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In this video, I'll show you TGW-Manufacture License Plate Recognition Equipment. It's essential for every to understand how to how to manufacture License Plate Recognition. Enjoy and subscribe this video!
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As a leading access control solution provider, Shenzhen TigerWong Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in the intelligent parking system, LPR packing system, ANPR system for parking lot, turnstiles, and facial recognition system production. Founded in 2001, TigerWong is committed to the development of the intelligent parking system, continuously analyzing and solving problems in existing requirements and potential demands, and is committed to meeting the new functional requirements of the smart parking system. From the paper ticket parking system to the RFID card parking system, until the license plate recognition parking system and non-inductive payment, each step is the industry leader.
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What is LPR(License Plate Recognition) Technology?

License plate recognition(ANPR/ALPR/LPR) is one of the important components in modern intelligent transportation parking systems, and it is widely used.

Based on technologies such as digital image processing, pattern recognition, and computer vision, it analyzes the vehicle images or video sequences taken by the camera

to obtain the unique license plate number of each car to complete the recognition process.


Hardware part introduction

1. Functions and features of each component

1) Camera: it mainly captures pictures, which are sent to the software for recognition. There are two ways to trigger the camera to capture pictures.

One is that the camera itself has a head-detection function, and the other is that the car is triggered by the loop coil when the vehicle passes to capture the picture.

2) Display screen: you can customize the display contents of the display screen.

3) Column: the column and the appearance of the product are formed by a cold-rolled iron sheet, strong and waterproof.

4) Fill light: With an automatic light sense < 30Lux, the light will be automatically opened according to the surrounding environment of the project site and will remain

bright until the supplementary light detects that the surrounding environment becomes brighter, and the light sensor will be automatically closed when it is greater than 30Lux.

Software part introduction 

ALPR workflow

ALPR equipment 1



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