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2021-02-02 18:47:32

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The sudden epidemic of the virus has affected the hearts of people all over the world.Due to the contagious nature of the disease, there is an urgent need for a fast, simple, non-contact (non-invasive) and reliable method to detect the increase in human body temperature. Therefore, an emerging science and technology-infrared detection technology has officially entered people's field of vision . Infrared thermometers have been installed in major airports, stations and other crowd gathering places.3.jpgIntroduction:

The product integrates high-sensitivity infrared camera, high-definition visible light camera, high-precision black body, high-performance temperature measurement engine, non-medical, artificial intelligence driven, automatic alarm, visualization platform, and high-precision thermal imaging detection system.

The system is equipped with automatic face recognition and capture, and can quickly detect the thermal temperature of the forehead in milliseconds with an accuracy of 0.3°C. At the same time, it has an automatic temperature algorithm based on artificial intelligence technology, without on-site manual intervention, can accurately identify and count the number of people passing by, and quickly analyze and display the temperature of individual personnel.


Product Features:

1. Camera + embedded motherboard + black body integrated structure.

2. No need for a computer, connect directly to the monitor.

3. Comes with black body, automatic correction, no fear of the influence of environmental temperature changes on thermal imaging.

4. Accurate forehead temperature algorithm measurement, filtering the background high temperature influence.

5. Easily connect to the cloud for data analysis.

Product advantages:

1. Fast, large-area investigation, non-contact temperature measurement, fast temperature measurement response speed, 4-5 s/person-time can be checked within one second.

2.Long-distance non-contact, non-disturbing temperature measurement methods are used. The tested person does not need to stay, stand, or make any movements to complete the temperature measurement. At the same time, the staff should stay away from the tested crowd , Effectively avoid cross infection.

3.The infrared camera is connected to the TV, the normal temperature and high temperature will be displayed on the TV, which is convenient for the staff to carry out temperature investigation.

4.When there is a high temperature person passing by, the product will display and sound an alarm.

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