How to defeat ALPR

2021-02-02 18:47:37

defeat ALPR

by:Shenzhen TGW Technology Co.,Ltd

Most car owners will smile when they hear the license plate recognition, because this product has brought them too much convenience, allowing car owners to get rid of traffic jams and save a lot of time.


But there are also some owners who want to take advantage of anti-ALPR. They are not terrible if they have such an idea, but are terrible if they have action. But is this possible? For the license plate recognition system, are there any loopholes that car owners can think of but engineers can't think of? Searching for license plate recognition system vulnerabilities on the Internet ,we will find a lot of articles that tell people how to defeat ALPR, but how many people will read it and then implement it later? In fact, everything on the Internet is on paper. Many so-called methods for loopholes in real license plate recognition systems will fail.

 defeat ALPR

If you don't believe that you can't escape the toll, then let's take a few examples to show you why.


Example one, follow the car in front of the smart barrier

Many owners have tried to evade toll collection, and the method is to stick to the tail of the car in front of you and wait for the railing to pass before the car in front of you. Someone really tried to escape the toll collection by this method before, but now the license plate recognition system relies on the ground sense coil to control the opening and closing of the barrier. As long as the car in front passes the ground sensing coil, the barrier will come down. It is useless to cling to the tail of the car in front of you, the barrier will still drop, and then your car will be damaged, and the gain will not be worth it.


Example two, fake the license plate

Have you ever thought of getting a fake license plate number or applying the license plate number of a community monthly car owner to escape the parking fee. This may happen, but the chances of it being discovered are very high, and the consequences of this behavior are also serious. If you use the license plate number of the monthly car owner to enter, the system shows that the parking space has already been occupied and the original car owner cannot enter the venue. You will definitely be found after watching the video.


Example Three, multiple cars share one parking space

A family usually has a car, and some richer families may have two or more cars, but the fees of parking space is expensive,so the owner does not want to buy so many parking spaces for each car. Maybe the car owner will think of sharing a parking space to reduce expenses, then how should he escape the license plate recognition system? In fact, this is not feasible, even if you escape by any method, it is useless. There is a special person to manage these devices. If there is something wrong, they will investigate.


I hope that the owners can be honest, don't always think about Defeat ALPR.

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