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A set of entrance and exit management equipment is set at the entrance and exit of the parking lot. The parking lot management system [1] adopts a non-contact smart card. Make the parking lot form a relatively closed place. Just shake the IC card in front of the card reading box in order to get in and out of the car. The system can instantly complete the inspection, recording, accounting, charging and other work.

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The lane gate opens and closes automatically, which is convenient and fast for the management of the parking lot. Both the vehicle owner and the management personnel of the parking lot hold their own smart card as personal identification. Only the smart card approved by the system inspection can be operated (management card) or in and out (parking card), which fully ensures the safety and confidentiality of the system, effectively prevents vehicle theft and eliminates the worries of the vehicle owner. 1. The basic functions are set to charge or not charge according to the requirements; . it has the management authority of multiple card types such as monthly rent card, time rent card, management card and free card. Set different charging specifications, . According to user needs. Meet different parking fees for different vehicles; In and out driving information can be recorded in any case, . It can be used offline or online.

When the network is disconnected and offline, the system operates normally, the network is connected, and the data is recovered automatically; Greatly improve the reliability and stability of system operation; The parking lot management system does not completely rely on the management computer. Prevent the occurrence of trailing injury; The system is equipped with dual anti smashing functions of pressure wave detection and vehicle detector. 2. The automatic card collection function can control one card per vehicle (200 cards can be installed) to realize unattended management; When the outgoing vehicle is pressed on the ground induction coil, the automatic card taking machine is used to automatically spit out the card. The vehicle sensor is triggered and the antenna is activated at the same time. The host card of the monthly card car is within 10cm of the antenna. When the card is presented, the antenna can read the card data, send the data to the induction processing module, and then send it to the computer for processing. 3. The charging display function is convenient for administrators and car owners to understand relevant information; Led Chinese and English electronic display screen is used to display the exit time, charge amount, balance in the card, validity period of the card, full or inserted parking space and relevant information of the parking lot. 4. The voice prompt function gives personalized prompt for misoperation or illegal operation.

Normal operation can prompt relevant information such as card reading, charging amount, validity period and so on. 5. Intercom function: intercom extension is installed at each entrance and exit, and intercom host is installed in the management center. Ensure that all entrances and exits and the management center get in touch in time to ensure that the owner's access is unblocked. 6. Image comparison function, automatic capture, high-resolution camera is used when the vehicle enters the site. The image is natural, clear and bright, with ultra-low illumination. It is suitable for the environment with low illumination. It adopts the self-developed filter automatic switching technology (taking photos when the car enters and exits, so as to compare the artificial images, judge and identify whether the vehicle belongs to the same vehicle, and reduce the occurrence of vehicle theft and other events). 7 anti smashing / scraping function, that is, people or vehicles are under the road gate, Special infrared or ultrasonic technology is adopted to cooperate with vehicle detector to realize the function of anti smashing people and vehicles.

When approaching the sensing area, the brake rod will not fall. After people or vehicles leave, the brake rod will fall automatically... The R & D and application of parking lot management charging system [2] has greatly alleviated the current situation. With the development of science and technology, induction card parking lot management system is adopted. A set of entrance and exit management equipment is set at the entrance and exit of the parking lot, so that the parking lot forms a relatively closed place. The incoming and outgoing vehicles only need to shake the induction card in front of the card reading box, and the system can instantly complete the inspection, recording, accounting, charging and other work.

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The lane gate opens and closes automatically to realize convenient and fast parking lot management. Including many aspects of management and operation, modern parking lot management. Parking lot management system is an important aspect for the management of vehicles in the parking lot. Especially for some special places or some military secret parking lots, it is required to strictly manage all kinds of vehicles in real time, strictly monitor their access time, and register and identify all kinds of vehicles. If they are internal vehicles, they shall be released normally, and if they are external vehicles, they shall be released or blocked after recording and inspection, And input various information into the database.

In this way, the requirements for the parking lot system are higher. Parking lot management charging system [3] the equipment of charging control office is composed of charging control computer, up report printer, console, entrance manual button, entrance manual button, voice prompt system and voice intercom system. Through the image comparison and recognition function, the recognition, reading and writing time of vehicle model and license plate is reduced. The operator is responsible for managing and charging temporary cards, monthly rent cards and special cards through the charge control computer. Increase the speed of vehicle flow in and out.

Image comparison and ID card are used together to completely achieve the purpose of anti-theft vehicles, access to image archiving, and eliminate the false report of free vehicles. "One car, one card" strictly controls the behavior of cardholders entering and leaving the parking lot. Intelligently manage the entrances and exits, send corresponding control signals to the report printer, and complete the functions of data collection and download, query and print reports, statistical analysis, system maintenance and monthly rent card sales. Entrance manual button and entrance manual button release are mainly used for intelligent control of entrance and exit gate. The gate can be lifted. Stop the three functions. Voice prompt system and voice intercom system as long as they are friendly prompts for communication and charging between operators and drivers. The service function of the system is more comprehensive.

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