TGW-Nepal High-end Flap Gate Project

TGW-Nepal High-end Flap Gate Project

TGW-Nepal High-end Flap Gate Project.
The video from customer feedback. The high-end wing gate is installed at the door and the mobile phone scans the code to enter

Automatic Bi Direction Turnstile Pedestrian Gate For Access Control 

This equipment is integrated with mechanism, electric and micro-controller, and various kinds of identification technologies, compatible with IC, ID, bar code, fingerprint reader, and so on to provide intelligent control and management to flow control. Durable, anti-rust. provide orderly passage to people, anti-illegal entry or exit, smooth operation, low noise. arm drops off in the condition of emergencies.

This model is widely used in bus stations, ports, subways, factories, mansions, residential areas, hotels, companies, and so on in any place that requires a smart flow control.


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1. Can you provide OEM service?

Yes, we can. As we have our own R&D team, we can develop the software and manufacture the hardware per your request.

2. What country's license plate could be recognized by your LPR Software?

So far, our LPR System could recognize 117 countries' license plates. You can provide a license plate number picture to us and we can test it and then send the recognition result video to you for review.

3. Do you have any certificates for products?

Yeah, we have EMC for CE and Rosh, SASO, Certificate of compliance

TGW-Nepal High-end Flap Gate Project 3


1.The independent research and development industry team can meet the customers' software modification and customization needs in a timely and efficient manner, and change the adaptability of the software according to different application scopes and scenarios.

2.Professional and efficient pedestrian access technical team, support non-standardized customized solutions

3.Professional factory management has great autonomy in product quality control and product cost control, and can be adjusted according to the actual situation of the customer.

4.Mature foreign trade experience and foreign trade service personnel, order and delivery are worry-free

TGW-Nepal High-end Flap Gate Project 4

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