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License plate recognition system manufacturers and companies_ License plate recognition system wholesale license plate automatic recognition system has been a relatively mature technology after years of development. The traditional license plate recognition system is based on the simulated standard definition image for detection and recognition. Due to the low resolution of the standard definition image, weak sense of hierarchy and small field of view, the license plate recognition can not achieve the ideal effect. In order to achieve the license plate recognition rate, it is often necessary to sacrifice the vehicle panorama, Therefore, it is necessary to cooperate with two cameras to complete the close-up of license plate and the recording of vehicle panorama, and the system complexity is high. With the progress of modern management means and the increasing development of science and technology, community users have higher and higher requirements for vehicle management.

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The past management mode of manual card swiping can no longer meet the needs of modern development. In view of the current fast-paced and high-speed work mode, it is required that the management methods and systems should be fundamentally improved. This improvement should not only meet the needs of community management, but also meet the needs of society, people's sensory needs and habitual operation. However, at present, any high-tech product can not completely replace human manual operation, human thinking, nor can it coincide with human thinking mode. Therefore, when designing the automatic management system, we should emphasize the automatic means as much as possible, but we can not ignore the factors of manual intervention.

The ingenious combination of the two can achieve twice the result with half the effort. This design scheme is based on the above ideological basis, aiming at the actual situation of community vehicle management, combined with various modern high-tech means. Our goal is to provide a solution of license plate recognition function for vehicle management of community users. We use the most advanced license plate recognition technology in China. This design scheme focuses on the accuracy of recognition and the flexible embedding of automatic license plate recognition algorithm in various parking lot vehicle management systems.

It not only considers the needs of users, but also includes various high-tech technologies, but also adds some management means to provide users with a perfect community vehicle management system as much as possible. Chapter 1 user demand analysis involves all aspects of management in modern parking lot management, in which vehicle management is an important aspect. Especially for special parking lots, courtyards, government agencies and communities, it is required to strictly manage all kinds of vehicles in real time, strictly monitor their access time, and register and identify all kinds of vehicles (including internal and external vehicles). In the large-scale site, there are many vehicles in and out. For example, manual judgment is required for each vehicle, which is not only time-consuming, but also not conducive to management and query. The security work is difficult and inefficient.

In order to improve this management mode that is not commensurate with modern parking lots, courtyards, government organs and communities, it is necessary to realize the automation and intelligence of vehicle management as soon as possible, and manage it in the form of computer network, so as to effectively and accurately monitor and manage the vehicles at all entrances and exits. The system is required to provide corresponding application software to realize the high efficiency and intelligence of camp management. The system uses the automatic license plate recognition algorithm of video stream to capture and recognize the vehicle without ground feeling trigger. When the vehicle enters the entrance of the community, the automatic license plate recognition algorithm automatically captures the vehicle photo and identifies the license plate number, and records the license plate number, color, license plate characteristic data and admission time information, so that the vehicle can enter and leave the parking lot without obstacles, It provides a new service mode for users. The system automatically identifies the number and license plate characteristics of vehicles entering the community, verifies the legal identity of users, automatically compares the blacklist database, and automatically reports *, and can monitor and manage the situation of the whole parking lot, including entrance and exit management, internal management, collection, storage of data and system working status, so that the administrator can monitor, maintain and count, Query and print reports.

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Vehicles entering and leaving the community are completely under the system monitoring, so that the entry and exit, charging, anti-theft and parking space management of the community are completely intelligent and automatic, and have the advantages of convenience, quickness, safety and reliability. Its main characteristics are as follows: the dependence of the identification system on the environment is reduced to the minimum, it can work normally all day, and the identification rate remains at a high level. Based on the license plate recognition system, the recognition speed and accuracy are improved. The minimum recognizable plate width is 70 pixels, which can adapt to complex climate and lighting conditions, such as cloudy, rainy and night, and can still ensure high recognition rate. It is suitable for high-speed and large flow.

When the speed is 200 km / h and the flow of single lane is 30 vehicles / min, it can still ensure high recognition rate (& gt;; 95%). Realize the frame by frame processing of video image, trigger the video stream, and do not bury the ground induction coil to avoid damaging the road surface. The project has the advantages of simple installation, stable operation and no interference with the user's existing system. It does not need to sense the vehicle detector, saves cost, and the construction is simple and fast, which greatly shortens the construction time. It has extremely high processing ability to recognize and process all images during vehicle travel, does not rely on a single picture, and effectively improves the adaptability of the equipment to complex environment. 1.1 adaptability to different light. The environment at the project site is relatively complex, such as smoke, rain, snow and sunlight at different angles Lights and large billboards may interfere with the license plate recognition system, especially the recognition equipment with external trigger mode.

Its recognition rate depends heavily on the captured pictures. When the vehicle license plate is in the disturbed position at the moment of capturing, it will cause false recognition. The license plate recognition algorithm of our company processes the video image frame by frame in real time. During the movement of the vehicle, the angle and illumination are constantly changing, and the license plate is always clear at some time. Some clear video frames of the license plate will be collected for analysis and recognition.Therefore, the license plate recognition equipment of our company has strong anti-interference ability to light and climate. 1.2 adaptability to pass breaking vehicles and ultra-low speed vehicles due to the adoption of high-speed algorithm platform to adapt to the speed of 200 km / h, the vehicle can accurately identify the license plate number and capture pictures when driving at ultra-high speed (pass breaking and card punching vehicles) or ultra-low speed, so as to avoid the phenomenon that it can not be captured at the intersection of high-speed vehicles.

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