production line.

Yangjie technology has been actively developing products in the field of new energy vehicles for a long time. At present, Yangjie technology has supplied products to the field of new energy vehicles. In an interview at the same time of the exhibition, Wang Ying, manager of Yangjie technology marketing department, told electronic enthusiasts that the company's load shedding protection do-218abtvs launched for the field of automotive electronics has 1.8 times the limit capacity of iPP (10 / 1000US) and meets iso16750-2 (5a) Standard.Memory chipDongxin semiconductor

Dongxin semiconductor was founded in 2014. As a fables chip enterprise, it focuses on the design, production and sales of small and medium-sized NAND, nor and DRAM chips. It is a local memory chip R & D and design company that can provide NAND / nor / DRAM / MCP design process and product scheme at the same time.At the exhibition site, Dongxin semiconductor said that the company's NAND flash has the ability of industrial plus products with a high temperature of 105 . The writing times of a single chip has exceeded 100000 times, and the data validity has been maintained for 10 years. This kind of high reliability storage products are suitable for application in the automotive field, such as instrument panel, T-box, ADAS and other advanced on-board systems.Netcom chip

Yutai MicroelectronicsFounded in 2017, Yutai microelectronics focuses on the R & D and industrialization of high-speed wired network communication chips. The company said that it took only three years to mass produce a number of high-tech Ethernet PHY chips, covering five areas and fully supporting the national "new infrastructure".Yutai microelectronics demonstrated its vehicle specification level product, single port vehicle mounted 100M Ethernet transceiver yt8010a, which is packaged with qfn36, 6 * 6mm, 0.5mm pitch, yt8010a Ethernet physical layer chip, passed aecq100grade1 vehicle specification certification, and passed the interoperability compatibility test of German C & S (Communication & Systems Group) laboratory.

Yutai microelectronics said that this means that the company's vehicle chip products have obtained a pass to enter the intelligent networked automobile market.Summary

It can be seen that in the face of hundreds of billions of intelligent networked automobile market, various electronic chip supply chain enterprises are actively joining. It can be imagined that with more and more enterprises entering, the future competition will gradually intensify. At present, what enterprises need to do is to find the track and actively polish the technology to deal with the competition and grasp the market opportunities. This article is original by electronic enthusiasts. Please indicate the above source for reprint. If you need to join the group, please add wechat elecfans999. If you need to contribute and disclose your interview needs, please send it to email huangjingjing@elecfans.com

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