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Nowadays, all walks of life are actively embracing the Internet, and the parking lot industry is no exception, from the most primitive manual management to license plate recognition management. With the development of society, there are more and more cars in cities. The places for centralized storage and management of vehicles are put forward, such as the order of vehicle entry and exit, the safety of vehicle storage, and the compensation of vehicle storage and management; Road traffic has been put forward to solve congestion, curb vehicle violations, and provide reliable case solving information. The application of license plate recognition technology also greatly meets people's needs, and it is also the driving force to realize intelligent parking management system. I. strong image processing ability. The recognition rate of automatic license plate recognition system is closely related to the quality of license plate and captured image.

The Unique Advantage of License Plate Recognition Is the Power to Realize Intelligent Parking - Tige 1

Not only the rust, stain, paint peeling, font fading and other factors of license plate itself will greatly affect the accuracy of license plate recognition, but also whether the shooting environment is ideal will also have a great impact on license plate recognition. The intelligent traffic camera has built-in powerful ISP processing functions, which can provide video stability, face detection, noise filtering, automatic white balance, automatic exposure, gamma correction, edge enhancement and other functions, improve the image quality and effect to a new level, and not only improve the actual appearance of users, It provides a good operation and analysis basis for more intelligent applications such as license plate recognition, and fully ensures the high accuracy of license plate recognition. II. Many license plate recognition systems have good adaptability to light and climate background. The recognition rate of license plate recognition system is high in cloudy days, but it decreases or even cannot be recognized in sunny days. In the case of direct light, the shooting direction is the same as the direction of sunlight.

The captured license plate area is very bright, resulting in thick character strokes and mutual adhesion. Moreover, China's license plates use reflective paint, which will appear specular reflection in serious cases, so it is impossible to see the license plate number. In addition, the bright lines and halos generated by the reflection on the vehicle body surface will also affect the recognition. License plate recognition is mostly used to identify moving vehicles. The license plate area is not fixed in the whole image, and ordinary cameras cannot adjust according to the license plate area.

When the vehicle lights are turned on at night, the exposure intensity of the ordinary camera is weakened by the influence of the headlights, resulting in the dark image license plate area and the inability to see the number. The light of the headlights may also form a large halo to block the license plate area. III. automatic recognition is fast and accurate. The automatic recognition rate of license plate of intelligent parking space video detection terminal can reach 99%, supporting the detection of unlicensed vehicles. Thanks to millions of high-definition cameras and excellent automatic license plate recognition algorithm, automatic license plate recognition solves the problem that analog cameras can not detect and recognize accurately.

License plate recognition and information entry can be carried out without parking. It has great advantages in both high-speed charging and police case solving. IV. the driving force of unattended parking lot. In the past, residential areas, shopping malls, parking lots or paid parking lots need special managers to manage the incoming and outgoing vehicles, but the loss of unauthorized copying of door magnets, bills and door cards will bring negative experience to managers and car owners. The use of license plate recognition technology can effectively liberate human resources and excellently complete the task of parking lot management.

The Unique Advantage of License Plate Recognition Is the Power to Realize Intelligent Parking - Tige 2

It can also reverse car search, save the owner's time, avoid unpleasant occurrences and improve the user experience. With the increase of vehicles, the parking problem will become more and more serious, and the management will become more and more difficult. From the previous manual management to intelligent management, it is a process to solve the parking problem, in which the license plate recognition technology plays a great role, greatly alleviates the parking pressure, and can also promote the realization of intelligent parking management system. Tigerwong parking equipment supplier has focused on parking equipment for many years! If you have any questions about the parking system, welcome to consult and communicate.

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