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In particular, the gateway system manufacturers generally do not open the underlying interface protocol of their products, which is mainly considered from the perspective of safety. Because the manufacturers do not have strict industry specifications, generally speaking, the safety design of European and American products is relatively strict, because Europe and America have very strict safety industry specifications. The security of the product cannot be guaranteed. Generally, as long as the product is purchased, the underlying interface protocol can be provided, and the management software can also be rewritten according to the needs of users. The appearance seems flexible, but there are hidden security risks, because the software is the same as the hardware, The newly written software needs time to test. The safety and stability of software and hardware is important.

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Therefore, try to use time tested products. 6 Security: at the beginning, the access control products of Hong Kong, Taiwan and Hong Kong were products with relatively simple functions, such as access control products and integrated access control products. Later, they developed into networked access control products, but the time is still short, and the reliability and stability of the middle gate access control system need to be improved. Just like the brain of human body, disposal and control: the disposal and control equipment part usually refers to the access control system, and the access control is the center of the access control system. It stores a large number of card numbers, passwords and other information of relevant personnel. The important level of these data is obvious.

In addition, access control also undertakes the task of operation and processing, and makes judgments and responses to various access requests, including operation unit, storage unit, input unit, output unit, communication unit, etc. The core part of the access control system is also an important part of the access control system. 6 the ticketing system mainly cooperates with the gate to realize more accurate application and unmanned management of the ticketing system, and maintenance of landing rods in Huaxi District, Guiyang_ Quality assurance. Human card integration gate and face comparison gate are common channel gate products used in airports, customs, high-speed railways, railway stations and other occasions. Calculate the temporary parking fee, and provide pictures and codes for all vehicles in and out. The temporary parking in and out of the gate system are automatically matched. In case of free release under special circumstances, the choice of free reasons shall be recorded to ensure that the entry and exit of vehicles are recorded. 5 license plate recognition parking lot is managed strictly.

When fixed vehicles are not parked in the garage according to the regulations, the system can prompt that after the parking ground is set to exceed a certain time, they will be automatically charged according to the temporary parking charging standard. Dahua provides ground parking spaces to reduce the contradiction of ground parking and facilitate management and coordination; It can flexibly set the cardholder's door opening authority, door opening time, area and time period with the right to open the door. Image capture and electronic map functions can be selected, and the installation quotation of Hongmen anti-collision road pile in Zunyi. When swiping the card, the image can be captured and saved to prevent swiping the card on behalf of others. (networking is required) the split scheme is adopted, and the access control reading head adopts capacitive touch password keyboard. System architecture: in case of failure in networking status, it can run offline, fire linkage and report the loss of cards. Read the code.

When a vehicle drives into the parking lot, the gate system can also install a high-resolution black fixed machine, fixed support, automatic aperture and manual focusing lens at the entrance and exit of the parking lot. It can monitor vehicle access for 24 hours. The machine transmits the signal to the parking lot management system through video cable and stores it in the database; When a vehicle leaves the parking lot, in addition to paying the necessary management fees, all the data (license plate, model, color, etc.) of the vehicle leaving the parking lot must be the same as the data when driving into the parking lot (manual recognition is the default, and automatic recognition can be completed by adding automatic license plate recognition system). The brake lever can be raised to let the vehicle pass. After the car host card or the card is picked up through the automatic card dispenser, 1 the owner will know the remaining space and other information of the parking lot through the external electronic display device of the parking lot before admission. The system first carries out identity authentication (legitimacy, validity, etc.), then starts the machine to capture the whole vehicle map and the local vehicle map suitable for license plate recognition, applies license plate recognition technology to identify the code from the captured local vehicle map, converts the graphic information into text signals, and then the system automatically assigns a parking space according to the predefined rules, At the same time, the allocated parking space is prompted to the owner through the entrance LED display screen and voice module sound effect output.

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Then, the system records the admission process in the database and opens the gate for release, and starts the vehicle guidance system in the site. In the process of vehicle entering the site, the ultrasonic detector and ground sensor detector inspect the real-time status of the parking space, upload the parking status information, and the data converter uploads the parking space information to the guidance monitoring system. Through the logical judgment of the parking status, it preliminarily guides the parking space from large area to local area, and guides the parking space to the empty parking space through the highlighted LED red / green light parking space. Generally speaking, the price of European and American products is more than 4-5 times that of Hong Kong, Taiwan and domestic products, and the price of Guiyang fingerprint identification system device. Generally, European and American products are mostly used for projects in large and important places, and users' requirements are more considered from the reliability and stability of the system.

In particular, some large and medium-sized projects mostly use imported European and American products. Hong Kong, Taiwan and domestic products are generally used in small and medium-sized projects and places with simple requirements. With the improvement of quality, domestic products will occupy more market share. 4 Price: the products are sold in Europe and America, but the production scale of domestic brands is relatively small. Most products are self-produced, self sold, self installed and large-scale.

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