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With the improvement of vehicles, the parking problem in the parking lot is more prominent. Disorderly parking of vehicles causes traffic congestion and leads to more and more serious traffic pressure. License plate recognition system is the core component of urban intelligent traffic management system. It is an intelligent traffic system for real-time monitoring of motor vehicles running on the road. With the deepening of the reform of urban traffic intelligence, the intelligent traffic system is developing towards intelligence.

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The current cloud parking system is no longer a simple vehicle processing system, but a multi intelligent integrated system such as parking space guidance, vehicle monitoring, online payment, intelligent parking management and so on. At present, there are three main application modes of license plate recognition in car parking management system: video recognition mode, ground induction coil recognition mode and video ground induction recognition mode. mode I: video recognition mode: video trigger mode. Its advantage is that there is no need to install ground induction coil and the engineering quantity is small. When the vehicle enters the video recognition area, the camera will automatically recognize and obtain the license plate information through the dynamic image of the vehicle, and automatically provide the simulation trigger recognition mode. Its disadvantage: it is unable to output images for unlicensed vehicles, and it is easy to miss vehicles.

If the license plate is not recognized, you can manually click to identify and open the gate. mode 2 ground sensing coil recognition mode ground sensing coil is triggered. Generally, the ground sensing is installed in front of the gate of the parking lot Road, and there is even a deceleration belt to slow down when the vehicle passes through the ground sensing area, so that the license plate camera nearby has time to identify. The system will automatically take pictures to capture, and identify the license plate through computer self character detection, Gate release. The advantages of license plate recognition triggered by ground induction coil are as follows: 1. Multi-level sensitivity is adjustable to meet various requirements; 2. Support multiple output interfaces to adapt to different scenarios; 3. Support coil fault automatic detection function; 4. It can cooperate with the road gate to realize the automatic gate closing function; 5. Industrial design, super anti-interference ability and stability. The disadvantage is that the construction and installation sense of the staff is required, and the engineering quantity is relatively large. mode 3 Video ground sense recognition mode.

This mode is a comprehensive upgraded version of the first two modes. First, it is recognized by video recognition, and then uploaded by ground sense trigger. Compared with the lower ground sensing coil recognition and video recognition mode, the video ground sensing recognition mode can provide faster recognition speed and higher recognition rate. The recognition mode of flexible switching of video ground sense is the most flexible recognition mode in the market at present. Two areas of recognition area and output area are delimited by software.

When the system freely sets the location of license plate output according to the environment of the customer's installation site, it can solve the problem of car following recognition and premature output in case of congestion. When an unlicensed vehicle travels to the area, the information of an unlicensed vehicle can also be easily recorded. The research of intelligent vehicle access management system is to develop a set of advanced, applicable, economic and reliable intelligent vehicle access management system combined with modern advanced high-tech technology and products. The development of license plate system can realize the intelligent management of vehicles. At present, the license plate recognition system is widely used in urban vehicle monitoring and management.

What Changes Does the License Plate Recognition System Bring to the Parking Lot Management- TigerWon 2

For example, large parking lots now use intelligent parking payment system, which can also improve the safety of traffic system, reduce traffic congestion, realize intelligent traffic management, promote social informatization and promote the development of social economy. Tigerwong intelligent parking has always been at the forefront of the parking lot industry, focusing on parking lot license plate recognition, making a number of breakthroughs in the technical field and having a deep brand accumulation. As one of the top ten most influential brands in the parking lot, we know that there is a long way to go, focus on quality, be consistent, rationally face the market demand, develop high-quality products and better serve the majority of users and friends! For more exciting industry news and parking plans, please call or follow tigerwong's official website. There will be many unexpected gains if you continue to pay attention!!!.

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